The only thing i’ve done is a couple of steering mods to this literally, but it is stock standard still and we’ve put some plastic 3d printed drift rooms on there, which there’ll be a video falling off on this, and if you haven’t seen it so far. So what are we doing today? We are going to bling this thing off, make it a little bit lighter, perhaps as well. So as you can see, we’ve got an aluminium chassis on the bottom and an aluminium chassis brace on the top. We are swapping that out for carbon fiber, very, very, very nice. This is guys and it is dirt cheap as well. It is actually legitimate real carbon fiber that’s been cut out on a cnc machine it’s, a really nice piece kit really lightweight it. Doesn’T weigh anything very very you can’t even bend it. If you push it, you can just about get a tiny bit of flex out of it. Nice real, strong material, really nice uh. This aesthetically is gon na. Look absolutely fantastic on this car. Instead of the one that’s there now to give you some idea, what it’s gon na look like something like this yeah this way around my bad, i was thinking nothing lines up, hello. There you go it’s gon na look, something like that. Went on uh, so yeah let’s get this thing stripped down. What i’m gon na do first i’m gon na try and do it without stripping the whole thing down too much uh, hopefully, i’ll show you some pros and cons about doing that in a minute uh.

But what i’m gon na do is just take the receiver and speed control off there, swap this top brace out put this one on then. Hopefully i think if we just take these body mounts off here, we can keep the car flat enough and steady enough to carefully undo all the screws leave everything in place where it is drop, the new chassis plate on there and drop all them screws back in Fingers crossed we can do that, let’s, give it a try. So first things first. Hopefully i can do this without speeding it up too much on the video, but what we can do is just knock these four screws out at the top of the car. There there’s one there’s two three and four, and then we should be able to remove that top brace there, but there’s a screw holding on to the speed, control and receiver two of those there. So under those two there is no instructions with this. So you said, like you know you, there might even be a better way than i’m doing it. The probably the best way is to actually strip it down completely, but i don’t want to make too much mess if i can help it. So that is one brace off the metal brace, and this is the new brace that’s going on there. As you can see, that looks a whole lot better. So what we’re going to do is drop that speed control back onto there i’ll get this mounted up and then we’ll mount it to the top of the car.

So there you go. That was a little bit fidgety to get them tiny screws back in there. So then, that’s all back on this thing should actually just clip straight down and where the old one came from, like so little click drop. These four screws back into the unit like so there’s one that’s, actually a nice fit so fingers crossed the bottom plate goes on just as well so i’ll get these little screws tightened back up, we’re off camera. There i’ll get these little screws tightened back up. Might as well do now i’m filming just let’s go free let’s do let’s, do like a life there’s one down two down three down and four and there you go. We have got a top brace on just like that, and that looks a whole lot better. I can’t wait to swap this bottom out looking forward to it. So what i’m going to do, like i say, is just undo these two back screws on the back there, the tiny ones they are very, very small. Hopefully we don’t take them all the way out. Let’S see, oh, we do have taken there, so there’s them two screws anyway pop that off like so what that should enable us to do now. Keep them to one side is keep the car nice flat and flush like so so it doesn’t wobble around too much i’ll undo. All these screws hopefully and come back to you shortly with this piece taken off.

Hopefully, it’s not going to be too much of a job um because i just want to swap them over let’s have a look right, so i hope i’ve managed to do it. I think the battery holders have fell down, but apart from that, let’s just lift this off, hopefully with all the screws intact, there’s, one that needs undoing at the front there a little bit more there we go so hopefully we can place this down there to one Side and all the screws will stay where they need to be, and then literally let’s try and lay this bottom chassis back over where, where the other one came from, he said right, let’s try again, i’ve got it in the wrong place. There we go. That looks more like the dropping on the front and they’re actually dropping on the back and clicked in as well that’s nice. So what we’ll do now is hopefully drop some screws from the places that came from, which is one there one there so tighten them up. First, so you got the front two in at least don’t over tighten them just enough to just nip them up like so, and then we’ll try and get two back ones in as well. There we go let’s, take number two from the back put them in and that one tighten them up. I think we’re going to get away with it guys fingers crossed, and then what we can do is the servo that you’ve got there.

That’S, just hanging down let’s place that back into where it came from so then all we should be. I would have to do now is drop all them. Other screws in and i’ll come back to you in a sec. So here we go just putting the last screw into that uh battery retainer like so there you go. Everything is nipped up. Look at that wow from that which is still good guys. Aluminium is nice little touch. I thought they would have put plastic, but yeah. Look at that, though, that is two worlds apart. Absolutely incredible! Wow by the way this lower deck and upper deck are on ebay, i’ll put the link in the description uh. There are under 20 pounds, uh, absolutely fantastic! Look at that! No that looks absolutely badass. Uh. All the holes that came to sunk as well really really nice wow, look at that, and obviously the worst thing is you’re not going to tell once you’ve got the body on which reminds me: i’ve just got to put them body posts in as well. Let me drop them on one sec and there you have it, then it is officially on. I am happy with that. I like it a lot uh, like i say, really nice straight up replacement, no messing required fits nicely on there and not to mention how mean it looks, and now you’ve got yourself a carbon fiber k989. The next thing, i’m i’ve ordered, is all aluminium, so we’ve got aluminium upper arms, aluminium, lower arms, aluminium hubs behind there uh back and front that is as well.

I think we’ve got aluminium shock towers going on there as well. That should be in the next k98 video for me anyway, so yeah just a short video. It was actually a nice easy way of replacing the chassis definitely recommend taking that the body tower off. So you can like flat because a few things fall out, but ultimately guys look not lost a single screw and literally we’ve do we’ve swapped the chassis over as quick as this video. Anyway guys, if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up. Uh hit that subscribe button and i’ll see you on the next one. By the way i’ve dropped a few hints already. I am actually building a studio upstairs in the loft, with a micro drift track on there. So this thing is going to be the first thing to drift around that track. Once it’s built anyway, see you on the next one, just a little bit of bonus up close footage. Look at that name. That is a lovely little mod for the k989. I like this car, even more so now, because it’s carbon fiber, absolutely fantastic and then wheels just look, absolutely brilliant with it as well, really happy with that guys real cheap mod as well. Not sad, you think gon na do anything performance wise. It probably was ever so slightly lighter.