So this is a box you’ll get. I don’t think it matters which color, which color truck you order. You get this box, which is basically like the silver one on the front, so to make sure it is actually a wpl d12 and not one of the knockoffs that’s going around there. It says here wpl make sure it’s got that on it does that mate. That will make sure that you 99 likely to get awpl. They are rear. Wheel, drive that’s why they make such good route drift trucks really good 110 scale, as you can see, on the box, come ready to run. So i have took everything out of this box, but just quickly, basically, obviously the box opens and that’s the inside, so you can just about make out the shape of the van on the controller, so Music yeah, basically that’s that right. So, just a quick look at the back for you a bit of a view of the underside of the truck, so yeah that’s. Basically your box, a few instructions on the bottom, there, no one’s interested in the box. What we’re all interested in excuse me is what comes in the box, so this one is the wpl d12 green, some people say blue some people say green, but when you’re looking for them they are classed as green. So in the box you get the truck. You get a controller, a closer look at the controller, so basically you’ve got your trim.

You’Ve got this button here. You press that that actually does the steering, so it’s got two stage steering and the one underneath does the two speed motor so one because it comes on slow press, it again goes fast press, it again goes back to slow and then you’ve got your run off Here you’ve got your steering and your accelerator stickers slightly coming off there. This controller is brand spanking new i’ve not used it that’s exactly how it comes out. The box i’ve used the truck, but i use my controller, so you get them. You also get some stickers. A couple of different sheets i’ve had a couple of these now and you normally always get these, but sometimes you get a few extras as well, so you get them let’s just move the stuff back a bit, so you can see it there. You get an instruction sheet, so you get that you also get this bag. So in this bag, there’s a screwdriver a few of the little bits connectors and things that break easily. Just so you’ve got a few spares in here. You also do get the gas tank or side box or whatever it is, which is here and your mirrors and your little plastic indicators, so that’s what you’ll find in that bag and that guy’s? Oh, you also get this usb charger so and then your battery, you also will receive which i’ll show you i’m just taking one way of a truck, so you’ll receive one of these as well.

It looks tiny but it’s only a small motor truck. It does last for quite a while just last for quite a while, so you just get one of them as well, unless you’ve ordered a pack that will come with others, you know some packs you’ll get two or three of our batteries, and but they are a Different type, you only get – you only tend to get one of these actual ones on your back. These ones are black and gray right. So most of you watching this thinking, i’m going to buy one or i’ve just ordered one, or i want to order one. You know there’s plenty of places to get them from. You can actually get them straight from wpl they’re an online shop or you can get them off ebay or amazon or plenty of other places like that. They’Re all well for sale, just be careful, make sure you are getting a wpl one, not saying the others aren’t, but aren’t good, but i’ve never tried one. These are just my review of the wpl ones, which are the original ones so i’m going to do now. Clear the rest of the stuff away and we’ll set the camera up on a longer distance, so you can have a see of it driving about to see what it’s like so give me two seconds guys for use. It literally will be two seconds not even that. I’Ll set up the camera in a different angle and we’ll have a little run of the green truck to show you what it’s like so give me a second all right, guys, we’re back so the headlights are flashing like that, because, basically, the controller is off.

So when you turn the truck on the headlights will flash if you’ve got the headlights on your vehicle, then you turn the controller on using this. Then your controller will flash gree, blue, sorry and your lights will stop so then you’re ready to go right. So you server, you then press it again, and it will turn more plus on a better angle. For you to see right so turns like this as number one number two. It turns a lot more right, speed, that’s number one number, two, so that’s second gear. First gear a lot slower, so in first gear you know as well, but it does struggle. I think the battery might have just died, guys one second yeah the batteries died typically right. One second i’ll change the battery right, sorry, guys back with another battery, so yeah. Basically right so this is speed, one all good, but then speed, two Applause like that, a bit fast so with these stock wheels on well, they actually did that it will do that quite a bit, especially when you’re trying to drift it in gear two it’s quite Fast, so this is a fully charged battery compared to before so yeah that’s it running a bit more controlled, so that is basically the stock wpl d12, what you get in the box and how it runs straight out of the box that has got no modifications whatsoever. Everything on that truck and exactly how that truck is exactly how it comes out of the box, how you can buy it, how you can get it if you want to you, can get upgrades like new wheels like that.

You can lower it like that one. This has been loaded front and back the white one and i’ve got the black wheels for it. Basically, i’ve put the stock wheels on the front just going to see how it would drive with the rubber tires on the front and the drift wheels on the back, because it’s a bit bit uncontrollable. You need to probably try and find some better drift wheels for it to be honest, so that’s what you get out of the box for tuning in there’s, going to be i’m done on purpose, there’s, going to be some more videos coming out very shortly of these Wpld 12s: i do have another one on the way and undecided whether or not to keep the green one standard or whether to turn into more of an off road truck or whether to leave the silver one that was coming standard or turn that into the off Road truck, so the white one’s always going to be the modified one, hopefully get a body kit for that soon, green or the silver one be an off road one and the other one will be just standard. Vice versa. Maybe doing that look great kit, but that’d be about it. Um the white one’s gon na get a full metal upgrade kit very shortly too. So, thanks for tuning in hope, you enjoyed the video. Please give a subscribe. Please hit that notification. Bell and i’ll see you guys in the next one.