So when i first saw this thing released, i was a little bit skeptical. I thought ah it’s, probably just going to be the same as another axial smt 10, which is kind of all right. I mean it’s semi scale, but it kind of sucks a little bit. It’S not very durable, so i sort of thought uh. Maybe this is gon na be the same, but then i saw a video from mikey from v2vids and tony from ccxrc and they got one and they bashed it, and it took it really well, and i thought i’ve got to get myself one. So i did and check it out guys. It looks absolutely epic so just like on a real monster, truck we’ve got solid, live axles, front and rear four link suspension, a roll cage, great big flotation tyres and a cool name. So the trouble with this smt 10 is a little bit lightweight it’s, not very durable it’s, not the best thing for bashing and it’s really slow, and this one here kind of fixes. All of that, and the main gripe that i had with his smt 10, is that the diff pumpkins they’re, not in the middle in a real monster truck the diff pumpkins, are always in the middle on this one they’re not and guys. That really put me off of this. If you look at this one here, the actual housings they’ve got sensitive pumpkins and they look super realistic. Just like the sheet metal housings on real life monster trucks.

Oh man, you can just tell that this thing is well made. It feels heavy it’s got some weight behind it. Oh guys, i can’t wait to try it out. We got a semi scale, realistic, looking rc monster truck and if you can give it a proper beating as well guys, it’s got ta, be the ultimate toy and i can’t wait to try it out so let’s waffle and let’s get this thing going. Oh check it out, we got working headlights, speed, controller there, motor there transmission below it. So it comes with everything you need to get it to run even double a batteries for the controller, but you do need a 2s or 3s lipo for the car. Let’S have a look to see what we can find. 3S. 3S. 3S. 3S. 3S. Look at all those three s’s, and this is where the battery goes so here we’ve got some brand new language. Specials i’ve got a review and a little bit too long. Jen’S ace yeah a bit too long, fluid ons too long, but we got these smaller fluorines and yeah, maybe a little bit small and these turner g rapids they’re all fit in there perfect by the way. Guys, if you want to know, we can get the car from and the batteries there’s going to be a link to all of that down below and it’s, not dirt cheap. But in this video we’re going to find out if it’s worth it so steering plenty of speed and power, oh check out the sinister headlights, guys i’ve got no idea what’s going on with the audio there.

I’Ve got this brand new iphone, and sometimes it makes me sound like a bleeding dalek. Don’T know why, if you know why comment down below only goes on for a couple of seconds guys – and it goes back to normal all right back to the video causing destruction. Oh, oh ouchy, so next we’re going to stick some drywall tape and some sugar to the inside of the body reason being is that it delays this from happening. So i’ll do it to all my rc cars nowadays and it makes the bodies last about 10 times longer so we’re gon na chuck, some of that on there and then we’ll, take it out and give it hell and see how good and durable it really is Check it out guys, it still looks realistic. Even with the body off and look in there look, we have a headless driver which is good because it means that we can wedge a gopro in there. Haha footage guys i’ve been a monster truck fan. All of my life and so much so that after going to las vegas and watching the 2015 monster jam world championship, i decided i’ve got to have one. So i got myself a crd monster truck chassis, which is actually the same chassis that a lot of the team, gravedigger trucks use hello, guys, it’s been sat there for a little while now but i’m just about to order all the parts for it. So this should be complete in hopefully a couple of months.

I’Ve never been so excited in my whole life, anyway, less procrastination and more action. So the idea that hot glue is is just to tack down the drywall tape. While we put on the shoe goo, if you skip the hot glue and just go straight in for the sugar what’s going to happen, is that this drywall tape is gon na start lifting off the body and it’s gon na start peeling off and it’s gon na. Be going all over the place so doing this makes it a hundred times easier boom. All done also have a little look inside here. Look i’ve just put this extension cable in here so for the lights, because now we can just open and close the body without having to plug it in separately every time all right enough, waffle let’s go! Ah here we are on location. The snow’s out we’ve got ian and claire in the house, hey. What do you reckon you haven’t seen this yeah? Have you look pretty cool you’re, not trying to run it yet only in the workshop outside. I like it. What i like about it. It looks scale it’s got solid axles, but it’s supposed to be brushable the pumpkin’s in the middle yeah, oh sensitive, pumpkins, yeah, all right claire, give it a drop test. I just fell over didn’t, get it on camera. This is like slippery on air. It! Yes, oh, if they made x max size, one that would be like the best footage, aha to the moon.

Oh no, you broke it. Ah that’s it’s get it now. Ah, oh no! Look, oh dear! Oh completely snapped the whole actual housing in half they’re laughing over there. Oh look at it guys that was that big jump there landing over there it’s cold out here. This was in the back of my land rover for quite a while. All the plastics are cold. Probably not a good idea, but i see cc just put some alloy ones on there, so i think that might be the solution for this one, so guys overall really impressed with this truck. I really really love it and i really hope that one day, maybe they’re going to make one the same size as like an x max if they can make something like an x max the same size, the same sort of speed, the same sort of durability. But with solid axles, guys that would be my ultimate rc lossy. Please make one i’m pretty sure that it’s gon na be one of the best selling rc cars ever made. If you can pull it off, so yeah a little bit disappointed, but it actually broke early on. You know it’s, probably because the weather was cold, but we’re gon na fix it soon and we’re gon na take it out for some more action so subscribe and smash.