It test it jump it so let’s get right into Music, it Music. All right. We got it out of the box and let’s see what it comes with in the box. Obviously got the car battery this little tool, uh charger construction manual and radio car comes with everything, except for double a batteries for the controller to charge. It is plug this into there and that into there. So the remote feels okay in the hand, it does look. A bit bulky or toy, we have the little antenna we have. The throttle trim steering trim, go, stop brake on button uh um. I do prefer kind of something like this uh a bit lighter. This one has a fair bit of weight to it and it just feels a bit better in the hand, but for the price of this car you can’t go wrong. I have the instruction manual uh. We have how it works. Safety precautions uh tools that you need to fix it or reassemble it uh how to turn it on and off explode diagrams of the tires and shocks explode diagrams of the car explode diagrams of the differential case and how to take it from the platform, and this Being a proper hobby grid, rc car, you could buy all the parts and a fair bit of upgrade parts parts, parts, parts, parts, waffle, waffle, waffle, batteries all charged up, so we’re gon na go ahead and put that in there pretty fast Applause.

Applause, cyclone Applause. Oh double wumble, we’re gon na smash that car into that lego, full on 50 kilometers an hour wait is that is that a dead, centipede anyways three two. Oh all right, we’re going to try a different approach here, ready three two now is that not as exciting as i thought, it’d be let’s. Look at the damage! Oh, we broke the bed that’s gon na, be like fifty thousand dollars. Okay, this seems to be like a really strong, lego. I’M gon na go to another one found one. This one seems to be delicate. All right, take three three, two one. Oh my god, let’s go see the damage. Alright, so the ski fell off this piece. Let’S. Try this again: oh let’s, finish it there. We go anyways this video isn’t about legos it’s about that car let’s head back to this bro. I think this is a great car if you’re a beginner or you’re, just looking for a car to have some fun uh. So thanks for watching, if you like, the video subscribe, hit the post notifications button, so you never miss when i miss a video and hit the thumbs up button if you’re awesome and a thumbs down.