I excited to do this guys let’s go. I have the wl toys across right here and first i’m going to show you some videos of it running. Obviously, some drifts, maybe speed, runs that and then we’ll get to the review enjoy apollo 69. Music, Music Applause. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed the short clip. Uh i’ll get more videos for you, guys and uh let’s get on with the techno bubble yeah. So this is the wl toys across one slash 12 scale. Um let’s talk about what it comes with and what i’ve upgraded cool um. So uh it comes with a 25 gear plastic servo. Obviously some pvc, this body is made out of pvc shell and then we have shocks good suspension, though nice wheels, um headlights poof, just miss the headlights right in front. Let me show you Music, yep. It lights in front and yeah. It comes with a 7.4 uh, 18650 cell that’s, the biggest upgrade. Can you see that that uh 18650 500 megahertz lithium ion battery and i went ahead and put a lipo in there? Yes, i did, and we have the 2s thousand megahertz lipo right here: crazy power, crazy dope and that’s, the biggest upgrade of them all uh back to the techno bubble. Again, the car drives at around 50 kilometers per hour 50 kilometers as far as what they say, but i doubt it maybe 30 40, maybe ish what else we have that’s it man, this car’s, 540 cam motor.

It has an esc and receiver thingy built in that type of thingy and uh comes the spare wheel too. It actually works not like a showpiece, thingy and radio. Ah, this is a my favorite thing about wl toys models of the radio man. It feels so good. The foam padded um wheel there can, you guys see it foam padded feels really good in the hand, man. This thing is crazy and yeah man that’s it there’s nothing more to it. I’Ll just walk around one last time, one slash 12 scale wltoys across there’s. A number i don’t remember the number though then wheels are 25 gram, servo, esc and receiver built into one unit. One 540 size can motor, which is like pretty huge. Let me try showing you guys, it’s inside, why the is it here yeah? I guess you can see it right, yep, that what is basic under should metal plate, uh metal shock, thingies i’ve, never seen this any other car. What that, and that is metal. I dropped something: yeah founded the battery plate and comes with a battery bacteria. 18650. 7.4. Volt 2s, and i would recommend this as the first upgrade – get lipo lipo and yeah man that’s a short video small review, but um. Should you still get this in 2020 one? Should you well uh you should this thing is absolute fun. When i mean fun, i mean like damn: son that’s too good uh uh, this thing’s good for 2021, but um me living way back in india getting parts for this man it’s too hard, so that’s one.

You get the part just saying: it’s delayed and this thing’s a ton of fun. I personally wasn’t a fan of wl toys until i got this one, this absolutely rips man, uh i’ll, try putting in more footage of it running like uh. This video is going to be like completely uh thing about, runs and videos of it running. I just want to show you guys how good it is in 2021. Should i get it? Absolutely? Yes, go ahead, get this bad boy! It’S a beast. I mean it’s a beast it’s, a caged beast no one’s buying this, but no one’s buying it. Actually people are buying it, but this is like people don’t look up to this thing: it’s like a cheap, cheap model, but this is cheap and fun. It’S around 100 ish dollars and i’ll put a link down to it on amazon and banggood, and oh boy, and it has the best part ever it has the piggy sharks in front. I don’t know if you guys can see it but it’s right. There it’s, like the traxxas e revo shocks, can you see it yeah man yeah, so thought of keeping this video short it’s at five minutes right now, the review and um that’s it guys 2.4 gigahertz radio, 2 don’t forget that’s it man, absolute fun, get this man Go ahead just get this even though it’s cheap go ahead. Man, this thing is lit. I have had a lot of fun this morning.