Yes, what do you reckon guys? I think it looks absolutely epic, so it’s four wheel drive got a wheelie bar pliers yeah, fairly subtle plastic chassis, which is good trouble, is with metal, chassis, they’re, expensive, and they bend a lot easier. So inside we have more plastic, and the good thing about that is it keeps the weight down, it keeps the parts cost down and it makes it more durable. So we’ve got double wishbone suspension, front and rear plastic coil over shocks. All round plastic drive shaft, which are actually pretty strong on these cars. Well it’s on that one anyways it’s brushless powered. So that means lots of power and it’s supposed to do 50 mile an hour plus achievable with optimal driving conditions and 3s lipo. Yes looks optimal and we have a 3s lipo, so the kit’s full of ball race. We got plastic diff gears which may look a little bit cheap, but it keeps the costs down and they’re super strong they’re on the 4s one anyway anyway, that’s enough techno bubbles. So if you want to know all the specifications and where you can get the car from and by the way, it’s pretty cheap there’s going to be a link down below – and i know a lot of you guys are gon na, say: kev it’s, not dirt, cheap It’S expensive well compared to the traxxas hoss and most of the other rc cars in this room. This is dirt cheap and a lot of people like to compare it to the horse.

So in this video we’re going to see if this granite, which is a lot cheaper, is any good, so less waffle and more action steering lovely yes, guys, plenty of Applause. Oh my power, it’s lively, let’s, get the gps on there and see how fast it goes. Will it do 50 comment down below guys? Also i’ve been listening to the comments when you guys have been telling me to get certain i’ll, say cars and i’ll see a lot of you guys mention it over and over and over. I normally end up getting them. So if there’s any cars that you want to see on this channel, let me know in the comments down below there: we go all zeroed off let’s see what it can do. 47, three mile an hour short flat out: oh nearly lost it. Oh 50, bang on! We got ta make it from there. We got ta clear, the bonnet or the hood for you, americans, and we got ta clear this. We do not wan na hit this that’s gon na be bad. Here we go Music. What did you just say? I said these steps give you a cold ian’s, already killed this jalopy here and he’s killed the other jalopy as well yeah. I thought i’d spare steering whatever let’s see what his granite’s made of let’s give it some help. Oh nice, going! Oh guys, i’m impressed with these little 3s armors. They really take a kick in.

Look at that plastic chassis, cheap, lightweight, durable Applause, oh Music, Music, Applause, guys! If cars can take this sort of abuse of the concrete skatepark, they can take anything oh on the concrete who are you laughing at guys, there’s gon na be a link down below we can get this car from it’s got ta, be one of the best budget Friendly bashers check it out just taking it full power. Oh well get used to it. This thing’s lively footage, Applause, Music. I bet you can’t, do that. That is a new challenge, got a was it skill or was it luck guys, one way to prove it? Do it again here we go Music, oh, it might have been lucky i’ll. Tell you what guys this really does need that wheelie bar let’s see what it can do in the woods. Applause. Music. Music. Can you clear the bowl? What happened? I missed footage run up. Neo and into there not with the outcomes, really too short, no you a bit if your granny can do it. That can do it! Well! Here we go oh easy! Oh miss! So oh nice well done mate. All right, we’re gon na go flat out, for that is mine, alive it’s, not looking good.