Yet i thought you know it’s still soft, yet so i’m gon na, let it keep drying. And then i have this kind of paint by rustoleum that’s supposed to look like a dark like almost like an army, color green, because i was at eighth hardware and that’s all they had so i figured save the trip, buy it don’t. If you want army green, do not waste your money on this crap, sorry, rustonium, i’m, very sorry, but that is not the right. Color green and i’ll show y’all. Why not very happy this? Is the color green? It almost looks like it matches, but it kind of does not. This is a little bit darker. This is a lot lighter and it’s still kind of techy, but not techy techy, but it’s dry that’s how it feels and i’m very happy with the product so i’m going to o’reilly’s, because o’reilly’s has the best od army green outlet drab. They have and camouflage paint ace hardware does not sorry ace, but you don’t either, but i think they were sold out. I’Ll get the pink out. You know get rid of a lot of stuff. It looks like so today, i’m going to override these and i’m going to pick up some od green if they still have it. Hopefully they do because that’s what i painted this truck with it and these two trucks so here’s a little update on my army truck now we’re using the right stuff, camouflage olive i’ll ride the auto parts, because i think they got the best kind of paint get.

This on light, i got one more coat on it, that’s why it looks like that, but that looks a lot better and a lot closer to that. So the number that light little green, really dark fur so hard to keep it clean because trust me that’s gon na bug me but how’s it going. Everybody figured start off with my first truck, which is this one here: what the heck broker so here’s. My first trick i did and here’s what the final product actually does. Look like now, uh don’t, mind a little scrapey run, but i don’t know how many times i painted this. So then i should have showed some processes. Processing of this i made a custom window for the back part because it’s all open right here. So what i did is my little blue bottle came in. I took the cover cut it all out, let’s see if i can actually see for the window, maybe about the light. Oh man, i can replace them there. We go house kind of focusing kind of ish yeah. Okay. I guess you can see where i superglued and got the little plastic piece on the window like that. This truck is 100 done. I don’t know where i guess it has no highlight beltings. I guess i don’t know how to look later on and then here’s. My second truck, i did it up and i wanted it to have the ones light, so i painted them orange and some of the tape.

I guess didn’t really hold, as you can see on this one, not right the best, and i got my roof over here, which is kind of dry. I put some jb weld on here, oops and then let’s sand. It really nicely make it more bubble and round here is nice and smooth. I don’t have that roof rack type of look to it anymore. So now, when i put this back on it’s going to look amazing when it’s all done so stay tuned, this is what i had to do to make these guys fit because they’re too tall too fit. So this is like my daughter’s truck. I had to cut like one of these guys off before and go from there, but if they can have him as a driver and him as a passenger, i don’t know yet maybe just like this might be fine, like i did my daughter’s truck and those two Guys over there, and then i got one in one here as well, but she fits perfectly so i got a few more things to paint later on. I got those to paint the cap is done, it’s going to go back on to here as soon as i get these all hot glued and then i painted this match the cab, even underneath, if it’s painted. So this is probably the first time you guys gon na see this for this truck cab, and you can see, i have a bunch of pieces laid out, especially over here we got a little windows and stuff too.

These are to this truck as well, and this goes to that truck as well, which is how’s this cab on it i’m, going to paint the spare tire rack. This is the flag. I got looks pretty nice now. I got ta wait for this one. To put this one together, this one’s ready to go back together onto this truck. This truck is halfway done. I got dude now it’s painted back and it’s done. The cab is done ready to go back on, but i got ta wait for the servo to come in and then that truck can go back together. So here is this: what this part looks like that’s, a big shell i’m, not going to worry about painting inside of it, because i don’t care so that’s, the outside i’m worried about looking good it’s gon na let dry some more before i finish, painting and plus It ran out of paint, so i got ta make sure i get more because i’m fitting anything. The doors might need a second coat. I don’t know yet, but wherever it’s painted like this um, that looks pretty good but i’m just gon na give these in their second coat and here’s the bottom of it. As you all seen all completely apart, i didn’t show what i was doing. I should have, but i used a little bit, jb weld and you can’t really tell that looks like scratches that’s what it is. This is pro parcel gb.

Well, this got two coats on it anyway, but you can tell that looks nicer, now, no more hole! Big old thick holes, this side, the jib weld, got right down there and it was so hard to get that crease back like this side was, i still put the tape like i did this uh i just haven’t been filming too good, been uh, overworked myself since Friday, so the nicest days i think wednesday and thursday and friday i’ve been working. My butt off i’m going to show you what i’ve been doing don’t mind the dirty glass it’s, just on both sides, it’s hard to get in there. But you can see the grapevine and the rose bush like the grapevine rose bush or is it blueberry blackberries? I think it’s blackberries the rose bushes. I had growing on it, they were dying and i ripped all them all out took the pulse down, which you can see two of them right there and that’s almost concrete. My dad had in them, and i got ta say i love my cup cadet. They did an awesome job now i can put like a little park over that side or maybe on that side. I don’t know what i’m gon na do yet i’m, not gon na try to get my address or anything, but just remain good. This is what i ordered original metal gears with 370 mortar for speed change: gearbox b1. B24. You know like stuff like that and then the servo right there is the.

I guess the i numbers, maybe or yeah item number right there came in this box, came in this box right here, and it looks just like this. I should have bought one of these instead of those little tiny ones, but right now this might work and it’s going to work. Just great looks like i’m excited and then right here is the 370 motor. Look. How big that freaking thing i’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to get this installed. I’M gon na get my two speed up and running again, because i am very excited because i took it out my two, oh, i don’t think i showed it. I don’t know if i did, but my yellow truck is down because the two speed took a crap. I don’t know if it was just a fall in the gears. You see the gears are missing so yeah. So i got my new gears now i’m going to look egypt, how to put these back together because i don’t even remember servo is in it’s tightened down or not tightened down yet, but i just think i go for all this to get it cleaned up. Looking good everything works, i got the several set before i even uh put it all together or let me put it in there yet so now i got to starting all true. Everything is working. Just fine i’m excited now there’s got ta, put the cap and stuff on it. Man look how sick that thing looks like.

I actually grab it by the cab, she’s screwed in place. Man. That thing looks sharp. I don’t worry about the wheels slipping off anymore, because they’re glued on there motor is in place. Hopefully, i don’t have any more problems with the drive shaft because i’m having problems either with this part, or this part, i think it’s. This part yeah. This part here might need a new uh yoke. I can’t remember what you call them that’s, where the driveshaft zips on to it hello, rod in there. I need to get a different one. I might have a different one. I don’t know yet. I just got ta figure out how to take it apart, which looks like right here, four screws right here and then this cover comes off and i can do what i need to do and hopefully that’ll be my issue that’s it. For this part, hard mounted hard mounted, i got a zip tie around here to keep the cab on everything’s hard mounted. I took everything apart repainted these the gas tanks, the hood, the cab everything’s been redone man that looks sharp, heck, yeah, even the spare tire, and this one has been repainted and everything’s repainted od green looks sharp i’m excited all right now, thanks for watching. Oh man, the exhaust tips – i should make them out there it’ll be kind of cool later on. Do that so now i can open the hood. I got my speaker.

My battery go right there. This truck is done. These can handle up to a 3s lipo, which i might just do later. Not these probably get bigger 3s lipo battery next step right back in here in the back part, but for night now i got a couple coming, so i can’t wait. Applause, Music feel your lungs.