. Okay, you can’t call it a tiki too it’s a tki, two we’ve got a car show fanboy in the house stands for team kaioshow international mark ii. Give us a guided tour, then what we got we’ve got the latest inferno: mp10 tkai 2. latest reds engine scooter, rear super velocity latest from the rossi crew in italy, red’s pipe. If we’re approved hold on you got to the youtube voice. What am i kaio show fan boy, then no, you got ta do like this. What these called samwa servos and we got some sandwich servos here, give it a go. We’Ve got some samoa servos that’s, better. We got another samwa, servo and we’ve got a samoa. Optional. Switch aluminium hubs and a samwire receiver and some titanium kyosho turnbuckle i’ve not got a clue how to build it so mick’s going to build it and then we’re going to take it to the skate park and give it hell. You reckon. Why is that not what we’re doing this is a race car kept? Well, we can do it it’s strong enough, do it if the viewers want to watch it strike below in it comment down below. If you want to see it smash the bell, you can smash them below i’m. Getting used to all this youtubing. Can i smash the bill? Yeah go smash. It check out all these goodies in there guys the tiki 2.. Actually, what is it? Tki2 yeah all right it’s, so tki2 guys don’t get it wrong.

So this is yuichi. Kanai who’s designed the kyosho inferno range range since 1989, yes, yeah all right there. We go basically guys. This is the rolls royce when it comes to one eighth scale. Nitro racing buggies – this is a pinnacle. This is the best and we’ve got the best man in the house to build it, and i love him. So if you don’t know who mick craddock is and you’re into one eighth valley cross, then you’ve been living under a rock, so mick’s been racing. Monique valley cross. Since 1989, he’s won four over 40s british championships, three over 40s european championships he built set up and pit mans the winning cards to go ahead and win four british championships and two european championships: a mix also pit manned for mark parvidis, no it’s mark povedas. All right mark pavitas to tq and win the 2006 world championship victory for mark david’s slab. He drops his transmitter to the pit crew if you want to see that all in great detail i’m going to put a link to all that lot down below. So if i get this built in 10 hours, kev you’re gon na, let me drive you a lambo there’s, no chance you’re building that in 10 hours there we go. We set the clock. If mick can do it in under 10 hours, he can drive it. Tco2 has the longer shocks on this one now, so you get more droop, better suspension for uh bumpier tracks and you’ve got the new body, lots of high side guards lower front downforce on the front.

All of these cutouts obviously designed to save weight so here’s. How far he’s gotten so far here’s the rear, diff assembly check out the quality of these parts, guys it’s diffs, all assembled all right, let’s see if we can hold him up a bit Music, yeah i’ll go i’ll go and edit i’ll leave you to it. Music. Oh he’s, getting close, you guys started yet kev what’s going on when’s the last time. You started last time that rain was probably about summer lost. We got to take you for a rip in this weather. Yeah, nothing, ten point something: oh battery’s flat. Let’S put it on charge unless your um, your build done guys if you want to see the complete build with all the tips and tricks at mick. With 30 years, experience has used to build and set up multiple european and british championship winning cars. How to tune engines, maintenance, driving tips, suspension setup and everything else then check out the link in the description. Oh i’ve done it. I think i’ve done it. Kev i’ve done it. You ain’t done it. Have you ever yeah? I have. I have a good time. You don’t put the tires on it: don’t paint your body you’re joking, can i at least rev it then yeah. You can wear it let’s see if it starts. Are you gon na take us out for a rip then? If it starts all right, let’s see if it works, it feels like my granddad’s boxing fever.

Another thing, yeah, god stand behind it. Music, we just got our tyres. Pumped up we’ve got a bit of a parking failure there. If you guys need any servicing doing that’s where you got ta go here’s the main man in there, man, okay, Music, Music – i know but it’s nice. I think he’s got a chance, bless him see ya. Music i’ve been out for four months, getting used to it again, so he’s actually scared and you switch the traction control off and then i’m, like oh going two wheel, drive for some reason: we’re going backwards into an armco i’m. Sorry me i’d love to take my blood pressure. Now. Have you cleaned the seat? Yeah i’ll. Send you a picture of me pants later kev. So now let’s start it up for the first time and running the engine, so we’re just putting an old set of tyres on no good using a new set. So what we need to do is prime the engine. So we push down on the starter just to make sure it turns over all right, so i’ve got the throttle full open. You can hear that see. Some fuel blowing out now leave the glow igniter on for 10 seconds Music. So after what seemed to be like forever, the car is finally run in and ready to rip and that’s your car set ready to go to the track. That is another day, and hopefully we can get mick to take out the new inferno and hit a couple of skate parks.

Speaking hey, how are you doing all right? Are we gon na hit a couple of skateparks with this inferno, not with a new one? You ain’t no, oh! What i’ve got my old mp10 it’s pretty much the same it’s my old race, one from the nationals last year, yeah you can use that that’ll be all right on a skate park. Yeah all right, mate! That’Ll! Do i’ll, see you over there. Then nice ones in a bit dude bye, bye. We are on location. We got the skate park over there, but at the moment, we’re gon na leave that for now we’re, just gon na give it a rip on this track here. So what cars this one meg it’s the mp10, not the tcr2, but the mp10, so you’ve got the latest body on there. So what’s the difference on this competitor’s new one new one’s got longer shocks on it: little whip boy, Music, hmm, Music, Music, loved, it, Music, Music.