Pretty cool huh there’s, a Music francis here from rc review and if you’re new here consider subscribing because we have cool content, fun content where we try to broaden the reach of rc cars to more people. So more people will be happy like myself. So this is the k, truck kind of blew us away, um it’s by wpl, and what really kind of shook us was the price 59 bucks, sometimes with a couple batteries, and it has a hard body and so it’s a looker you could you could make it A um kind of a shelf queen and you’ll be happy. You could. You could think about these little trucks mini trucks that we can’t have in the us easily, but when you get to rallying it rallies as well it’s a good performer, a little cheap little transmitter. I think that thing goes. You know, it’s got some good power as you’ll see in our footage. We had three of them, so we had three of them. We said let’s see one stock let’s make one a a lifted vehicle and let’s drop the other one into a full on drifter. The drifter is having problem right now, but we have the utility vehicle right here. Look at that, so it was just painted hard body. You can paint on the outside, a metal cage was hand built for it. We usually have these um extraction boards over here. So look in the part or you’ll see it in the video um and we put bigger wheels so talk to you about the mods.

A little bit so of you know, while we were at it, we changed the servo and the radio they’re all compatible anyway. We had it lying around so better. Steering now the biggest mod obviously is the lift lift this whole vehicle up. We have these tires, got some wheel adapters to to to get these to fit. We’Ll try to link all of these products out and all we did on the arms was uh heat gun the arms strained them out. I think i believe they have a bend yeah. They have a bend, initially strained it out and it gave it that necessary, lift on the on the rear. What we did, i think, is we just moved the springs around and somehow we were able to uh achieve that lift i’m, not sure if we did a a big stiffener. Okay, so very nice lift a little light bar as well. We included some metal, so you can get a lot of. This is wpl. A lot of their stuff is compatible with the other wpl products, so we were able to get uh a metal, uh metal gears. You know stuff to strengthen this. Oh, the most key key upgrade we did is a brushless motor, so we had a, i don’t know a team associated little car and we put the brushes motor in here and then boom it’s crazy. We can’t even touch the we can’t even hit full throttle right now. It does need weights uh, because it’s a little tough heavy and all the weight is, is up high.

The the chassis of it is super light, so pretty cool huh, because you know we we got something that was cool and we made it our own uh and in the end part of the hobby is that you know it’s, not just the running but it’s. For a lot of people, it’s the process of of um, of modifying upgrading and seeing if you can personalize it up the performance in one one way or another so definitely needs weights um. It doesn’t have a lot of suspension, but man this thing gets up and boogies, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to we’re going to load it up with heavy stuff. The drift car is going to be the race car, family, car utility, car, the race, car and they’re, going to go to the races together so enjoy the running. Video and links are in the description uh, so check them out to help the channel out, but most important is subscribe and hit the notify button and interact with the video you know. Watch it to the end check the running, video and uh. Let youtube know, make a comment uh, that the video is worth watching thanks a ton, so you guys have seen our k truck 50 k truck and what we saw with it was a canvas you can modify it, and here is a modified version. Obviously, lifted bigger tires, custom, cage lights and the devil inside is a brushless motor.

All right see it. Oh yeah it’s, still two wheel drive Music, oh yeah drive drifter, oh yeah, it’s a little bit opinion noise, oh yeah! Look at that suspension! Go Music drive by! Oh, oh yeah, burnout, Music, oh yeah, Music, oh that’s, so cool yeah just do some sweeping circles.