I bought an rc, a cheap crawler, rc and yeah. I bought it off the internet under a hundred dollars, its a 116 scale. Three at the heart looks from 82 and its nice guys they gave me they gave some stickers and i kind of modified them theyre, mainly for trimmings for Music for headlights and stuff, like Music, so theres uh the backing here. You can peel and then itll become a clean, um clean imprint like that, as you see, i cut it from a bigger sticker and i just i just line it up, and then this is what i got Music, i kind of like it and there wasnt a Lot of options, so you can have to be creative about it, and i looked online and still i left online as to how high looks from that ear. Look like some numbers there i make made it into a racing number um. Basically, i look at the pictures online from this here and look at where they put the badges and stuff also, this parking lot in the back, which is only a sticker and then yeah. Basically, the places where everything is also they gave me this um screw in the backside of it Music, its a nice work, its a four wheel drive. So when you turn this, everything turns uh its a crawler, so its pretty slow, um. The enough switch is over here, Music, and you can upgrade this the servo motor and all that and then the links all of this connected by screws, also on the links right there, all screws Music.

You can also waterproof this theres some ways online, that you can look and you can run it in water under water, smaller water. I mean a small amount of water. I think this can take, but you shouldnt immerse it where all the electrical connections are exposed inside this back side. Here the toolbox opens thats. Why i put accessories um stickers and then the battery here? This one is what you use to charge, and then this is a two cable connection it just goes inside. It also gave me two extra batteries: 7.40, so 7.4 volts, 500 mah um. I think the other two that they gave us a 1300 image, basically meaning more play time for you and suspension, looks pretty rudimentary pretty cool. I tried to tighten all the screws and theyre pretty tight, and maybe i found one in the front that was a little bit loose yeah. You can upgrade all of this into all metal metal um. There are many uh channels out there. Just looked it up its a wpl: c4 wpl, 24. 1. I think okay and this snorkel has a attachment to it, but each time i put it in uh it pops out and i dont want to lose it. I want to take this on a thats right. I think a lot of these things. If you wanted to keep it on the car, you can try and glue it because its not really holding on too tight.

I dont know how theyll hold on if you uh go on and its real. You give me this extra eclipse too, and i think you can install a hinge or something im in the winch over here. Ive seen this with the bench. Okay were gon na. Take this for a ride Music. This is the uh, the uh controller, its not really high speed, but its not a little trimming, but the steering Music you can make it standing towards right or left or, if its not straight, just adjust it over here. Music, all right the steering and the throttle is proportional, meaning you can do it slowly or hard. So its not just one one. One turn like that that you can go like that: slowly, its not just awkward left and right, like cheaper Music, yeah lets, put it right there, all right its a cold day, oh black flag over here Music. Oh, i made an obstacle course out there, its not proportional, but it didnt do so well out. There didnt have enough power. Its crazy. All right lets see: Music, just Music, okay, Music, slow, flash, slow, Music, nice little crawler Music. So i got that little sticker in the bag. Thats. Actually, i believe the lcd Music, its a little flimsy Music, make it like that. This you lets see if i can get it back up. This is cool uh, Music, one small step from handline Music. So look easily andre rc cant.

Do that my neighbors threw a pumpkin out there. Maybe we can use it as a obstacle um. This is like half throttle. If i go faster. Oh, this is fastest thats as fast as you can. By the way this battery. I just put it on the car and start playing, looks like its running out of battery right now. Its going really slow. Definitely, anyway, guys.