You may have seen this on another channel that you know of so let’s get straight into it. It is the Joey. Alright let’s get this out of it and they’re set up there. We go we’re all unboxed, guys, we’ve got a Joey, you get one battery, you get your charger and your transmitter which will need batteries for all of them. So when you’re charging, this guy’s, you need to both lights will come on and when the red light goes off, you’re charged simple, as that excellent I’m gon na take this out now guys give it a good test, see how she performs and links in the description For all of these vehicles there we go guys. We’Ve got the wltoys going six dying, Joey Joey outside we’re back at the skate park. We come here. The other bears you can see. It was sunny the other day now it’s raining that mad, oh crap, yeah. So we’re gon na have a little bit of fun. We’Ve got the skate park to ourselves, apart from the tour bot of God boy, they, oh the lives on this bucket. Its summit hang out at the bottom, alright, so another little player, Joey I’m driving one hand. So excuse it: Oh Oh Laughter, it’s psycho Applause, oh oh, she goes. She uh she’s, still going! Oh! No! This little car is awesome. Let’S get a dice run up with Joey. That was easy. One handed call my thumbs not long enough.

Ah, she still took it. Oh, if you’re still going right my verdict on this one it’s bloody good. I like it – Oh keV happened. He broke it again, yeah. So anybody! Yes, sir, this is an awesome little tuck for the money. All right, I can see why keV really likes it. It’S got a lot of speed. You can even control it in the air yeah that is so good in him. My guys, I’m, a good pot lid, get a description for this item. If you want to go over see how much the ears and stuff didn’t Wow well I’ve just done some pretty horrific landings and it’s still ticket. So definitely an outdoor batter guys that they fit you’d want to try it in the home, then give it a go. Guys see what you think. If you liked the video, you know what to do guys subscribe, spelled by own business and all that stuff there yeah thanks for watching and thank you care for helping me film.