We put it to the test up against three challenges and see if we can conquer mount everest. Wpl military trap review coming up: Music, Music, hey what’s up guys i’m joe and i’m, amber with kiwis on this channel crawling speedruns, unboxing reviews and much more so if you’re new here consider subscribing that way, you won’t miss out on any of our future rc adventures In today’s adventure we’re taking this wpl military truck out for its first run and we’re, going to give you our initial thoughts at the end of this video just want to say a huge thank you to wpl for sending this truck out to us. We will put a link to this shop and when you can buy this truck and read out more information on it in the description below anyway, amber let’s, not waste. Any time i’m excited to see what this green military truck looks like so let’s get inside the box in the box comes the instruction manual, which you should read: charger tools: nxt 3s, your remote control and, of course, your wpl military truck Music. Well guys, i have to tell you: this is a pretty cool. Looking truck it’s, our first six wheeler on the channel and it’s got their seven spare tire as well, which is usable. It has three solid axles, it’s got speech and throughout and it’s got it. You know it’s got a realistic, looking drivetrain going on there it’s plastic, so we should see how well it holds up.

But i do know there are a lot of upgrades you can get for these wpl trucks to make your axles or drive uh your drivetrain, all metal and upgraded. So that will also be linked in the description below, but we’re going to be taking this out to the three challenges that we took: ecx 24 to in our tier x42. So i’ll be interested to see if this will make up any of them, including mount everest. Anyway, joe let’s not waste any time, let’s head up the hill and see what this truck is made of all right, we’re here on location with the wpl military truck and we’ve got three challenges lined up for today. First, off we’re, just gon na just test we’re gon na test the water cause. I got a funny feeling, we’ll not be as capable as our tx4 or s624 so we’re, just gon na have a quick, warm up on the slight incline slow before we get on to challenge number one remote on first plug the battery in and turn the truck On oh there’s lights, so i’m working headlights, that’s, pretty cool amazon. The controls for the very first time of this military truck, give it its first bit of juice. Will it make it? Will it make it? It has six wheels? This is full power, wow it’s, doing it pretty well, it’s. Definitely more of a crawler. You know that’s why i’d look at it, handle this slow very easily.

So now we’re going to go into challenge number one. You haven’t seen our big verse, small crawler video. This was challenge number one. They both easily made it up this slope and it’s a lot steeper in real life. I promise you it doesn’t look very steep, but in real life it’s a lot steeper anyway amber see if you can make it up. Okay challenge number one: Music: the noises Music. Honestly, i did not think it was going to get up here, but it looks like it has because last little bit there’s quite some challenges right here, Music hang on! Let me let me do a wee bit of a oh i’m going to try this way. It’S very dry, loose! Oh, no way, no way you made, it was not expecting that it made it up. This challenge number one! Well, there we go let’s move on to challenge number two see guys. This is definitely a crawler that is full throttle right there. It is full throttle that is about the speed of this cx 24, maybe slower well it’s, going up let’s just turn around real quick it’s downhill man it’s. Definitely a crawler guys. Here we are on challenge number two. Once again, we did the s6 24 and tx4 on this challenge. They did not make it and either they were able to complete this challenge very difficult. Although the tx4 made it with the the winch it’s the winch right yeah, i think i think a little winch a winch one of those two.

What something like that, i think, it’s one they made it up with that tool, but on its own it was not able to make it up challenge number two. I i got a feeling that this middle tree joke ain’t gon na make it but we’re gon na try it anyway. Okay, what it does look good – and i do want to take this truck through the water but i’m – pretty sure it’s, not waterproof, let’s, just try and do challenge number two. I think. As far as i’m gon na get it’s not gon na make it. It looks cool in this terrain. You know it does look, cool, looks cool but uh it’s. Just oh, oh, no way. No! No! No! There is no uh. I’Ll be honest. I have no technique here: i’m, pulling the throttle full power and just turning the steering wheel left and right um. You know we’re not pros by any stretch of the imagination, we’re, just a couple of amateurs having fun with our sea. We got one more attempt and then we might move on to the third challenge. Ah he’s, not gon na do it. You know what let’s just put it through a few puddles we’re gon na create a new challenge and it’s just gon na be the water full crossing challenge. Niagara falls, oh oh, my god. I don’t want to make it. No no i’ve got the hand of god. If we need it, he’s not going to die, give me a push hand of god.

Oh i’m, coming back i’m coming back, no, no it’s, very slippery! No okay, quick answer yeah! That was a bad idea. Let’S go into charge number three before i break this thing. It is time it is time for the ultimate challenge mount everest. Will this little wpo military truck? Can i get up there? I don’t know, then i don’t know – and just so you know i do not recommend putting through water. I don’t think it’s waterproof, but it’s still running for now. All right amber i’ll leave this for you can’t you do it. Okay, i’m. Quite impressed with this. Actually, very cool. I was impressed at past challenge number one. To be honest, i didn’t think i was going to get number one done. Number two is the hardest challenge that we’ve found. Of course i couldn’t make that one but uh. Well, it made number three. We had the d12, the wpl d12 uh truck, just a rear wheel drive and we actually got up mount everest with it. Can you believe it? Oh she hit a big crash. I would imagine i thought it would have been more capable being a six wheel drive but i’m, not sure that motor might just not have enough power in it. Handle oh she’s alive, no she’s, not that means it is my turn. I’Ll start back at the bottom. So amber doesn’t cry about that. There is a plane in the sky, an rc plane up there.

We will get some eventually i mean i’ve had plenty of rc planes in the past, not on the channel, to be honest and last very long, let’s see. If i can make it up mount everest and i’m pulling a tree with me, it breezes up this thing. I guess at this part quite easy see: i’ve got a different line to take i’m going to take out this line here, so you’re gon na take it nice and easy. This is with a d. Oh, this is the detail made it up. Look at that it’s like it’s made for it it’s like it’s made for it look at this. Look at it go. Do you want to climb and no come on, save it yes stone. Oh, i get one chance. We’Re gon na find a different route here. You just got ta look for the lines, look for it’s, not so steep and but um. I don’t know i’m, just i’m just making things up i’m just trying to get it up here and as i fail again, Applause come on. Come on i’m gon na go. Look at the power of this beast. You guys are the same. We did just get the beast the x max can’t. We take that out for us first round as i crash again. Oh no! Thank you. No, my breakup, i’m cheating here, i’m. Having another term, we will be giving this away eventually all right come on. We do do that for a lot of our season.

Eventually, not the big boys, so we’ve been keeping our big boys. Uh it’s got it’s done so well yeah. It has done. I almost feel like if you had a uh, an advanced user. You know a a a good, a good driver, but probably get it up here and can you, but we trades on this one you can get upgrades yep. There are quite a few upgrades. You can get for these i’m sure the more and he’s a more powerful motor because he just can’t get up that their slope. So i think, with a uh whoa with a more powerful motor i’m sure this truck would make it up here. But we have to say it did fail, challenge number three. So it has failed challenge two and challenge three, but it did do change one anyway, guys we’re gon na go back down he’ll, go home and give you our initial thoughts of this wpl military truck. What amber, what is your initial thought on the wpl military truck? Well, i had high hopes for this one because it’s our first six wheeler on the channel. I was a little bit disappointed when i first pulled the trigger and it was super slow. I thought these challenges are gon na be a waste of time, because nothing is gon na happen, but then i was very surprised. It made it up the first challenge, so i was pretty stoked with that. Actually how about yeah i agree and the six wheels.

I did have some expectations, but once i did see pull that trigger, it was going very, very slow, but you know what it managed to pass challenge number one and that’s pretty impressive. I know you guys can’t tell how steep that is, but i’m telling you i’m telling you that thing is steep right now putting up on challenge number two. It was a bit far fetched because i mean, of course the ecx 24 did struggle with that one and so did the tx4, which is like the king of cruelers. So i was not surprised to see this fail that one and then challenge number three mount everest. I mean come on that they need oxygen to get out there high on this truck and nearly did it, and i honestly think that if i had a few more battery packs a few more hours out there, i would have at least made up there once and I think you would have too in but i’m sure if this was in the hands of a more experienced crawler you’d make it up mount everest, no problem at all. What do you guys think? Do you think it’s worth a 65 price tag? Let us know down in the comments below you know what, if you’re into military style stuff, and you like the scale kind of driving, this could be the truck for you, along with the upgrades you can get for this right could be the wii project, and you Could make it quite the capable truck now personally for me if i was going to spend that much money and go for a wpr product, this is the truck that i’ll be going for the wpl d12 rear wheel drive truck now.

This thing is pretty awesome. It really surprised both of us for a super cheap price tag, and we made a video on this truck. So if you haven’t seen it make sure you go check it out this truck also, you can do a lot of upgrades, so you could even make it into a drift truck, but it was actually surprisingly capable being only two wheel drive now. Both of these cars are going to be linked in the description down below with more information on where you can find one if you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself and if you guys are not yet following us on facebook or instagram, make sure you go ahead And do that right now, because we do post a lot of behind the scenes footage, especially on our instagram story and also in order not to miss any of our future rc adventures, because we’ve got loads of cool events coming for 2021, make sure you go ahead And you hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed this video, give it a like, and if you didn’t give it a like anyway, make sure you’re staying safe out there on your rc adventures and remember guys we’re, the rc, kiwis and we’ll see you guys next time.