Back to wreck rc everybody here, it is time for the live action, review of the imex ninja, its the 125 dollar miracle rc and the reason i say that is because i can get every single part. This car is made from at the hobby shop where i bought the car, or i can order them directly from imex themselves, which is located right here in the us and theyre based out of florida, which means no more waiting two months for parts only to be Disappointed by their low quality and lack of durability, so imex might just be the answer to that. Could spell the end for wl toys in the us. If it catches on side note guys, i thought that i would be impressed with this car. After all, ive heard about it, but i did not expect to be blown away as much as i am by just how good and high quality this little guy is for the price. I cant say it enough, because i simply cant get over it. I cant believe it myself. Imex youve got a great formula here: dont go messing. It up, dont fix what isnt broken just make tiny improvements; dont listen to haters, just keep doing what youre doing imax youre heading in the right direction. More of this please well lets not waste any more time. Lets just jump right into the review first things. First, the wheelie bar is actually necessary and theres. Why? Yes, this little guy can do wheelies at will and on demand ill get to the speed test already lets see what we got and give it the beans yeah.

It runs smooth all right. All right lets bring it in see what we got. It might be worth me investing in an actual gps speedometer. What do you guys think all right lets open it up. Lets have a look 23 miles per hour now. I know the car has more than that in it, but lets do one pass without the phone and see if it at least looks a little faster. I suspect it will all right lets set off. Oh yeah, oh geez, thats, probably at least five miles an hour faster right there, oh yeah, noticeably noticeably faster. Oh, what a difference in fairness, im actually gon na go ahead and give the car a four mile an hour. Grace on that speed run, the weight of my phone was actually heavy enough to press the shocks down, and so i know that affected the speed and it was very, very obviously faster without the phone on it and id say, probably four to five miles an hour Faster, so we got a reading of 23 miles an hour. Well, call it 27 miles an hour which makes sense, because the fly hall fc 600, which is identical to this car, except that it has a 3000 kv motor, can do 23 miles per hour. This car is identical in every way, except it has a 3 900 kv motor. I think that would probably equate to 4 to 5 miles an hour higher top speed, so were going to call it 27, although the official reading was 23 but ill get a proper gps soon and well get some proper gps readings.

Okay, speed test done back to the review. I really am struggling to believe that i only paid 125 dollars for this car and i was there when i bought it just stable straight as an arrow and takes off like a shot. I and i cant believe the part support it has. They showed me their um, the line of parts they have for the imex cars and they had every single part that you could imagine they had every single upgrade thats currently available for these cars as well. I i just im blown away. I cant, even i cant, even find the words to describe how excited and pleased i am with the price i pay for this car and the performance i get out of it already its fantastic, so smooth im, not even holding onto the steering its just running like That on its own, the terrain is slightly uneven here, but im not steering at all, and it can maybe use just a slight trim adjustment, but really not much at all its just a fantastic little rc. I i think, im just kind of letting it speak for itself here. The tires are really nice, because theyre grippy enough to pull wheelies but theyre, not so grippy that itll traction, roll or grip flip watch Music. It. It wont flip over on you, which is really nice. I love that itll help you preserve that body a bit which is a really good looking body by the way.

Let me bring it in here and show you just how good looking it is holy cow. Can you believe it its beautiful and it just so happens that orange is my favorite color, so i may be slightly biased here. You know in the right lighting, if you squint it looks a lot like a really miniature traxxas rustler traxxas. Probably would not like that. Comparison but i dont know why its a great little car 125 dollars to go right around 27 to 30 miles an hour. But again the speed test was compromised and i will remedy that. So we can get a proper reading of speed on this car. My phone is just too darn heavy for this little guy, but im really looking forward to the skatepark bash thats going to be where the real fun starts. Im just so excited to finally have a small car that i can just sort of putt around my yard. With or take to the skate park without worrying about managing a lot of speed and power like i would have to do with my arma or some of my other cars and at only 125 dollars all the parts support all the customer service support american based boy. If they start increasing in size which, by the way they do have some larger, more higher end rcs imex does they have a short course truck thats um sort of the same price range as like an arm ascendant, and i will be checking one of those out Soon so stay tuned for that, but im going to do the entire 16 scale line from imex very shortly, because im just so impressed with their performance, their parts, availability and their price.

I i still cant get over it 125 dollars and if i break something and its nothing to worry about, i dont have to wait three weeks or three months for replacement parts. I can just drive straight to where i bought it from and replace the parts most of which dont even exceed ten dollars in cost per part. In fact, most of them are less than that. If you guys, anyone out, there is looking to get into the hobby for very cheap or theyre looking to get something for their kid or theyre looking to get something for somebody that just has no experience. You dont want to spend a lot of money, but you want the part support. You want the customer service availability. This is the car imex ninja or to be more fair, the 16th scale line by imax. They are all fantastic, theyre, all great one of the 16 scale. Cars even has a gyro, its a little drift car and it actually has a gyro in it, its only ten dollars more than this car, and that will be the one i feature next on the channel now for the wl toys fans out there, please dont be Offended i know ive been on a bit of an attack on wl toys here in my recent videos and its not because i dont, like wl toys. In fact, i really like wl toys quite a lot so much so that i really had high hopes for the wltoys cars.

They really are fast again. Ive done the math uh dollar per mile per hour. Wltoys is among the best deals in the entire rc world. The one two four zero one: seven stock on a 2s battery costs four dollars per mile per hour at 40 miles an hour at 159 price tag, but the reason i say that is because i have high hopes for wl toys cars. I love them. Ive had three of them already its just that theyre not very durable, and the only thing they seem to be good for is pavement. Speed runs if you try to bash a wl toys. Youll have a lot of fun for about 35 seconds before something breaks and if you live in the u.s enjoy that three to five week, wait for a part thats likely going to break the first time you install and use it particularly differentials. That was the biggest problem i had. I know a lot of people out there do not report the same issue that i had with differentials, despite oiling them or despite greasing them, despite maintaining them, but for some reason i just couldnt keep diffs alive in the wl toys thats. The only car ive ever had that happened with, but this car, even if i blew both the differentials right this second, i would not care. I would just drive 10 minutes and buy two new ones at less than ten dollars a piece but theyre not going to break anytime soon, because the thing is even at this extremely low price.

The quality of the parts of this car is truly impressive. I truly mean that imex, if youre watching well done, i will happily recommend and represent your rcs any time. I really want these things to catch on, particularly the united states, because theres not much in the way in the us in terms of homegrown budget rc options. The cheapest tracks that you can buy is still between 160 and 180 thats at a hobby grade and im talking about the traxxas bandit its a great car, but the traxxas bandit is only about as fast as this little guy and comparatively its 60 to 80 dollars. More expensive imex, i have high hopes for you and so far you are living up to them all. Wl toys youve got some catching up to do in the states, because imex is about to take this market by storm. Please, like comment subscribe, even if you just want to tell me im ugly and i cant drive.