Wrtoys 144010, the rc car, that everybody is buying full review coming up. Welcome back to the channel weve been off on holiday in pg for some time now, weve got loads of boxes with brand new rc cars, including this massive box here, its huge theyre, so massive well check out whats inside this fox later in the video. How far? Where were from what are you doing? We even have helicopters to review. Oh you cant even see it. The wrtoys 144010 is a 114 scale. Four drive ready to run brushless buggy that claims to go 75, kilometers plus straight out of the box and were going to be sure to test that out later in the video. But first lets see what comes in the box in the box comes the instruction manual, which you should read your lipo battery and charger, a hex tool, two aaa batteries and im not too sure what theyre. For because this radio takes four double a batteries and, of course your wl toys – 144010 hey its um, its missing part of the wing, ignore it whats going on there. It did come perfect in the box, but were actually doing the intro before this way after we film this video starting off with the exterior. It is basically identical to the 814 just a different color. It has oil filled, metal shocks and on the bottom you have your metal chassis and under the body we have a 4300 kv, brushless motor, accompanied by a 60 amp esc, which is fan called a separate receiver transmitter.

So that way you can upgrade easily in the future and the lipo battery is a 1500 milliamp, 25 c 2s lipo battery its a longer one where metal, doll bones in the rear middle cvds. In the front we have front and rear open differentials. A middle center drive shaft, the gearing is middle, and you know what im sure theres a lot more going on with this rc car, but not to worry, were gon na have a link in the description down below. If you are interested, if you want to read out more on it, and we also have a discount code down there as well to save yourself some money, if you do decide to pick up one of these anyway, i think its time that we head out and Test this bug in the real world here we are in the beautiful tropical fiji uh. Well, we wish we were still there so scripted on location at night stream park in hallsville with our wl toys car and before we bash this around first lets get into a speed, run remote on first plug the battery in ready. We have a live grenade here. Ah, dont dont, no dont dont trust me as soft as my other hobby, its pretty awesome and turn the car on looking good. We have the gps speedy, but thingy on and were gon na. Have this thing link description down below? If you are interested, oh yeah trick, start Applause well completely missed that whoa.

That is real fast as fast as whoa whoa bring it in. Okay lets check it out. 16.. Now! Well, you know. Actually, i said 75k. Oh, i did that. Okay, so 61. a little bit slower, but we expect that from double toys lets see if i can get a little bit faster. Okay, oh this thing is quick. It is all right ready. No kid! There lets go whoa, whoa, full speed right there, its full speed, maintaining it break whoa, i feel, like you, got faster, stop read 68 cause. This is getting really quick because 75 plus so yeah well say it did pretty well for a speed test, but theres now, with that its time to see how durable this bug is on the skate park. I also want to see if theres any cogging issues on grass so do that all that first, okay, quick grass test zoom it in so they can see if theres any cogging thats right, oh whoa, it was none, bring it back. Do that again, one more time see it runs on grass easy. This is this is reasonably long grass you see, the finger can see the finger okay ready and there we go no cogging at all a little bit of delay a little bit of delay, but nothing wrong with the gearing on this bugger thats awesome, thats, the big Difference between the 8 14 and this one is this: one can actually run on grass.

Oh good, wheelie too. Well, sorry, first shop of the day now ambers had a lot of the bashing lately ive been out stuck in hong kong with crawlers, so im gon na run this one today ill. Give you two later okay, so long as you still got better as long as you dont break it first right, yeah, someone dont break it and theres still battery. So this is real cool for drifting. This is also my first time using this new massive camera by the way man its a beast, my toe oh yeah, im a little bit out of practice. Dont worry were going to hit some backflips dont worry front, flips back flips, all kinds of flips Applause, thats, a bit of Applause; Music. Nice Applause, oh hit the pole that literally took us like an hour to find that dog bone and then who found it. I found it that would happen to be my amazing eye, so the good thing about these plastic linkings here is that they just pop out they dont break, or sometimes they break, but not everybody just pop out and hes popping back in where his middle ones, they Tend to bend and break so we like to keep their stuff plastic all right. I think its time that we go into the bowl, the bowl yeah, the bowl get some bowl action. Oh, that was sick. You there all right lets go. How long is it going to last in the bowl? What do you give it? A couple minutes i will say one thing: there is a little bit of throttle delay just a little bit its, not coggy its just the receiver transmitter its these cheaper ones.

You can expect a little bit of delay, oh right time, to jump im going to jump that way here we go. I missed it. Oh, what backflip whoa whoa whoa! I could have gone for a double there that still works lets go for it whoa. It was awesome yeah there was there that one yeah it got there. Oh so close, oh so close to the camera were still alive were still alive. Look at that oh cartwheel, okay, were good were good, were still alive. Now were gon na go for the double backflip right over here on the big boy. Look at that holy moly. That was a insane jump. They were the highest. They went higher than the trees theyre still going to work. Oh, it still works that still works. Oh, we lost the wing yeah, we dont need that we dont need that we dont have a plane, theyve seen their drive, shafts bent and its hitting the plastic. All right lets hit this one. Can he balance? Okay, all right lets hit it there. Full speed come on oh thats, hard to control there ill do that again: Music whoa! Oh, i landed it look and its still working. Where is that i cant even see it there, its still working whoa. Look at it. Are we good? Oh no. Lets have a look, were steering and weve got four wheel, drive baby im so happy to be bashing again: Applause, Music – we have broken it.

Have we, oh, i have yeah, i was going to say, looks like the servo horn couldnt quite handle that, but we cant cant we cant blow. The car were jumping ridiculous thats. What we do on the channel man. We always go a bit harder, but faster than what you would do in real life, because if you get a brand new tool like this youre not going to want to jump off the biggest ram land on concrete, like that, you want to start off nice and Smooth and slow and when you get a bit more confidence, do a bit harder things, but just know that you expect you jump that high. You can expect things to break, but theres, no big, bigger. This part like like two dollars its like nothing and we can still drive it just got no steering what so, after all that bashing the only damage we have, the wing broke, thats no biggie, nothing else broke the the noise is from the drive shaft. The center drive shafts bent, so when i give it throttle, youll see the escs gon na move up and down see that yeah yeah its vibrating up and down yeah. Some people might like that some people, like the sound of nitro but not deal before the light, show problems. So all you got to do is do some big jumps and sure enough. Youll have a electric car that sounds micro before we see what comes inside, that big box be sure to give this video a like subscribe.

This thing is gigantic. Look at this thing. Look at it its huge, its actually massive. I cannot wait to take this thing out, for a bash go to the track were going to compare it to the udr to the mojave, but i think were really looking at this thing. I think this is my favorite. I mean this looks big. It looks bigger than the other two as well. We dont have them in this house right now. That thing is huge, so yeah make sure you subscribe, so you dont miss when we do take this out because were going to send it were going to do back. Were going to do triple front flips, all right guys, leave us a comment in the comment section below on your thoughts of the wltoys 144010 and you know, were going to have a link in the description box down below, along with a discount code, so go and Check it out if youre interested yeah, i mean, i think we you saw in the video our thoughts. Are there its pretty cool its pretty fun, its fast, its just like the 814 without the cogging issues. However, there still was that slight delay. You saw on the radio great thing you can upgrade it fairly easy with, like a dumbo radio were going to leave a link to one of those descriptions down below as well.