We already have it out, but we’ll just put that aside for right now, I’ll go ahead and take a look at what comes in the box. So you got your instructions. I just tells you how to use it all. What the buttons do. Get your remote control, all different accesses with a lit up. If you can see it tells you the different displays the percentage of throttle and turning and then there’s you’ll see forty percent 60, 80 and 100. So you can control how much of the response there is, which is pretty neat the button up here when you press it, you can do backflips and later in this video we’ll show a whole flying of how this works. It’S. A lot of fun is all red and flying it quite a bit. You also get a unit that goes on to the top of the radio, where you can put your phone on to use the Wi Fi capabilities with the camera that comes on it. So you can see it through your phone. You also do get four extra blades here got the two Reds two blacks red is the front and then just extra screws for the phone piece now just show you actual unit just put everything out of the way we have the battery and charger overcharging will show. You that before we take it out for a flight, it’s also does have the guards for all the blades which are removable, there’s, three screws that hold them in and then this is the camera down here.

Oh, it came right there and then battery goes into here with the plug and just there’s a slot down in there nice little skids. So a pretty lightweight unit. We will try to put the GoPro on it. We’Ll see how that goes. So, look for a video in the description of that ends up working out and there’s all LED lights that light up so that’s the whole unit now we’ll show you the battery plug it in and show you how it flies and here’s the battery plugged into the Charge and it’s got a red light on it now lolx, yellow on camera. Once that screen it’ll be good to go and we can fly the drone around so now, we’re ready to fly it just push. This down opens up the little hatch and we’ll slide the battery in into its little slot back in there and then we’ll go ahead and pull I get together. All the LEDs turn on and then when we do the back flips out there will be hitting this button and then this controller will make some noise and then we’ll just kick it back or forward and it’ll do a flip another control. You can also turn the lights on and off all right now, we’ll go ahead and fly it now. Do a back foot no hit that button. Again you there, you go everybody that is the unboxing review of this quadcopter. Definitely a fun little toy! You can check it out on amazon, thanks for watching be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube like our facebook page and follow us on Instagram we’ll, see you all.