I want to see if i can do a new pb on 2s and 3s, so stick around and let’s see what we get same setup as last time. Guys, sorry about the noise we’ve got a fire engine in the background. Doing training it’s a 60 amp esc 5200 kv google rc motor, and this is a 2200. A subpower 35c battery and we’re gon na go. Try and set a new pb for 2s was full there. One more opposite direction, see what speed that was. Hopefully i got on camera that’s, a new pb of 51 on 2s, another run it’s going to be 2s, so i’ll just record that note start recording here. We’Ll go guys, one more run, coming back, let’s spin out at the end there, one more one more one, more push push push push that’s got to be a new pb coming up there for 2s let’s, get it in what we’ve got says 54 mile an hour. So that’s not bad for 2s54. This is me 3s speedrun, like you can see there there’s the 3s battery there’s a connector. Everybody seems to want to see the cables. I don’t know why anyways it’s a 3s battery 1500 more it’s, a 40c discharge that’s going to be set up here. We are 3s speed, run it’s. Recording that fan sounds terrible on top of the air on top of the body, but here we go wishes. Look everyone yeah we’ll, go 3s first pass.

Oh big slide out, get back on the road come for another pass here here we go one more on them stones there, it doesn’t like them, stones, i’ll! Do it this way. It seems to like this rear. One more go and get that one that crashed into the bushes guys. I just dragged this out the bushes. It was all the way in there Music and that is there 66 mile an hour on 3s that’s, mint 3s. Get that recording here we go let’s go guys, 3s pass, oh kicking the stones over there there’s a j root, half gear in there. Let’S turn this down one more pass: full throttle, let’s go one more one more. That was a full belt, guys let’s get it in see what that was. There’S got to be a new pb on 3s got to be what we’ve got the main camera here. 66 mile, an hour again, if you heard that there i just had a van come pass so i’m happy with that. Well guys, i hope that won’t come out all right for you. Slot seemed fine for me, uh 66 mile, an hour new pb on 3s. Absolutely stoked with that one uh: what did i say, it’s just something fun, fun, running that’s. What i’m calling it also i’d like to give a massive shout out benedict another support of this channel. Thank you very much. Guy much appreciated one.