My name is cass. Ive been asked more than once whats a cheaper car to buy in the social, medias and friends, and usually i like to go with so local importers and go to the local hobby shop and see what i can get and where i can get support. But for this time i got myself a wltoys from aliexpress. You can get it on van good. You can get it on amazon or ebay, basically a cheap, relic, a cheap little car 128. I just revealed my secret and 128 scale 4×4. So in this little box i can get a drift car. I can get a buggy, i can get a rally car. I can get a short course. I can get a monster truck or truckee its basically, the same little car in a different thing lets see what ive got in this box. The big reveal – and the big reveal is not in here, because the big reveal is over here. I couldnt keep my hands off. I love little cuts. I just have to have to take it out in the box. We get a manual with a charger and a whole bunch of pinion gears and spar gears. If you want to change our gearing we get a remote. Basically, it looks exactly like a spectrum dx3 much simpler on off switch four double a batteries. Havent got them in yet weve got our throttle trim and our steering trim little buttons here.

Nice foam steering feels nice antenna bounces up and down, looks exactly like a spectrum and a little car lets. Take the lid off and see what weve got inside ken block winning addition. A little 128 scale, 4×4 rally. Car steel base, steel, brace on top weve got a little suspension up and down wishbone weve got little steel. Driveshafts weve got a steel pinion gear. Weve got a plastic sport, spare gear, theres, an old brushed motor and a lipo battery two cell 20c 400 milliamps battery inside this is a receiver esc, combo theres a little server here: the steering server, okay, its a free wire server, so thats nice. We can upgrade if the the balance port is basically what you connect your battery in with, and this thing looks pretty cool. I wonder what ill do when it breaks. I cant get any parts for it, just wait for them for till they come from overseas. I hate waiting and im going to take this thing out to drive ill. Let you know how it goes its going to be a nice little car to drive, i think ill enjoy it. Eat youll enjoy it and if we dont, maybe someone else will im cass bye for now so Music sit down Music set go Music, as you can see. The mini z is Music impossible impossible to see the speed of this thing. Music: okay, Music here wants us to Music, Music sansa, this kids, a genius Music theres, even a difference on the back Music, absolutely genius, doorboy, absolutely genius.

Wl toys, 989k 989 little rally, car 128 scale. I took this thing home me and eti drove it around its way faster than you would expect way faster than can be controlled. It just keeps on spinning around i couldnt get it to top speed et couldnt, get it to top speed. We try to compare to some other 128 scale cars that we have so we took it. I took the mini z as well, and i took my short course: team associated tracks short course, and the cr – and this is the faster one, because its got bigger wheels on the back. The short course is just stable and nice to drive. This thing is way too fast me need to race them around the living room, and this thing is just uncontrollable fast. I dont know what its meant for maybe its meant for track, definitely not for kids. These things are wonderful. These things are fast enough to enjoy, and not fast enough that i cant let a kid to enjoy. They also come with a very small lightweight remote that suits kids, the mini z, specifically a track track track, driven you cant race them around the house. They just dont have any grip and you need to race them on a special track, and for that you need a bunch of people to build the track. Theyre not that cheap, and i think this one is specified as well the same i wouldnt get it for any other kids, i wouldnt not even for the price range i wouldnt get it for kids.

I would get it if someone built a track for them, but thats another thing wltoys989, oh, i forgot to say i also broke it on the second run and im still trying to get parts so itll take a while for them to come here. I fixed it myself, but i dont think anyone just getting into the hobby could fix it. The way i fixed it. So not my recommendation nice little car very fast, i dont really like it. I think i prefer my team associated theyre much more durable. Just my opinion, but thats me, im cass hope you enjoy my channel like share subscribe, bye for now shalom Music.