Will you regret not buying it before the price increase full review coming up Music? The lossy lmt comes in this blue color, which is the son of a digger, and it also comes in a green color, which is a grave digger. It is officially licensed by monster jam, which means this body is as close as youre going to get to the real thing. Just smaller. It has solid axles, which has 1 8 scale differentials. These big scale monster truck targets are awesome and empowering this beast of a truck is the spectrum smart technology. So you got a spectrum brushless motor spectrum, smart one 30, amp esc and then today were going to be using special, smart batteries, because what that means is we get the battery level remaining on this truck directly on our radio and that radio comes with this truck, Which, i think is really cool and really smart and if you want to know more, make sure you go and check out our initial review and were going to be leaving this car in the description box down below. If you are interested and for you guys that are new to us, we did the initial review of this track in hong kong. This follow up. Review is done in new zealand now before we get to our final thoughts on this low lnt and if its still worth it after owning it for six months, and is it worth that price increase and see what came in this box first lets go bash this In the mud here we are on location at dish.

Literally, today were going to be running these 5 000 milliamp 50c 3s lipo batteries from spectrum theyre the smart range because wow. What i really like about these smart batteries is we actually get the battery level right here on the remote, so you know when its going to die remote on first plug the battery in and turn the car on. Let there be light and there was lights. Dont. Take notice of that big, beautiful hot glue job for that lights, dont, take notice of that. She should be good to go ill. Show you this real quickly. We have uh damaged our front axle already. Actually it wasnt. Even us, it was our daughter. She just drove this straight into a pole for fun a bit of a murray job there bunch of zip ties. It should hold it anyway, amazon, the controls. First right, i love this car. I love the way it looks and its just like bounces. So have you got a 50 or 100 50., so im going to go 75 just getting into it. You know and it looks so cool whoa, oh no! Oh, that was awesome. I dont know about you guys, but i have this thing where i think rcs looks so much better with water involved guys. This is seriously the best looking monster strike in the whole wide world, the real thing as well. I think these were not the correct shoes to wear. I tell you that for free Applause – oh those bearings, those excellent, that is maintenance, but it is so cool and it is so worth it im, not cleaning it.

Ah, oh, that is so sick ill ride into a rock a rock made out of dirt. Oh, that means it is my turn ill. Let you i only have one more ill leave, one more flip and then its my go and ill do some big jumps. Youre gon na love this this is a good crawler place to come really cold. I think this is the perfect depth of water as well. Applause hope you guys are getting satisfaction out of this, because the cleaning job is not going to be fun. Music: calm down Music, oh bang, on the money, Music, um Music, oh its deep im, trying my best to get it out, hang out. This weighs a ton man that is so not good for the motor or really part of that car. That motors, probably overheated trying to get out of that mud, it looks like chocolate, icing, thats, all right. Ah Applause, so far, the zip ties are holding up just fine, but what color is the car again and the color of the car? Well, it used to be blue and now its completely poo color. Let me tell you something guys. This car literally weighs 10 times heavier time for another spectrum: smart battery, because we smart, hopefully the zip ties – hold up again. Yeah well, im surprised, ive held up. You know: ive got about 30 zip ties here, so ive got some really nice upgrades to show you guys.

When we get back to the studio beautiful body its going to need a new body. This is going to need a big bath when we get home. It looks like whats going on here what well get straight into it. Oh this is hopefully i dont break it. Oh no whats going on that front wheel, doesnt, look good. We have uh broken. It looks like the zip ties are still driving: okay, okay, theres, more zip ties on there were gon na just play with one. This is probably not good idea to do guys. Do not recommend weve lost, drive, weve lost drive to the front, and you know why, with my stupidity, because of my stupidity to drive it with it like that, weve got four wheel drive again briefly. This is such a cool truck, its a truck that you can uh set up some little jumps in your backyard. Some like scale size, jumps, Music, chuck it on 50 for your kids and just hope that they dont drive it straight into a pole like our one. Did but she did have a lot of fun clean it up a bit Music Applause, oh man, that that water is not making it cleaner, ill. Tell you there right now: oh Music, the big drop when i head back to the studio and give you our final thoughts after owning this lucy lmt for six months im sure you guys could tell from this video how much i love this track.

How much joe loves this truck and how much our kids love it as well? I just cant wait until we get the green one, so we can go bash them together. That would be pretty awesome. Yeah guys, this truck is absolutely epic. I mean it goes without saying it certainly is still worth even its had a price increasing now about 650. I think us its definitely still worth the money. I mean weve taken this thing out in hong kong, weve bashed it around. We took it out to racetracks, and surprisingly, i think we had the most fun at a racetrack, which you know its. Not what youd think you would do for this truck. But if you have owned one or you hit your own one or youre about to own one, make sure you go, take it to a racetrack, because theres actually loads of fun, especially if youve got friends that are in one of these two and then today, as Well in the mud is probably equally as fun. That was also really fun. It wasnt fun cleaning up afterwards, but it certainly was fun in the moment. So yeah this truck its a no brainer. If you got the money, go buy one and uh, but there is one. There is one weak point. I will point out for you guys, and that is the axles. If you like us – and you got one when they first release, you probably already know the axles that came with it were a little bit weak and you saw that that front axle had a crack in it and um well were going to have to get.

There appeared or replaced, however, if youve bought one recently or you buy one, using a link that we provide down below youll, get one that has a slightly updated version. Thats not going to probably wont see anything different on the box, but the axles itself have been upgraded. Theyve got more reinforcement inside these plastic axle, housings, so less likely to break, but still you might want to upgrade them and so lets see whats in their box. Amber magical box, this magical box surprised, so we have some awesome upgrades that have arrived for our lossy lmt. We have these metal axle housings, which just look sick. These are from vidavon and uh were going to be putting these in our lmt very soon and then making a video review on them.