It only took seven days to come, banggood smashed it again to the uk. The delivery was really quick guys. This is going to be my first unboxing, my first review i’m, just going to show you what’s inside the box, what you get with the car, what the car is capable of, and then one of you lucky guys. Girls who entered the competition on our facebook and youtube channel, you will be getting this car so stay tuned guys when i grab my coffee i’m going to get rolling here we go a massive fan of coffee about 12 cups. A day i’m actually got a daft work today, so i get a homemade coffee, normally it’s a cost of coffee or mcdonald’s. But this is what we’re interested in we’re interested in the w toys one four four: zero zero one. It is unopened guys. I haven’t got one of these. Actually i’ve never had one um. Some of you know: i’ve got the one two four zero one, nine for the other uk’s fastest with that we took it up to 107 miles an hour it’s not running at the minute i’m doing a lot of modifications to her ready for russia, but she’ll be Out soon here we are guys why i wish i had ordered one for myself to be honest, so xk wrl toys, it’s a 114 scale, it’s four wheel drive and it does 60 kilometers an hour. They say there’s. A lot of videos on youtube.

I’Ve got is getting way above that, after doing a brushless conversion um, this comes brushed um on 2s, only you, some of them have pushed it in 3s, but the esc’s don’t like it, you might get lucky and get one that does, but i wouldn’t personally recommend Doing it, these are pretty much based on the same as the one two four zero one: nine it’s just a longer model, a lot of the parts swap over um. It is more stable at speed running. But for this as a budget rc car, you or you just get into rc it’s great, you know check out other videos on youtube. If you’re in action, birmingham gtrc mark great guy, he has had this up to 114 mile an hour um and there’s loads of other people that just bash them. You know they they’re great for the money. This one is the green color guys, so, wherever the lucky winner is for this car, you will be receiving a green one. I hope unless they’ve got it wrong on the box, so it’s four wheel, drive high speed, shock proof off road, yeah, okay, there’s any downside to these wrtories models. Is they put the horrible stickers on there? That mean nothing to us, um that’s. The only downside that i know let’s get it open there. We go guys fresh in the box. What do we get in the box? We get an instruction manual, we get the charger.

A fan of these. You want to charge, look it’s going to take you hours, but if this is your first rc car that will do fine um. If you’ve got other rc cars and you’ve got your own charger use it um you get a little wheel, nut multi tool under it is plastic nylon. You know, i say if you’re new to the hobby, it’s perfect, just be careful. You might round the wheel nuts off um, but it yeah you you’ll, probably got spares so charger and tool for wheels. Here we go guys. I actually really like the green. I prefer the green and the blue to the red wow let’s get her out the box. Here’S your transmitter we’ll fond of these cheap wr toys. You can do it with one hand as well foam’s a bit squashed there guys but it’s more now. You can do it. One handed, if you get used to it all you’re gon na, have to do with this just pop some four double a batteries in in fact, i’m gon na send you some so whoever wins this car i’m gon na put you in some w some double a Batteries in there, so you can literally receive the car if you’re the lucky winner plug it in away you go nice let’s, get to the car right, wow wow! Look at that guys! I want one myself what we got to give this one away, for she looks great.

She looks great. I like this, so as i say guys, it is four wheel drive great for off roading some little body clips on here and there we go. We’Ve got the 550 can brushed motor i’m going to run it on 2s. Only you by all means you can upgrade loads of videos on youtube. I would go brushless. Your little 2s lipo is inside. It is at 1500 milliamp, 2s lipo. So it’s going to give you about five to ten minutes depending on how you use it, but you know: it’s it’s it’s easy to purchase your own, bigger, um, ampage lipo and stick it in the car. Obviously you’ve got battery retainers here to keep it secure. You can remove them and stick along the lipo in which i’ll be able to which will give you more room, so you get a higher amperage battery in there, which will last you longer. But you know new car first car – this is great, says, see: servo they’re, a five wire servo there’s, any real downside. I can think from this car from wl toys is that they put servos in that five wires. They’Re, apparently us, but if you do convert this to brushless, you will need a motor, an esc and a standard. Three pin servo, not a five pin, um and then you’ll be fine. I like this. I really like this so standard aluminium center, shaft, going to front to rear shocks, good shocks.

To be honest, they never really fill them up properly. Once you receive this car from us, i would before you take it out. Take the front diffs out grease them all up because they come dry. Some of them have been looking. They’Ve actually got some some oil in them some grease, but i would suggest putting yourself some grease in them, making sure they’re all lubed up, um and i’ve. Just double checked the shocks i’m, not gon na strip it apart guys because it is a free, giveaway car. So i would just front shocks, front and rear diffs and then charge your lipo up and send it these wheels. I do like these wheels. They’Re pretty cool we’ve got aluminium chassis. You know, it’s, pretty it’s, pretty good, pretty strong, always check to make sure that these phillips heads don’t work loose there’s a lot of them even on my wltoys zero one, nine they do work loose. Um, and last thing you want, is everything called going loose at the front, so double check them double check your wheel, nuts? I do actually put loctite on my wheel, nuts. To be honest, so we’ve got aluminium front, shock, towers, aluminium, rear the shocks are decent to be honest, we’ve got front, cbd’s and we’ve got rear dog bones. You can fit cvds in the rear. I have done this on the big old wl toys. It is easy to do the only reason why i do it is because if you have a little accident, you hit a bump or a curb, these links can pop off the wheel.

Will go this way and then you’ll lose your dog bone. You’Ll spend ages trying to find it. So if you were to do a cvd conversion, this pops off your your cvd would stay in place. You wouldn’t lose it that’s. The only thing i would suggest doing i like the wing on this. I love this car guys. So there we go guys. This is the giveaway competition wltoys, one double four double zero one. I can’t thank everybody enough who has entered already and if you haven’t entered already – and you want a chance to win this, the draw will end on the 31st of this month. So there we have it guys. The wr tour is wonderful, zero one. This is the free giveaway car we have not tested it. We just made sure everything was in the box. Show you what you get for your your time, everybody that entered the competition. I thank you all um. So all you got to do if you haven’t entered already, and you want a chance to win this. This video will be posted on all the wl toys. Facebook groups. You will see the post once you see the post click, the video watch. The video subscribe to the channel and take a screenshot of the subscription button highlighted then go back to the facebook post and just post a screenshot and that you’ve subscribed to our channel. Just to keep update updated on the latest videos and when the competition goes live you will automatically get a notification and then you’ll be able to see if you are the lucky winner.

So if you have subscribed – and you have entered the competition we’ve had over 200 entries, which is fantastic, you’ve all been given a unique number um. So, on the 31st of this month, um everybody will get obviously a unique number and we will use google number generator to announce the winner and then obviously, once once the winner of this toys, we will contact you or you can contact us first and we will Send this over to you, wherever you are in the world, if you don’t want to wait, you know two three weeks, maybe for shipping department, depending on where you are in the country or the world um, we will pay value the money instantly um for how much The car was so that choice is yours, no problems in posting it, but if you don’t want to wait and it’s quicker for you to order yourself, then we will pay power. You the money. So thanks for watching guys, first unboxing from me, but stay tuned and i’ll, see you later guys. Don’T forget to subscribe one more thing before we go guys in the comment section below um. I want you to give us some ideas of what you’d like to see. Next, as in competition, wise we’re, gon na try and do these giveaway competitions every month, um so yeah, rather than giving away another car next time, maybe you want, you might want a lipo bag or you know just input your your thoughts into the comment section below We will look into it and we’ll see what’s what so yeah stay tuned and keep following those comments.