Today we got another wl toys, small series, uh small rally and drift series uh we did two of them and we have two to go today will be the k989 128 scale rally car the counterpart to the nine uh. Six, nine and then we got the two five two and the two four two. I always mix up the names, but are the model numbers but uh let’s go ahead and open this up and um again. I think i mentioned in the last videos or in these past videos that uh this is already known to be a pretty cool little rally. Rc car so i’m really excited um, spec, wise it’s, very much similar to the 969 uh. I would say check that out. I do love the packaging on these little ones. They do come in very nice. Very clean, also huge uh fan of uh ken block, and this is his uh kind of uh, the generic version of his uh fiesta rally, car uh but anyways. Getting back to that. This is basically the same spec as that 969 um, the difference being um that this comes with grippy uh rubber uh rally tires versus the plastic. The plastic drift tires that this one comes with, and this works best with a hard floor like this and actually, while we’re on that topic, i wanted to give you guys a look at my latest kitchen track configuration. So we can come this way back through here.

Nice little hair pin back around another nice little loop, so i’ve been playing around with this. With these two little uh rally, uh these two little drift cars and um i’m about to throw the uh rally wheels on this and i’m gon na. Take this one out and my lady and i are gon na – give it a run on this track. So hopefully i’ll get some footage on this um, but, like any of these it’s cool that they give you different, gearing uh options. Uh give different gear ratios um. I do like the wl toys, um, 2 cell or 2s balance charger. This is one of the better usb chargers in my opinion, of the cheaper rc’s. So i do like to hold on to these and use them other than that, and you get your little manual. K989 and opening this up, man that looks cool. It says uh it’s supposed to be hoon again. Okay but let’s see what we got inside so pretty much the same, rc uh, very cool thing about these is it comes with a three wire servo, so you can definitely upgrade that or add a gyro to it. Here’S the nice rubber grip tires. They are very narrow, um, but i i do see that this thing is very zippy, so going back to that, i know that there’s a lot of videos on this already and that’s. Why uh it’s already known to be a cool rc? I know that they do make sell a lot of different components: uh different metal upgrades for them, but uh in a lot of the other videos i’ve seen about the upgrades that does take some modification to get things to fit.

I do plan on keeping this thing. Uh stock, where i don’t plan on doing any modifications on this anytime, soon they’re cool little rc’s, i don’t plan to jump them around uh. I just want to make my own little mini tracks like this and uh and enjoy them, but you do get the standard. Wl toys, um, transmitter, um, four, double a batteries i’m, not a big fan of the uh steering and trim adjusters being buttons, but it’s cool. The fact that they do have them uh there’s the power switch um in a slightly off location, but a nice foam, uh grip and uh range isn’t too bad on these um um, but it’s definitely uh, not a bad budget, rc uh transmitter. So this was definitely nicely packaged and zip tied. I did get the uh let’s see. I did pick this up for about 50 bucks, shipped um, just pretty much the same prices as these uh equivalent to the rally versions of the rally counterparts, but check that out. Very nice, uh metal chassis on the bottom and the upper support bar too check that out it’s a 130 uh brushed motor. It does come with a 2s lipo battery. I don’t remember the size or capacity at the moment. This is your actual plug port, and this is actually you plug it in using the battery’s uh balance port um. But let me stick the body back on, so you can get a look and our uh guest stars here: sg1604 uh, the shell of the wl toys, a 949 rally which actually fits on this guy, both being 1 18 scale.

We got the sg 1603 uh. So these are all the kind of smaller sized budget rc cars which are awesome and uh. I actually do have my hbx 2188 with me today, so let me go ahead and grab that all right just grabbed the hbx 2188 uh. I did rig up the front and rear lights on this thing. Actually i think i might have it plugged in so definitely i’ll give you guys a look at that there you go check that out. So um very cool thing about the sgs is that they’re lighted uh front. They have the halos red and white lights and everything. But i thought that was pretty cool and you know lights for some reason. Give it a a pretty cool effect and when you run it lets, you run them at night, and uh still have some extra fun but anyways that’s, the hbx 2188 it’s a 1 8 scale, a 1 18 scale there’s a size comparison between the sg. So it is a little bit smaller than the sg you can see, but i got both the mustang bodies right. There put this this way and uh going back to the focus of this uh. This one is the 989, so very cool. We got a little collection of uh, uh mini hoonigans, um, so i’m excited to get that out, and hopefully i’ll get some video of this on the track again.