We have some good news, though we have hit 1 000 subscribers, and i want to thank each and every one of you guys for that that’s, a great milestone that was actually a couple weeks ago now, we’re up to 1070., so that’s great we’re, going to keep Pressing forward having a lot of fun with rc’s, and with that, i have something cool to show you today, so you’re, probably asking yourself: why would kaiser test get a cheap car? Why did i buy this little car, this wltoys one, four, four: zero: zero one that everybody is raving about, that it’s such a great car. Basically, i bought it because i’m curious, just like a lot of you guys, plus i like cheap cars. Just like you guys, why do i like them? Because you can trash them, you can take them out and without guilt bash them around parts are cheap. The only thing is with this. Car parts may be a little bit long to get here because most of the time they’ll be coming from china, but anyways let’s take a look at this thing. Let’S do a little unboxing, quick unboxing of it and maybe take it for a quick bash. All right. Let’S, take a look guys, Music, all right guys. Well, there it is the driving 114 scale. Electric car, also known as the 144001 wl toys let’s open it up see what we got in the box. We have our owner’s manual instruction manual, we have a charger and the plastic box wrench let’s pull that out.

Turn the box over and we’ll put this right on top of the box there’s a little silica gel pack to prevent moisture and look at this thing guys check this car out. Oh man, i’ve never actually had one in my hand before this is an extremely popular car. As you guys know, it feels really well built i’m impressed with that build quality feels good. We have really nicely finished body. We have a lot of metal parts, metal, shocks, metal, shock, tower turn, buckles drive, shafts, even the hinge, pin, retainers front and back look to be metal or aluminum. Fully adjustable shocks looks like a pretty good car tires. Pin spike tires for racing around the track. Not bad, not bad body looks pretty nice, not much to it. It’S pretty darn small really nicely deckled. We have a brushed motor there’s, your esc, there’s, your tiny little servo. That does not take very much effort to move differentials very nice Music front and rear everything looks pretty pretty beefy for a little car like this metal chassis, looks pretty rigid and the guys have taken this car up over 100 miles an hour. So very nice let’s. Take a look at the radio 2.4 gigahertz radial, it’s, really tiny. My large kaiser test fat finger barely fits in there um, but i mean doesn’t feel too bad in the hand. Overall, the wheel feels pretty good and it takes four double a batteries nice so let’s.

Take a look at the battery. I um chose the upgraded battery higher capacity, um yeah that’s, the bigger one, so it’s, a kin power, 2600 milliamp hour 2s battery with a dean’s connector does not look like it’s going to fit right now as it is. But i do see a couple other holes up there on the front, so i will be having to move this battery tray front section up to these bolts right here, all right guys. So for those of you guys that have stuck with me this long through this video on the wl toys, we have a little giveaway for you, guys um, just a as an appreciation for getting me to a thousand subscribers and now i’m at seventy, so i’m tickled Over that, thank you so much guys. I appreciate every one of you all right guys so let’s take a look at what’s in the giveaway um it’s, not a huge giveaway, but i just wanted to give you guys something back, uh, it’s, something that you guys can use. These are the exact wrenches that i use. Hex driver, wrenches, they’re, titanium coated they last and they have nice tight tolerances, it’s a new ear. I think that’s, how you pronounce it, and these things will last you a long time, they’re great okay. So we also have everybody needs one of these. If you’re running lipos it’s a smart battery meter it’s got a lot of different settings, it does all kinds of batteries.

Nicad, nickel metal hydride lipo. Most of you guys have these, but you know what having a couple isn’t bad too, so you can leave one in your toolbox, that’s a great item right there, and so what we’re gon na do is. This is gon na be second prize second place. This is gon na be third place. These two items are both pretty much the same price um so either. If you get second or third place you’re still on top there, the grand prize is going to be an rc, sorry r, charlotte’s – and this is what i use in a lot of my vehicles. This is a 120 amp esc it’s got a 50 value. It is brand new. I just opened it up to look at. It got your instructions there, which is not really too much, but there it is let’s, take a look at it: Music, it’s, a nice beefy, beefy esc. I used one of these to get to 90 miles per hour in my tt02 tamiya, so it’s. Basically, a google rc esc, so it’s really beefy you’re going to love it it’s got dean connectors, so that’s really awesome, so that will go to first place. Good luck to the winners there we’re gon na do a draw. Maybe in i don’t know two or three days, we’ll see how many people click on it and i will post when it’s closed, but let’s get this thing out. There let’s charge this battery up.

Take it for a blast check the speed and we shall be right back in two shakes all right. We have power guys she rips pretty good. I got ta say she moves pretty good. All right, let’s check that out guys. What do we have for a top speed? Hey not that 27 miles per hour. I don’t know if you guys can see that Music 27 miles an hour that’s, pretty good, not bad Music, eh Music is no Music. I think i’m starting to see why people like this pair guys, all in the name of science, guys all in the name of science that’s it that’s all. She wrote all right guys, so the battery is dead. Let’S, do a little ramp top table top review and see what the damage is body held up. Good. Look at that no problems with the body all good there. Battery is flopping around because i don’t have a proper strap. I just velcroed it in, but uh it’s in there anyways battery lasted quite a while, i have to say pretty impressed all the shocks. Everything is intact. Nothing’S bent nothing’s broken except the wing it’s pretty thin, pretty thin lexan that’s to be expected. The uh wing stay is good. Chassis is good, jesse’s not bent. This is a great little vehicle guys. I was thinking to myself. You know what the hell. Why would i want to buy one of these considering what i have in my stable already, but uh it’s? Really shown itself to be a good good, solid, performing vehicle, all right, guys thousand subscribers all right.

We made it to a thousand subs we’re at 1070. that’s, a great little car pick yourself. One up. I will put a link in the description where you can pick it up. It is a beauty thanks to a lot of you other youtubers out there for helping me out, and we all support each other we’re, a great family. All right guys grab yourself. One of these i will put a link in the description as well wltoys144001.