Unfortunately, from the same issue, a lot of people suffer from the bent, drive shaft, in fact that one’s bent and dented um. I know kevin talbott did a video on this. When this solution first came out, lots of people are doing it now and i’ve managed to pick up the solution from someone in the uk for ebay i’ll, put a link in the description below where you can get it from a few people have said the center Join is made of monkey metal, so it always breaks well we’re, going to find out because we’re going to put it in here now then we’re going to get out and we’re going to send this thing like as we’ve said before, so here are the parts we Have the bearing block the dry shaft coupler, and this is the part that everyone says is made of monkey metal and just breaks so we’re going to find out and then the drive shaft, which is cut into two slight difference with this one to most of the Other ones, this center block is actually made of tpu it’s very flexible, so hopefully that flexibility in there will make everything last a bit longer Music nice bit of play there now, when we’re jumping got some flexibility, one thing that could do let’s get out there give It the hardcore treatment, see if we can break that center shot back at sandy guys in a while, since we’ve been here yeah can we come out today with the max the quake knee xp Applause and the x max mighty x, max mighty x, mas didn’t? Have that last time, but shortly after being here and the max have some fun here see if we can get as muddy as last time, eh! No, we know and we’ve come prepared.

This time we’ve got wellies, we’ve got wellies, oh, we did it. Callum didn’t want to wear his too cold too cold and he thought they were a bit back. I thought they’re a bit funny. Didn’T want to get spotted by anyone wearing wellies, hey guys, you like what we’re doing please remember to subscribe hit the like turn on notifications, comment down below share to everyone. You know guys let’s go and have some fun just killed it. Oh, he has as well foreign uh Music, so Music Applause Applause. Oh, she goes race time, you all ready, Music. Oh, oh there’s, a rock Music Applause, Music. Oh dragon almost took himself out that’s your bum sand in my mouth. Is it tasty? Who did that? What who’s that that’s a i was filming little rusty, Laughter, wasn’t me: Music, Music, good, Music Applause, oh Music, hey, Music, Music! Me uh! Do you care i’m? A black vulture, um Music is a little while all the time. Oh did it survive yeah, we’re, good we’re. All good you want there dave i’m, all right, you’re right. Why did you buy that? Because you told me no because it’s, brilliant that’s, why best car we fall that’s, the favorite rc? Now? Yes, you don’t even think about self writing, taking it it’s a good test for that sort of fans. Music Applause – you almost got squashed double bubble x. Max Music i’ve moved that car mate Music, oh it’s, in it’s in did it take it though i think it did take it bring this away i’m, not getting anywhere near in line in the wheels, though, if he gets me he’s walking on oh okay, guys we’re Back after durability testing the new drive shaft, there is some damage to the x maxx.

We have a broken, build crank. We also broke the front shock tower sheared that off, so we did give this car a serious going over. We we’ve sent it we’ve done whatever we can to try and break that drive shaft, but guess what guys the drive shaft hasn’t broken the center bit. That people told me was made of monkey metal hasn’t, broken it’s perfectly straight seems to be doing the job. There’S. No bends or no kinks in it um so yeah. If you know where you can get one from link below i’m, not sure whether he’s doing the whole shaft at the moment, the steel but he’s certainly selling the block um. You can buy your own shaft and get yourself a bearing and then cut the shaft to size and make the shaft up yourself, but i’ll put a link below. If you contact him directly, he may make up the shaft as well for you so guys if you like what we’re doing remember to subscribe turn on those notifications, comments down below and we’ll, see you on the next video take care.