So i literally had to wait two months for this to come, um and obviously it’s been out more than two months. I have been distracted by other amazing releases and cars on the channel and i was like nate. This is the best looking axial stx 24. They make. I agree to drive this and you guys love this creek bed spot. So we thought we’d bring this here too and to show you guys, but believe it or not as of filming. This is in stock, so is that jeep it’s never it’s, never in soccer, never in stock i’ve never seen these in stock they’re always backward, but i love these. This is like my favorite rc ever i love my 24s. This is the 1967 chevy c10. It comes in this like awesome, teal green kind of color, but they have it. I think in a silver tube, but i don’t know why you’d buy the silver, because this i don’t know the gray looks good too, but this is. This is the better choice. This looks so good, i love it. It comes with a chrome, roll bar and a light bar you can put on too, but we opted out just just for now. I actually didn’t even want to get this dirty but i’m, taking one for the team lily’s talking. She’S funny so yeah, i cannot believe these are in stock. If you guys appreciate our videos and enjoy them and want to support our family, then click the link down below.

If you want to buy one of these um, it helps support our channel, and that means the world to us. We can keep providing you awesome videos, it doesn’t cost the people watching a single extra penny. You can’t beat it yep. I also want to give a shout out to our patrons because they’re who they are the ones who bought this. For me, this is a patron sponsored truck. So thank you guys for supporting us. If you want to become a patron family member that’ll be linked down below and at the end of the video i’m excited. I am too goodbye. Let me look at this tires. The front of the truck is what looks so good. You said it came with some extra stuff too may open this for me. Well, i’d, already addressed that the chrome roll bar and the light bar up top it’s a good looking truck it’s got their little logo on the side yeah. We usually don’t, stop and drill. This much, but i think it needed needed to be shown. I think this one looks better because the lights are not in like a bumper it’s, unlike the chrome piece, although i’d rather see have seen them up here, still the bumper, but they made it chrome, and i think that made a big difference. Yeah, it looks cool yeah yeah, how cool would it be if they had actual running headlights? Those are just decorative stickers. All it’s missing is like interior driver.

Oh okay, let’s drive, the bed even looks good. The bed of the truck i don’t know. I think when i, when i drive a crawler one of my favorite things is a pickup truck. I just, i think, there’s not enough pickup truck crawlers that are like ready to run axial. In other words, the only reason this is mine is because i saw it online first yeah i was like tips, i didn’t even know it was out. She must have woke up before me that day boom snatched it up. She just sends me pictures sometimes and she’s like mine. Are you kidding? I didn’t stand a chance whatever and then and then two days later, i’m like that’s my new airplane right there, just so you know and she’s, like okay, that’s kind of how we do things, whoever sees it first and every now, and then it just catches us Off guard – and maybe we fight yeah, i just pushed that that was pretty sweet if you guys are unfamiliar with these little things. As far as axial goes, i think it’s, probably one of the smartest things they could have ever made, because this appeals to everybody they’re. Four wheel, drive they’re, really soft, tires they’re soft shocks and they’re completely ready to run. So i said this in the little yellow vehicle video too, but just in case you’re, not a subscriber it’s, a jeep, the jeep i’m sorry uh, it’s, ready to run you’ve got batteries for the transmitter.

I didn’t approach that well got ta get the tire on it. The battery for the truck and the charger for the truck – you literally need nothing else, so you’re actually going to get this one wet. Here we go it’s wet. I like the pickup truck that’s, my favorite. You know what i think. A lot of people say that crawling is boring. This is boring, but, like look, i can’t pass that i didn’t approach it right. You really have to think and plan ahead with crawlers, because if i get my tire on that most likely there you go, you got ta place. Your tires it’s almost like a plug. It really is – and i love puzzles so now that you have this aqua foam. Whatever you want to call that seafoam green, it makes me want to get the gray one now that you have this one, and then that would be my first scx 24 and then we’d have all of them, except the red deadbolt. So we’re literally just missing the red deadbolt and the gray, you know what we’ll do let’s link all of these down there just make it easy for people have one link for all of them. Abby will have one link, you hit the link and they all will pop up, because we can make like a little little leave the door not in stock, and you guys, let us know in the comments which is your favorite.

You know they’re all about the same price. There are a couple that are like 10 or 15 bucks cheaper than others, based on like lights. I don’t think i don’t think the deadbolts, the deadbolts, the cheapest. They get it’s like 110 for the deadbolt, which at least when i got my original deadbolt 10th scale, deadbolt uh and an stx10. It was the cheapest scx10 you could get so the only other like quality brand, 24th scale or tiny scale. Crawler. That comes to mind. To me is panda hobby right, what else ready to run and what i’m saying there’s others there’s a couple others. But i guess those what i mean by thinking about the competition is when it comes to axial, they’re priced, sometimes cheaper than the off brand stuff. Well and like this one it’s licensed through the yeah yeah, so you would think the jeep one we just did that’s a rubicon, it’s licensed through jeans just based on licensing and that type of stuff. You would think this would be like 180 bucks. Thank goodness it’s, not maybe no one would buy it then, but they’ve held their prices on these 24 skills low and consistent and i’m and i’m, not saying 100 bucks it’s cheap because it’s, not you know, 100 is a lot of money for us, but you know It’S it’s our channel it’s, what we do we buy and sell and that type of thing to keep new stuff coming, but yeah we’ve held on to our 24 scale.

Crawlers let’s go to the sand. Oh that looks good. I hear a helicopter keep cruising girl. Don’T! Look for the helicopter hobbies, abby’s, driving and looking for the helicopter at the same time, while we all watch the super slow truck, so i know most of you probably watched the yellow jeep crawling video, but if you didn’t, i want you to look at these tracks. This is so cool, even if you did. These are little raccoon tracks, those are coyote tracks and compared to the 24th scale. Crawler look at that. They are huge they’re, huge, massive abby – and i have heard these things at night and they are, they run in packs. They’Re scary they’re, the things that are made of nightmares. Oh the sand got loose there, you go nice, oh yeah, let’s get that out of there. Looking for some more feedback. Do you guys, like this spot? I think this is my favorite spot we’ve ever driven 24th scale vehicles. I think mine too, for outside outside. I think i liked our cardboard. I loved our cardboard course, but it just we couldn’t leave it up yeah. It was in the room, but we have enough cardboard right now. I think we could make another course. We should do that, but the weather’s warming up. So why would we do anything inside right now, i’m, in a t, shirt and it’s march? We have to be careful guys because the water here comes all the way up everywhere.

We’Re standing right now would be completely submerged after a rain or snow melts, and you know we won’t be able to access this all the time and oh, my gosh, the cicadas are going to come and when they do i’m really worried about our videos, because we Have not been youtubers during the return of the cicadas, the big batches, the big bucks yeah little annoying ones, but i guess we’re supposed to get the big they’re saying trillions will submer or emerge emerge, and i am a little worried that for a couple months you Guys are all going to have to listen to the cicadas isn’t it just kind of like an art like a in our area and some of the surrounding states. Well, i guess there’s like it’s, not like nationwide 20 states, 15 or 20 states. This will affect so yeah like people in texas are not gon na have to deal with this yeah florida, all the southern states, it’s kind of in the uh north eastern area, i think yeah, even all the way up as high as southern parts of new york. I think yeah man, you are getting your new truck so wet and muddy, but the water cleans right off. Look at that guys this. This gets my vote strong vote for best looking scx 24, the jeep is cool, but i think this is definitely the winner and right here. Stop for a second you guys. Can you see these little there’s four little holes in the bed? One two three, four that’s: where that little roll cage would go roll bar and then the light, i think it’s fake lights.

Of course, a light bar mounts up on top and it’s all chrome. So it would look good, but we thought if we rolled it, we didn’t want to scratch it up. Like abby said this, this might be the only time you guys see this one drive outside in the sand and mud and dirt because she wants it to be a shelf queen, and i don’t blame her. Why am i struggling camera battery died? There don’t worry, i didn’t move. No, no here i’ll move that stick come on. You can do it there you’re getting it moving here’s another question for you guys what what’s your favorite scale to crawl, because they have all different scales: there’s, like 24 ish scale, something like that high gear there’s, a 10th scale. I think 10th scale is still probably the most popular that’s, okay it’s part of the fun that’s part of the fun when you get into a bind trying to get around it. That really is part of the fun trees. Try to move some of these sticks here. I think it’s like this. Oh you just went the other way: uh you’re, not gon na you’re, not gon na get through all those like twigs. Okay, wow, look at that loose sand! Oh my god! That’S nice you’re, rubbing your fender your wheel! Well, there, oh you’re, just slowly moving digging right in that’s cool that was a cool spot. I like this loose sand. It looks good in the sand too you’re just going right up the hill aren’t you, okay, all right! I see you let’s see where i can go there’s a nice little road over there.

I see that oh nice, just don’t want to fall into the water that’s right, that’s, right Applause, that’s, perfect road. I want to bring a tenth scale here. I think people would like to see that what should we bring, should we buy a new one, or should we bring back an old one? You guys want to see an old 10th scale crawler on the channel. Again we keep a lot of our crawlers. Tell you what we need. I don’t think we have a single scx 103. We don’t, i don’t think we have a single one: yeah that’s! Okay, you can power through oh little, twigs they get. Those little twigs are the worst Music you’ve almost powered through it. That stick that i threw out of the way for you is now back in the way. Oh, you just went right under it and we’re back to the cool loose sand, yeah that’s, so cool. If we could like weed this, that would be a fun little spot to play, not familiar. Oh no, i don’t, i don’t see you moving here, go to the right, a hair. There you go that stick was holding you back, nice, that’s cool you’re. Welcome! I just got my favorite rc sandy, for you guys yeah look at the video. It was good video. Oh, it looks so good it’ll go down in history as a positive thing in 2021. I love these little scale crawlers. I love them and if you’re like me – and you love these 24th scale, this whole world of crawling leave this video a like leave a comment below tell us what your favorite small scale crawler is because i need to check it out if i haven’t already, because I love these.

I just love them. I love them. Did i say i love them. You, you kind of like them, it’s a good looking truck. It really. Is man it’s a good looking truck that people? I built model cars as a kid that didn’t look this good. You know, mine looked like a monstrosity like glue was dripping off i’m just kidding. They looked okay well for the fun that we’ve had in just a beautiful day of t shirt weather. I want to thank the big guy. Upstairs life is good and uh it’s just awesome to be able to enjoy it. We’Re live also want to thank our patron family members. You guys bought this truck. You guys support our channel in so many ways and we’re. So thankful for you, guys and uh we’ll have patreon in this track, linked in the description box below plus the whole axial scx 24 lineup, because you can’t go wrong with one of these that’s right. You really can’t before we go. I’Ll have the first time we drove down here in the creek bed, with our jeep rubicon axial scx24 popping up right about now.