My new wl toys, one four: four: zero: zero one: Applause: Music; okay. So this is the first video of 2021, and this is my first autograder rc car. If you’ve seen in our other videos, i haven’t been in, like any of the unboxing videos, so i’m really excited to open up and get it on the road. So, as you can see on the box, it goes 60 kilometers per hour. 60 kilometers per hour is 37 miles per hour, so that’s pretty impressive, yeah it’s a 1 14 scale, so i’m just going to go ahead and open it up. Okay, so this seems like the battery charger all right. So here is the car itself take out these and there it is like. I said it is a 1 14 scale and i’m guessing that the controller is gon na be in here because of the little wheel and also what else yep here here is. The controller here is the steering and, of course, the throttle in reverse and the switch okay, so i’m gon na go ahead and open up this bag, which looks like it has the instruction manual instruction manual right there and the charger, and there is a plastic cross. Wrench, okay, so inside the body we have all the parts in the car um if you’ve realized i’ve got. I have the green body for the car and not like the red body for the car, like it shows on the box.

Okay, so right here we have the esc. This is completely brushed and right here is the motor and it has a velco velcro, strap to put in the battery so here’s the battery. It is a two cell battery with a dean connector and it has 1500 milliamp. Okay, so this car has a a metal chassis, it has metal shock, towers, metal, shocks and metal discs. Also, it has a metal drive shaft. If you can see down there, Music, so it’s, pretty cool that it has so much metal and also talk about these tires. They look really cool on the car Music, okay, so this car has been really cool so far so i’m going to go ahead and take it outside okay, so we’re outside i’m, going to turn both the controller and the car on little red button down. There just kind of hear Music: the trim is a little messed up. I don’t know it’s turning right a little bit Music. I just did a little bit: Music, Music, aah Music, you trying to get a drifted or something Music Applause that was, that was just full speed Music. So we just realized that this knob right here isn’t exactly a pro throttle, trim there’s, a knob that you could turn the speed down. So now it won’t go as fast, and then you turn it up so that it will reach its whole host speed kind of getting some reason hold on Applause.

Oh you just did a wheelie Music i’m, not even in the reverse. Very hard. Music is really nice to drive a hobby grade, rc car – i just barely done this before he’s, driven to the line, but oh gosh, i didn’t even hit full throttle like down in the wrestlers Music stump drive nice and grass Music. I had a lot of fun driving this new rc car and if you want to have that much fun, you can click on the link down below in the description. So you can get this same card uh. Thank you so much for watching make sure to leave a like and subscribe.