It just came in the mail today, um im disappointed for the with the amount for the amount paid for this truck. It does not its just poor construction, its just not worth the back the bang for your buck, so you didnt, you know it doesnt even have like brake lights in the back. I dont know why they cheaped out um. The quality is just not there. You know im gon na see hold on a second yeah. It looks cool and all, but its just that it doesnt perform well and it doesnt drive straight either. I tried to adjust the steering and no luck, uh. It still um either pulls to the left or the right. You know they need to work on this um. It needs improvement, its gon na be sent back. You know so thats just this is just my uh. My point of view and my my point of view and my perspective on this uh, the latest purchase that i purchased latest rc purchase, um yeah. It looks really cool and all, but just some headlights and stuff 75 dollars or plus is not its just not worth it its not worth it um. They need to do better uh. It needs improvement and im going to show you the bottom. The structure, the structural construction of it um its just poor quality, poorly built – let me see hold on a second. You could see, see right there, its like some plastic parts, theres no metal, um.

I dont know i dont like how the suspension is. You know its just its just, not a 75 product, its more like a thirty dollar product in terms of uh quality, uh and functionality. Its just you know it would have been a nice touch, oh hold on thats the suspension travel. Maybe we can make this hot um it just would have been nice if the doors could open. Maybe you could probably put your phone inside to get a first first person view of um of the interior um its just. It needs work. They need to improve the uh, they need to update it or up or send some upgrades something its just and the back theres, no suspension travel whatsoever in the front. You have all this and in the back its solid as a rock, really it there, they should have been uh softer springs for the rear for to allow the travel the shaft travel, the rebound theres no rebound see that on the front it just drops down. Like a low rider pancake, they call it um its cool it doesnt drift. I dont know how maybe after uh quite a few upgrades, then it could drift, but it doesnt drift all right. Thats all um stay tuned for another review from me.