Shell. Also, we got this scorched rc titanium skid plate which is going to make it spark as the chassis hits the floor. We’Ve also got a whole load of other scorched parts that we’re going to be putting onto some other rc cars in future videos so subscribe and smash the bell, so you don’t miss it here’s the stock chassis brace, yeah it’s bent i’ve got this heavy duty. Stainless steel – one here that, hopefully, is not gon na bend and if you wan na know, we can get one from i’m going to put a link to that down below and also there’s going to be a link down below. We can get the car from and all the upgrades we’ve got, these custom rc upgrades, aluminium, knuckles, m2c chassis, chassis, braces and shock towers, hinge, pin holders and a whole load of other goodies. Oh it’s, rounded off. Oh look that bulk has had it got a crack. There it’s ripped out of there, so this whole truck is actually running, jim’s, bearings and so far guys they’re still in perfect condition. Then you want to make sure that the diff goes back in the same way that it comes out of. If you put it back in the wrong way around, then the car’s gon na drive backwards. Next we’ve got a snapped off screw inside the chassis brace. Here look. I think this is why the whole rear bulkhead ripped out, because i noticed that this came out early on in the bash.

I carried on going that put all the load onto this and ripped all that lot off. If there had been a piece of the bolt sticking out, we could have grabbed hold of it and round it out, but because it’s flush, i think we have to weld something onto there. So this here is a tick welder, so i’m going to try and do and try and weld down onto there and hopefully then we can unwind it ah definitely loose but it’s getting onto a bit of a tough bit i’m gon na keep wiggling it and hopefully Soon, we’re gon na get it out that’s what she said. So i cut it out a little bit away and the welding rod snapped off but there’s now enough of it on there. So i can just grab it with this god. It’S tight that’s what she said boom, so next we’re gon na run a tap through there, just to make sure that the threads okay, beautiful and there we have a freshly rebuilt rear, end check it out guys with it being a little bit longer. It’S going to beef up the existing chassis, make it less likely to bend and because it’s made out of titanium guys when this hits the concrete going up, jumps and landing jumps it’s going to make sparks. And next we have to drill a couple of holes in the chassis here just to get these two screws in so this screw here that snapped off earlier.

I want to put a longer screw in there so that, if it snaps off in future, we’ve got something to hold on to to get it out again. Trouble is i haven’t got any so i’ve ordered some when they come i’m gon na swap it over. Also we’ve got a set of these brand new logos to try out these are pretty dirt cheap, they’re, graphenes loads of seeds, hopefully there’s loads of power. There’S gon na be a link to these down below. Oh no look i’ve just noticed a front. Bulkhead’S got a big split in it too, but by the looks of it, it’s just a cover. So hopefully we can just get away with replacing this part and by the looks of it the diff case is actually okay. We can just get away we’re, just changing the cover, so next let’s paint up the body shell. So, as most of you guys know, this red is my favorite color. Look the crayton a test. Is that color the record attempt rc car my little racer up there, a couple of crawlers monster truck, but i’ve got no red and i’m too lazy to go to redfin. So i think we’re, just gon na paint it metallic red and see what that looks like. But before we do that, we got ta key it up with this. We just got ta scratch the body a little bit, so the paint’s got something to stick to then we’re gon na decrease.

It then we’re gon na spray, it red and then we’re gon na back it with the white so that the color pops a bit more well that’s, dry and we’ve got a change of connectors on the batteries. These are xt60s and i’m running these ic5s. Then i used to run xt 90s on everything but i’m now switching over to these ic5s, because i think they kind of stick together better. They don’t come unplugged as often and they can handle a little bit more current and also all the armor cars and all the lossy cars nowadays come with ec5, so it just makes it easier to convert everything over to the ic5s. So this plastic piece here is actually likely to snap when you jump it hard and it slams down and hits something. This can break so i’m going to get a bit of heat shrink and just put it over the top and hopefully that’s going to make it last longer there we go all soldered up, so next let’s get back onto the body and next we’re going to back It with some white, because that makes the color pop just like this one here, because otherwise it’s going to look a little bit, see through y all right. So the paint’s dried and you can kind of see the metallic in there and it’s going to look a lot better. Once we peel off that safety, film next we’re going gon na drywall tape and shoe goo the body shell.

Basically, we get the drywall tape. Stick it to the inside and stick it down with a shoe goo, because it makes the body about 10 times stronger, because this is what happens to bodies when you don’t do it. When you do do it, it just lasts so much longer all right here we are on location, it’s, snowing, there’s, zero grip, but we’re gon na see what we can do. Obviously, we can’t give this a full destruction test, because we just can’t get the speed up, but we can have some fun anyway, all right enough. Muffle, more action, it’s handling the snow, pretty good ian’s got the old chevy jar over there facing loving it in the snow. Oh nobody footage! Oh! So we got these new ic5 battery connectors on here i still come unplugged, but not as bad as xt90s and i’ve got to make this wise longer look look how tight these battery cables are like a guitar string, oh ow come out again hearing claire getting cold Over there look all right, that’s it game over, ah look driveshaft popped out. We have a little modification for that. We’Re gon na take it back to the shop, and i will show you what we’re gon na do so next i’ve got a little fix for this. I actually got the idea for martin, so we’re gon na. Do it to this. So when i first got this and done the rpm on conversion, these used to pop out all the time.

So i took out the washers that were on there and he kind of solved it for a little while, but now i don’t know if maybe the plastics got more flexible. It started popping out again. So what you do is cut a little bit off of here. Not really sure how much i’m gon na go with three millimeters, we can always put washers on there again if it’s too much so just use my vernier there just to mark it next we’re going to cut it off. Look at these beautiful custom, arseni upgrades aluminium knuckles, the plastic ones. I’Ve had a few pop out with these problem solved this new stiffener bar that we put across the top there look at that perfectly straight steel, all the m2c goodies, they’re beautiful as well. The scorched chassis skid plate, we didn’t, really get a chance to test it out properly it’s caught the floor a couple of little times. Look, we got ta really take it out in the dryer to get the full effect, and especially if we take this to a skate park with a concrete ramp, guys that’s gon na look epic imagine seeing all the sparks flying up the ramp as it goes up. The next we’re gon na do the same to the top arm. Then we can bolt it back together, hopefully, no more poppage, so i’ve just drilled out a hole just a tiny little bit. Just because i want to make sure that these ball joints here are not going to bottom out in the end, oh dear bench, shaft when in doubt give it a clout beautiful, always worth putting these on when you’re hitting stuff you’ve only got one set of eyes.

You never want to over tighten any screws going into any plastic really, but especially rpm plastic, because it’s a lot softer and you’re very likely to strip out the threads check out these new tools. What i’ve got guys i’ve got a whole set of four here. Look they’ve got nice hardened tips that are perfect fit on these nuts and bolts, and it’s got these slots in the handles, which makes it handy to put another wrench through there for some extra leverage. If something is really stuck, maybe not recommended, but it can be handy and they come in a nice little carry case. If you want to know, we can get that lot from link down below also a link down below it’s going to be to these tools. Here, a lot of you guys always ask what these power tool tips are that are using this electric driver. I’Ve got a cheap set here. Uh you only get the four main sizes or i’ve got this other set here. Where you get all the allen drivers, you get all the screwdriver tips, you get all the hex drivers and you also get a nice handle. So you can put that in there and use it as a regular wrench got the holes in the handle as well. For the extra leverage – and you can chuck them into your drill, driver too – and these are also a perfect fit and all your allen keys, they’re made out of super high grade hardened ground tips and a super precision.

I did actually break one there, they’re hardened, which makes it good, but obviously, if you lever too much on something it’s going to shatter, which is what happened here. I actually had this on the end of this ratchet thing here and something was so tight. I couldn’t get it off and i really went for it. I put all my energy behind it. Snapped it off so probably asking a little bit too much for it, especially it being just a two millimeter one, but no big deal. These are dirt cheap. Anyway, you can get a few sets for like next to nothing so there we go now check it out guys we got that drive shaft right in the cup there. If you look at the other side, it’s got a little bit of a gap there. Maybe i cut a little bit too much off. I mean there’s only about a millimeter i’ll give there a travel is when it’s too tight. You might start bending shafts, i don’t know i suppose we’ll give it a go. Anyhoo i’ve just rebuilt this crate and a test there’s going to be a video of that soon. I’Ve got a full rebuild coming up on that with a load of upgrades.