I’Ve got something pretty cool to show you um, and that is a 176 scale mini cooper, rc car it’s, made by turbo racing and out of the box, it’s 100 ready to run minus the transmitter batteries um. Just on the side of the box here so yeah we’ve got 176 scale, 2.4 gigahertz it’s full proportional control. Now, in a minute, you’ll see how small this rc car is and it’s pretty impressive. That it’s got full proportional control, steering and throttle. That is um 40 minute working time. I haven’t tried it for that long. So i can’t comment whether it is the full 40 minutes or not. You get 75 milliamp lipo battery and this thing is tiny. On top that sits on top of it it’s fully integrated um, so you can’t just replace them, but at 75 milliamp it’s, a pretty small battery you’ve got a usbc type charging um usbc being the latest of the usc usb um cables, so it’s pretty impressive. That it’s on this rc car uh faster charging, et cetera so it’s, pretty cool. You get a diy body, shell! Out of the box, you get two extra uh body shells that are unpainted, so you get one that’s on the car painted and there’s three or four colours of your choice, and you get two in the box that are unpainted, which is pretty cool um, because you Can you know customize it? However, you want and it’s got simulation tire now.

I assume that means it’s um semi scale i don’t know: it’s got little alloys on it, i’m, not sure um, and on the back of the box, um yeah, it shows six colors here. Um i’ve gone for the black and green, which we’ll see in a minute um banggood uh, where i bought it from had these colors um on offer uh. I didn’t see these two um, but maybe you could you know there’s kind of a metallic looking color by the looks of it. Perhaps you could customize the two extras that you get um just on the back of the box. You’Ve got obviously 2.4 gigahertz 176 scale. Um 75 milliamp battery and then the package contents and it’s also got the turbo racing hobby website on there um, but yeah that’s, so that’s the box um you get a pretty cool transmitter with it, actually a nice little transmitter and actually, interestingly, these. This transmitter comes with the lossy uh mini b and mini t um little buggy and troggy um and obviously they’re high end micro, one sixteenth one, seventeenth, uh, sorry, 116 for 118 scale, um, rc cars, so it’s pretty cool that something this price you’d get um exactly The same transmitter with it um so that’s, pretty cool on the top you’ve got all of your um. All your switches and buttons um yeah it’s, pretty cool it’s, pretty cool how this um this? Basically the top half comes off and the batteries sit in here.

So it’s kind of modulated, um, yeah, it’s uh it’s, a pretty nice transmitter um. You also get the instructions manual and i haven’t even opened that yet but uh i’m sure i’ll have a look at one at some point and here a little sneak peek of how small it actually is. Here you get to the two unpainted body shells. Now i can’t really. I have got something to go by size wise, but you can’t really get the full scale of the size of this thing but say that’s the unpainted body shelves and you get two of them and randomly you get a body clip now this body clip is almost Half, if not three, two thirds of the size of the car um, so i found out that this is actually um where you press the buying plug in the bottom of the car. So they’ve put in a little body clip say little it’s, a 1818, probably scale body clip um that they’ve put in it and you can press the bottom of the car for the binding um. Like that told me that i wondered why you’ve got a body clip that’s, almost say too far to the side of the car and here’s the car. So, as you can see, it is absolutely tiny and up against the body clip if any of you are familiar with the size of a 1 8 scale, sort of 1 8 size body clip for one x, size car.

You can see just quite how small this car is. I mean it is pretty amazing nice little deep decals on the actual car itself. Um you’ve got the the wheels you’ve got all the you know, they’re actually painted by looks about or transfers um details on there. Um so it’s it’s, absolutely tiny guys i can’t you know i can’t actually do it justif justice of how small it actually is. Um sort of the size of half of my finger, um it’s, pretty cool um. You have got um two headlights at the front: two lights at the back and i’ll show you them in a minute. Sorry guys just have to pause you there, because i couldn’t take the top of the car off um one handed um, so i have taken gone ahead and taken the body off so that’s. The body off of the shell – and here is what the car looks like. Underneath so you’ve got the 75 milliamp battery on top um, which looks like it’s nicely soldered to the actual pcb um let’s say this is all it’s all a pcb and you can’t see the motors. I guess the servo is electric because you’re not going to be able to get a an actual working servo in there, because this thing is absolutely tiny and i’m. Pretty cool you’ve got the the headlights on the front, so you’ve got the two white headlights and you’ve got the two reversing lights on, say: reversing sorry, rear lights there um and underneath you can see the usbc charging port, Music and you’ve also got the on and Off on and off switch there um, but for for what it is it is, it is pretty cool i’m trying to get a focus there, yeah it’s, pretty cool um, say for the size of it for what it does for to be full proportional on throttle and Um steering, i think, they’ve done really well on it to be honest, um i will put the body back on and i’ll show you it in action.

Um you don’t need much space um for it that’s for sure um, but it is pretty quick and pretty nimble for what it is to be fair, it’ll be pretty cool to get um a racetrack set up. My dad actually purchased a race. You know track matte foldable mat, which will be pretty cool to uh, have a go on um when when we next see him and my dad went for so this is the green and black and my dad has got the red one. I believe so he went for that one and i went for the green and black um and i think they do a grain of white and uh. I think that is green, but it looks more yellowy in in the pictures um but yeah. Let me uh just put this away and i’ll uh get the body back on and you can see it in action. Okay guys so i just have a little obstacle course on the top of my changing um table here um. So you can see you really don’t need much space for this little thing. Um but i’ve just turned it on and, as you can see, you’ve got the front headlights and the rear lights it’s. Just a little nice touch. I think you know say something: this small has got a lot of technology on it. I say is only just one printed um circuit board, but um that controls it with a tiny little motor and um and i’ve seen an electronic steering.

But for it to be fully proportional um and if you can see it, there um try and get it to focus there. You go so you know it’s fully proportional steering slow as you like, or you is got a pretty pretty quick response. There, um and you’ve. Also got the throttle and so forward and reverse um. It doesn’t sound the quickest, but actually for how big for how small it is um and it you know, soon eats up a little area like this um, but you won’t want it too much bigger than this. It takes the fun away um, but here you go guys just have a go, so this is about half throttle, um it’s, a very responsive steering and you can put as little as or as much as you like into it, and so this is full throttle which It isn’t gon na beat any speed records um, but on a tiny little course like this or i say, make a little track um. This probably is a meter by half a meter or so it’s um it’s concentrate yeah, full reverse, and forward, though, is it is pretty cool, and i say you can drive it slowly if you want to, and the turning circle has got a really good turning circle To be fair um, so you can make quite a tight track. Um sort of a tactical track would be quite cool. Um and it’d be great to get a few of these together because it’s 2.

4, so you should be able to have a fair few of you. Be able to have it, um have them out together and there shouldn’t be any issues, and so yeah get a few of these on one track. It will be pretty cool, just uh, perfect on days like today, where it’s raining outside and freezing cold um and we’re still in a national lock down at the minute. So we can’t actually go out anyway. Um yeah it’s, pretty cool and it just seems no lacking power. You know the leds are steady and they don’t seem to dim in by doing any maneuvers or anything. They seem to be pretty solid and it’s. Just a nice little touch, i think, with the leds – and you can. You know they’re, not the brightest things, but you can see them sort of reflecting off the wooden surface. Here: um yeah it’s, just a nice little nice little car. So i wasn’t expecting much for what 172 scale um and also actually i didn’t know how small they were actually going to be because you really don’t see um get the scale of them. In a picture my dad received his actually before mine uh, although we ordered at the same time uh walmart been particularly slow Music. He sent me a picture of his and even then you can’t uh get the full picture of how small this thing actually is. Um until you actually see one in real life and i’d say for the money, i’ll put a link in the description below um for for banggood.

I don’t know if anyone else sells them. This certainly isn’t a uh promotion for banger that’s, just where i got it from um. I just yeah i’ll, put a link in the description. I think i paid 40 um between 40 and 50 pounds, english pounds and i can’t quite remember but um and at the time we thought you know that that might be a little bit expensive for what it is. But i i strongly don’t think it is it’s. A great little thing just to have to be honest, even if you’re not going to use it, you know to say: you’ve got a fully proportional rc car um with headlights, um uh, full forward, reverse and steering etc. For that price. So i think it’s, just a it’s, a pretty cool thing, just just to have um to be fair and it’s great. To add to the collection. You know stick this on top of an x max wheel, it almost gets lost and you can’t really believe. Quite how small this thing is. Um i’ll put a picture, perhaps in the video of it sitting on top of an x max wheel, and you get the you know the sort of size of it, and i mean even up against a one eighth scale or even a one one temp scale um On a on a one of its tyres, it can just sit on that comfortable it’s. It really is pretty small but yeah.

I hope you like the video guys. Um say this is the turbo racing mini cooper, 172, scale, um and yeah.