So let’s have a quick look at the truck, so firstly, under the bonnet or the hood, you get your 7.4 volt battery we’ve got opening doors, nice scared, interior, four link, suspension, front and rear, and on the kit version you get three link with a panhard rod On the front, but it seems to work out with the full link on this one. I get a functioning spare wheel. This side opens as well and with all these wpl there’s, all sorts of upgrades and 3d printed accessories that you can get for them just to make them more unique to yourself. Underneath you’ve got the standard 180 motor with the standard, gearbox single speed, you’ve got plastic drive, shaft plastic links, uh metal chassis, uh you’ve got the c34 wheels and tires which are a little bit bigger than the c24 ones. What i will say with the ready to run is the tyres are quite hard, so first thing, i’d probably do as an upgrade to this is just to swap out the tires, probably to the wpl v4 wheels and tires because they’re so much more softer. One thing i didn’t mention it’s got front headlights that work and you’ve got a mount on the front bumper there for the wpl winch. So without further ado, let’s get the battery in it and take it outside for a quick run, so Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So there you go for a stock truck.

I think it performed pretty well um. So, like i mentioned earlier, these tyres they’re really hard. So these are the wpl version, four tyres and just look how soft they are. You hardly even have to touch them to compress them, but the uh ready to roll ones put quite a lot of pressure on before they actually compress.