The controller guys so lets put two minutes over here. So lets talk about the car baby, so heres the car im doing the 360 with it. You can see properly. Oh, my god. It is so heavy, oh, my goodness, okay. So this is very cool and amazing and fantastic rc car in a market yeah guys if youre looking for a climbing, very nice design, uh very speed and for especially for climbing. So this is a perfect bad boy for you just look at this. How big it is man, its pretty cool, so here is the car and today im gon na review this so yeah lets do this: okay, so heres the car. We get some little lights over here and the light is also pretty cool and heres the lights, and you can see the design. The design is very cool, green and black. If you want, you see this its a green and black color, you know just like a ninja haha im a ninja, so this is just like a ninja and uh its the very good condition and its very nice made of hard plastic, not whole body. Okay. This only thing just made of plastic and this everything this green color. You think this, this all is made for hard green, color rock. But yes, guys this hole made of flexible rubber – and this is the suspension of this car – is pretty much guys. You can see the springs around or here, okay and the suspension is very, very, very much.

This is the best for climbing so yeah. So this is a very nice rc car for you. It can go to 50 kilometers per hour. I am repeating 50 kilo meters. Ah wow man – this is super fast and very cool man, and this is a waterproof car. So if you put just water, nothing will happen to your car, its very nice. You can go to 50 kilometers per hour if you charge this car full, so it will work for 30 minutes, yeah guys half hour 30 minutes. You can just you know, play with this thing only 30 minutes. Then you need to do charging its pretty cool and the car is also very nice. You can see so lets. Put a car for few, its very cool and heres. A little speaker says that and two are we seeing yeah. I dont know what that mean. Guys see you can see and to our messy. I dont know what that means. So heres a little button for you on off on off on off haha its pretty cool and heres the controller guys we need to put cells over here. It takes four cells guys and its very nice controller by smooth if you want to go speed, so just you can access the speed if you dont want speed. So you know just put this back side. If you want speed for racing, nothing just put this full. It works right guys, it works very cool, guys and heres.

A little thing over here says that it says over here speed, car, remote control and yeah guys thats. True, this car can go 50 kilometer per hour. Yes super fast, you know so yeah. If you want to brakes just you know, pull this back side if you want speed, so just click this like that, if you want to do reverse, so just do this and its very nice here in a little antenna over here stacking over there, its pretty cool Made of hard plastic and very nice grip over here, you can see its very nice grip, its pretty nice. I love this for now. Lets talk about the car Music. So this is the car and i, like the design, a lot you can see. The design says number three, very nice, green color and you see something you can read. It says i dont know what that means. It says across and if you go a little bit down what it says, let me just because for you, rock climbing yeah right thats, true this car do awesome stunts yeah guys you can do anything with this car. You can just you know, just roll the car. You can drift with this. You can do lots of stunts. You can do with this car. By my its pretty cool, you can see a rock climb being written and thats. True guys, this thing do very nice, climbing and its pretty nice. You can see the lights.

Okay, so i just want to tell you important thing about this car: this can drive four wheels drive yeah, guys four wheels drive cool theres, a big motor inside of this big plastic thing. You know, and one is over here – you know its pretty cool. The tyre quality is very nice, you can just flexible is its very flexible and the design of inside is very good. You can see the little guy sitting over there, hi buddy and hes lots of seatbelt, green color, and you can see the speed kilometer. It says 210 and its very nice. You can see the pattern, its an area, competition right, nice. I love that dude and its the it works very smoothly, and it literally gives a extra you know extra type in emergency. If this tire just broke, you can just you know, take a screwdriver and exchange. You know and thats very nice. I love that thing, and this is not too much heavy guys, its lightweight and its very nice and in part two. So in fact we are gon na.