If you don’t know about this series of videos, what we’re doing is building a wpl based crawler um, but you, my viewers and subscribers, get to vote each week for what part goes on the truck um so stage by stage of the build so last week. In part, one, i gave you the choice of five different body options to choose from, but you’re also going to get to vote for what gearbox goes on the wheels the tyres shocks, you name it. You guys are going to choose it. You leave a comment below with your choice and at the end of the week, i announced the results of the vote anyway. Last week, like i said we were voting for the body. We had five different options, which were c14 c24 with a hard top and also the c24 one, with the open, pickup um flatbed at the back, the c54 and it’s a bit of a curveball, because i had it laying around spare a jjrc q60 body. Now the results of that vote are in i’m, going to reveal it shortly, but anyway, the second part of this video i’m going to go through part, two or stage two with the vote, and that is going to be what gearbox gets fitted. So i’ve got five different, gearboxes i’m, going to show you each of those and then you guys have got a week to vote, for which one you want to go on anyway.

Without further ado, let’s announce the result of that body. Shell vote. Now it was really close between two different body shells. I was quite surprised with which ones it was, but the one that came out on top the one that was most popular and got about 40 of the votes was the jjrc q60 really surprised about that. Second place with the c14 honcho style. This came out on top a clear winner. You guys really liked it um. I know it’s not strictly speaking a wpl body, but it’s 1 16 scale, roughly um and, like i said i had it spare. I thought why not would include it, but anyway you guys loved it, particularly the idea of having um a honcho style rear. So the c14 style rear to it or make it into some sort of tow truck with a winch, um the arm and hook etc. So the jjrc q60 body is what is going on this truck anyway. Let’S go through those five gearbox options that i’ve got for. You um, so you know what you’re voting for and, like i said, all you have to do is leave a comment below uh in a week’s time, i’ll announce the um, the result of the vote and that’s what go on the truck okay. So your first option is the original wpl gearbox, with a 180 motor it’s got a plastic case plastic gears, so not the strongest also with that 180 motor, not the most powerful but pretty reliable for what it is, um and pretty good, so that’s.

Your first option number two is the mm models: mn99 gearbox with the 260 motor, so a bit more power, but again it’s got plastic gears plastic um case, so not that much weight to it, but a little bit stronger, so that’s. Your second option. Number three is the wpl two speed gearbox so great little gearbox this. This one’s got the plastic gears inside 370 motor, so quite a bit more power and those two gears one low down for obstacles and inclines and pulling things your higher gear for gives you a bit more speed, um. What i like about this is it’s um. The weight is equally distributed, either side and end to end um. But again, like those other gear boxes, it does sit quite low. I think this actually sits the lowest. So unless you raise it in the chassis, it does lower your ground clearance reduce your ground clearance a bit but anyway um great to have the option of two gears, so that’s your third option. Your fourth is the wpl metal transfer, gearbox, so 370 motor with reduction gearbox into a metal case with metal gears really strong, really powerful nice. Looking again it’s um the weight is evenly balanced side to side, but um the um motor and the reduction gearbox do put weight more towards one end, but yeah really tough, really strong. Again, it does sit quite low, though so again you have to to increase your ride. Height you’ve got to lift that up in the chassis a bit so that’s option number four and last but not least, we’ve got the uh wpl reverse transmission, gearbox.

So again, 370 motor reduction gearbox with a plastic case it’s got metal gears. What i like about that this, though, is that it sits higher in the chassis, so it gives you a better ground clearance. The only downside is the motor sits to one side, so you have to um balance that out by putting ballast or your other components elsewhere, but that’s your fifth option so guys there’s your five choices of gearboxes number, one. The original wpl gearbox, with the 180 motor number two, the mn 99 260 gearbox number three, the wpl two speed transmission, gearbox number four, the 370 motor in the um metal transfer case and number five, the reverse transmission gearbox again, with a 370 motor they’re, your choices, All you have to do is leave a comment below with your vote, saying which gearbox you want fitted to this crawler in a week’s time, i’ll announce the result of the vote, and that is the gearbox that will go on this truck and then we’ll move on To stage three, which will probably be the shock, absorbers, um and i’ve got a whole range of shock absorbers, including some new ones. You might be interested in for your own rigs anyway, guys, if you like this video, if you like this concept, give it a thumbs up if you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to the channel and hit that bell button to be notified of future videos.