These are the foam wheels that we’re gon na put on our w toys. One two: four: zero one: Music, all nine something i’ve been waiting for for so long is a new set of decent tools. I end up going to mip and i think i’m going to be quite happy. Music what’s, going on guys welcome back to the video and welcome to my project, world’s fastest wl toys, one two: four: zero one: nine rc car, yes that’s right guys, we’re going to be attempting to break the world record for the fastest wl toys. Rc car going to be using the wl toys one zero. I do believe that the rc master has the world record at roughly 110 miles per hour if i’m wrong. Please correct me in the comments, because i do want to break any record that’s out there before we start driving and building it. I just want to know that this is just a project, so i don’t plan on breaking the record today, but i do plan on getting it rather fast. So here it is here’s the motor and esc and we’ve got the battery and all that so let’s disassemble. It Music alrighty, guys now it’s fully disassembled. We need to get it reassembled, but first let’s take a look at what’s going in it. I have an upgraded spur gear, an upgraded pinion gear. I also have an upgraded diff set. However, i don’t think there’s any diff oil in these, so i’ll probably end up running those next time.

Next, we have some tea, corelli foam buyers, uh 40 sure, so they should be really nice and grippy. They do feel really grippy. We are going to start off on a 3s battery and then we’re going to go to a 4s battery. Just a simple fly sky receiver and just a cheap spectrum server. We have 120 amp easy run max 10 sct esc. This is capable of up to 4s and it’s really good size, so it should fit in perfectly, and a 5 400 kv easy run. 3652 brushless motor now i’m a little skeptical, as this thing is only meant to run on a 2s battery and can sometimes handle 3s, but we plan to go for it with the wl toys, 124019 being so small and light. I think it will be fine, like i said guys, it’s all trial and error, so let’s put it all back Music, all in guys we have the center brace on now we can see if the esc is going to fit in there perfectly. Just as i thought not a lot, i didn’t measure this up. Obviously, i didn’t want to bother all the stuff, but it fits in there really really well quite tight, but just plenty of space, but i’ll probably end up running it this way, so i can run the wires over a little bit. Uh i’m, not 100, sure i’ll. Probably do that off camera, but yeah, so let’s mount this esc and i’ll come back when it’s done Music.

Oh just look at that. That is just perfect. I’Ve got a 3s battery in there at the moment. These connectors are a bit big. I may change them over to dean’s, but other than that everything fits in there. Basically perfectly i’ve got the receiver and the on and off switch just here. The motor’s in there here’s a little sensor wire to make sure that it doesn’t overheat. Now i know i’m blocking the fan just a little bit with the cables. Hence why i’ve actually cut out just a little air hole for the esc. Other than that, i had to stick the cables down this side and i would have had to cut a hole in it anyways. But this way at least the body goes on properly i’m going to switch it on and just give it a little test to make sure it works. Oh i’m nervous yep, three whoa i’m, only just touching that and that’s only on 3s, oh man let’s go take this thing for a spin, alright guys we are back at my favorite spot. However, guys it is super hot today, so i don’t know: if i’m gon na get a chance to run 4s, we will see how the temperatures go, but if i don’t get a chance today, i will get up super early tomorrow. I’Ll, go for a run and that’ll be the next video alright. So here she is what a beast man! It looks so good, so we’re going to get a battery strapped in first we’re, going to start off with the 3s and we’re going to send it down.

This road full throttle – and hopefully this doesn’t blow up and last time we had this go flat, but now i’ve fully charged it and it’s ready to go so we’re gon na properly see how fast we go and just remember guys. This is only a project. So yes, we’re going to run it on for us eventually, if we don’t get to today and i’m, also planning to do custom motor mounts by 3d modelling them up on fusion 360 and then getting a local fabrication place to make them for me, let’s see! If i can make up a carbon fiber chassis all that stuff, i really want to gear this thing up and see how fast we can go. Are we going to break records today? I have no idea, maybe, but i doubt it i’m not going to keep working on this until i hit at least 120 miles per hour and hey, if i actually hit that today or within the next couple of weeks. That will just keep pushing it until it blows up all right, guys, let’s get the battery plugged in and take it for a spin. All righty guys here goes everything all righty, guys we’re just going to go for a small pass, nothing too quick just yet i’m. A bit nervous so let’s go for it, Applause, alrighty that’s. Why we only did a small pass. I was probably half throttle all righty, guys that’s now recording our speed so let’s see how fast we get whoa that’s fast, all right guys.

Just touching the accelerator we’ve managed to hit 104 kilometers an hour and nowhere near full throttle alrighty guys. Here it goes again. There goes the gps again, all righty guys broke the top off my gps, uh rookie mistake guys. I think this road is just really rough. I don’t know if you can see it, but these stones are really really high. I’M gon na go somewhere that’s a little bit, smoother all righty, guys time to turn on our gps. I found a new location it’s a bit of a longer road. I don’t know if the road’s any less rough but we’re going to give it a go. Anyways all right guys, we’re on peak speed, so let’s turn it on and give it a spin all right guys, i’ve also reduced the steering. So it doesn’t go out on me too much Music, whoa, so much better, full guys, it’s still a little wobbly. Oh let’s bring it back away from traffic guys. I cannot believe it. We just got 122 kilometers an hour, so there is definitely faster on youtube, but this is my personal best and it just keeps going up from here. We’Re going to do another couple of runs. Guys guys, tomorrow, i’m going to take it on a 4s run. Man i’m a little bit nervous. It does get a little warm on 3s, so we’re only going to be able to do like one pass and then we’re gon na have to let it rest guys.

Look here, we’re, definitely gon na need some new tires the guy’s a bit hard to see but i’ve reset it to zero and we’re gon na go again all right, let’s turn around and go for a run. Oh no yeah see i forgot about those, the biggest walker, shame of my life, all right guys. I think i may have broken it uh. Luckily, i have a wl toys, one four, four: zero zero one for some spares. I think i’m gon na go on a different road. Without these reflectors in the middle i didn’t see it. I hit it and away. We go oh that’s, the battery. I have to get that off the road asap before he comes okay, guys let’s, get back to the car and have a decent look guys before we do damage check. I just want to point out the fact that we got 130 kilometers an hour. Oh, i knew this thing had a little bit more in it. Well, that is just absolutely incredible guys. I cannot wait for 4s. Oh that blows my mind. I am so new to speedruns, so my excitement is fresh i’m. Definitely going to be doing a bunch. More of these rc cars from just initial glance, i don’t think there’s actually that much wrong with it. So let’s take a quick look: okay, guys bent drive shaft snap top of this. Okay, all pretty reasonable. I lost the dog bone in there that’s.

Okay, i got another one and then this popped off so that’s, okay, that’s just popping off so from what i can see guys it’s, actually not that bad. So the damage is pretty minor, but yeah i’m going to fix that tonight and we’re going to get 4s out and we’re going to give it a go guys. I absolutely highly recommend that you go out and buy a wl toys, one two, four: zero one: nine! These have to be the best budget for money, rc cars you can buy and no i’m not paid to say this. I truly just love them so it’s thursday. Today, you guys are seeing this on friday and the 4s run should be out on the tuesday. So stay tuned for that, if you haven’t already make sure to smash that subscribe button and hit the bell, so you get notified when i upload guys. I just want to give a massive shout out to daryl from from kaiser test rc. I think i’m pronouncing that right, so daryl i’ve, been talking with him and he’s been helping me out heaps with these speed runs, go subscribe to his channel. He does awesome rc cars. I especially love his run. All right man i’ll.