Today we have our wpl c34 crawler. I got the yellow one and today were just going to be showing you showing it to you guys and taking it out for a drive all right. So this is the car itself and i like it because its pretty nice and cheap it looks pretty good and if you dont beat on it too hard Music. As i was saying, i like this because its nice and cheap it looks pretty good and with a few upgrades it wont break um. You can see that we have this nice detailed interior in here and a couple extra add on details. Uh they do like to fall off, though so id recommend gluing them in. It also came with lights and a pretty decent. Oh yeah, i did add a sound system, but it came with lights and an okay, motor and gearbox, but i drove it in water and the motor died. So i upgraded it its yeah, its not waterproof, jeez dude. Are you farting? Okay, anyway, we have nice four legged suspension on under here uh the server is mounted to the chassis and we have foiling suspension in the back too theres, no oil in the shocks, its just a spring in a tube and, as you can see right now, i Have the two speed gearbox on here, metal, driveshaft and some metal links, none of which is standard? Also, i moved this link from the bottom here up to here.

So now we have some more ground clearance and i clipped off the top of the springs and loosened the shock shaft a little bit so its longer to get some more travel and flex out of it. Okay, so uh yeah, he forgot to mention, but the roof fell off again. It actually doesnt fall its its supposed to be screwed on, but we took that screws off, so we can take it off easily yeah, but thats the interior and also, if you drop it really far, uh the doors might break off. So this is glued on the tire glue right now. Yep, because you dont have any other glue, put tire glue on okay, but yeah were gon na, go. Take it outside, give it a little rip and see how well it performs out in the woods Music.