We have got this. Oh am i in focus let’s. Try that again, what’s up guys on the channel on today’s video. We are looking at my very first mini z from kyosho kyosho, kyoshu, kyosho kaiosho anyway it’s a little, i think, they’re, the just under 128 scale. This is the nissan skyline, the hks one, and it looks absolutely amazing one awesome little car. This is drift series, so many different and there’s, so many different mini z’s. You can get. They also do some really cool brushless, buggies they’re, quite expensive. Well, this is expensive as well. We’Ll talk about that in a minute, but quite expensive. Are they worth the money? I think for the detail you get another. The quality of them is really good and we all know that uh kyosho are a decent they’ve, just been sold, haven’t they just being sold so, hopefully they’ll they’ll keep going whoever’s taking them over. I don’t know the full sketch on it, but so this is the all wheel drive you can get rear wheel drive as well, i’m, not sure if they do a drift one for rear wheel, drive but i’m a big fan of japanese cars. I love them. I’Ve not had loads myself. If i had enough money in a big garage, i’d have a lot of imported japanese cars because i love them so and what you get with this is the ready set. So you get the car you get a nice little transmitter fits really nice in the hand.

Actually, nice foam wheel, you’ve got all your dual rate and steering trim on there. You’Ve got a channel four that’s for an optional gyro. I believe, and for this you also get some extra gears gear, so you can obviously change the gearing on it and you get a big stack, a big stack of scale, cones it’s worth the um crazy price. Just for all these cones, i mean. Obviously you get your box and all your instructions and stuff in there. On the back of the box loads of upgrades, you can get there’s your box contents, so i’ll leave a link to pvm racing in the description that’s, where i got this from that’s. What i also got, as you can see there, my i’ve got a little mini gp track. I’Ve had to put a little bit over on that wall and a little bit over on that wall, but fits we’re, not um, we’re not going to use the track in this video because the wheel, speed i’ve already, even though i’m not really an unboxing. This i’ve already been playing with this it’s too. It was too hard to resist um it’s, not the wheel, speed it’s, not fast enough for that track. That tracks got two different surfaces. It’S got like a really like a high grip surface and then a smoother surface, but even on the smoother surface, just not really the wheel speed on this, but what it does do is drift really well on, like a vinyl floor, it’ll, probably drift on this as Well, but a bit worried about the space and going off the edge and smashing it up, but let’s give it a quick go anyway and then we’re going to go straight into my kitchen.

Got a nice big kitchen floor we’ll set the cones out. I am a bit of a noob and i’ve been practicing i’m getting better. So these take four uh aaa batteries. I’M, not sure. I think you can probably get some upgrades this, so it takes like a live pay, but i’ve put some energizer lithium batteries in there. So it lasts a bit longer the steering for a drift car, not overly uh. The angle is not really that good. It is four wheel drive, though, so if this was a rear, wheel, drive drift. Car you’d need a lot more angle on that, but because it’s four wheel drive it’s not too bad. Let’S put the cones in the middle quick demo on the table. For you, tom lee rc drift king, oh yeah, check it out, told you i’ve been practicing right. Let’S go and take it onto the kitchen floor and i’ll give you a little demo. I might if you’re interested in these little things, i’ve got a little cheaper option. So this is this cost me. I think it was about about 200 pounds so over 200 dollars. These come in at about 50, a little bit bigger. I am making after this video, i’m gon na. Do this versus the wl toys, one um, which is also really cool. So if you want to see that make sure you stick, your notifications on also means you’ve got to subscribe as well, because that bell won’t work if you’re not subscribed right, let’s get our drift on.

This thing is so cool. I mean i am no pro drifter, but this is fun and you could argue this four wheel drive it’s, not a real drift car. Is it but argue that with the real drifters out there, real drifting is two wheel drive but look out. Look how much fun this thing is on the kitchen floor and i’ll be honest with you, i’m getting quite good. I think a bit more practice needed, but i reckon a few hours of doing this and you’ll be like drifting. This is so cool, oh yeah. This could become addictive quite quickly, set yourself up. Little tracks get your drift on whoa anyway. You can’t really see very well with this little car. When i’m sat down there with it let’s get in closer let’s get some cool action. Shots alexa play some drifting music. Music.