If you want to build one yourself in the last video, we got it to go 59 mile an hour in this video. We want to get it closer to 100 mile an hour, so the foam tyres are a little bit smaller than the tyres that it came with and in theory that should make the car go a little bit slower, but because this power system was struggling, it might Make it go faster and also we can always chuck on a big opinion, gear and gear it up more. So the last battery that we used was a 1200 milliamp hour and the new one here is a 2200 it’s a little bit of a squeeze. I think we have to cut a little bit off oh we’re, in we want to make these cambers straight, because these being foam tyres, if you run camber it’s, just going to wear them out super quick boom. What have we got to do now? Change the connector and then we can go and take it for a while. I want to adjust the amount of suspension travel. I think at the moment like this, when we’re accelerating the nose is going to come up too high and that can make it go into a backflip when we’re going high speed. So in here look you can see a couple of holes, so we can get a grub screw and screw it into that hole and that is going to set our droop so it’s going to limit how much the suspension can come up get the other side in There yeah i’m working something like that.

Oh my god, that’s going to go guys all right, let’s go here. We are on location, we’ve really got the same code styling, tesco special next, i think we’ve got a 4s live poet, yep yeah, all right four slipover time and then we’ll try again so that was on the 3s. So next we want to try on a 4s and then on a 6s, but i still want to stay in frame with a dirt cheap setup, so i’m going to take this esc here from this eachine car here and see if we can fit it into there. I have no idea if this can do success, so let’s just give it a go anyway. I just made up this little adapter plug here all right. Here we go guys. Is it going to smoke or is it going to work? Oh, i think it’s working. Yes! So next let’s get this esc out of this car and put it in this one and by the way, guys there’s gon na be links down below. We can get all this stuff from and by the way guys it is all dirt cheap, that’s. The project guys we’ve got to get this car to 100 mile an hour on the cheap, so you’ve got a bit of a size difference there, hopefully it’s gon na fit. Oh guys it is a squeeze, but i think we might just get it to go. Maybe if we take this side, plate off we’ll have a little bit more room, so i think we’re gon na remove this fan assembly there’s no way the body’s gon na go on, and this being only a relatively small motor.

I don’t think we’re gon na need. It then the switch. I think we can just get rid of boom all right, let’s see if it works. Success, baby, oh wrong way, no big deal we got ta do swap over a couple of these motor wires. Oh my god that is gon na go guys. So next let’s tidy up all this mess and then we’ll take it out and give it a rip boom. All right, let’s go. We are on location, we got all the boys in the house with all their crazy weaponry. This is going to start off with the 4s first and then we could try on a success if we don’t crash it, how fast it’s going to go 90 yeah. What do you think 370. 70. it’s got to get 100. just a minute ago. We’Ve done a speed run with that, and i got what did i get 91. 94 with that i wanted to get over a hundred one it’s, just in there anywhere where we can get it let’s check out the competition. What we’ve got going on here? Oh, my god, how fast you’re aiming to get out of these, this one’s done 1778 yeah um, but i’ve never used this one, but it feels slow already if it needs gearing up, got a gps mounting going on. Oh, my god, look at this opinion Laughter that was flat out. Oh, i can it’s got to be 70 in it.

Getting it by that one 77. Oh 77, on the phone can’t even see it on there 77. Is that impressive, yeah all right success time there. We go success time. How fast is it gon na go 98.? We got ta hit a hundred zero there. We go. Oh, no, not success! That’S flat out. Ah, i don’t like success. Oh, oh smokeage get back out quick game over we’re gon na have to fit a different erc. It might not be so dirt cheap anymore. Once we start doing some proper modifications. Oh no off camera, just crashed it yeah. It was running better when it was just like that that curb at the end, someone’s gon na hit it in a minute. So it turns out this esc could not handle 6s, but no big deal. We’Ve got some other different moto and esc combos. Here that we’re going to try at some points, but i want to keep it dirt cheap for the time being, i want to see if we can get it to go 100 mile an hour on the cheap. So if any of you guys know of a cheap 6s esc, give me a note down below, let me know what it is and if it fits in there i’ll give it a go.