Wtf one fc 16 broke this ball stud. During practice. I mounted my uh. I i don’t even know what they are: the side to side dampers for the engine pods, so i’ll probably take those apart clean them out. I use the the kit grease. I like it suggested in the instructions. I’Ll probably put some 5k diff oil in there to lighten the damping there to give it more rear, traction i’m going to be rebuilding the differential using these lightened large d rings from crc i’ll be replacing the upper ball stud for these crc aluminum ball. Studs i’m. Gon na see if these kimboro diff covers fit and i’ll be replacing the balls in the diff with these ceramic balls. If uh your car uses 330 seconds balls and it’s baldif hit me up, i got these things for sale. All right, let’s get started on here. I’M, going to be using the splash point, 5000 weight tip foil inside these shocks, so we’re going to try this out see if it gives me more traction in the back end. If you subscribe to my channel come get a free bottle of fluid i’ll hook. You up the uh, the kit came with some silicone grease. It doesn’t say how thick it is, but it does suggest some different weights for tuning this one. I thought i was gon na start out with 5k, but i decided oh no. I am fine. I am starting out with 5k.

This is a dip fluid this isn’t, the uh specific oil that it recommends, but it really should be the same thing: it’s all silicone oil right Music. Earlier, i forgot what to call these things and i was calling them dampers, but they are dampers, but they call them in the kit. Instructions, torpedo tube, dampers, Music, so we’re going to see how this 5k works out. If uh. If this doesn’t work out some uh, i 2k soften up even further, if it’s anything like a touring car softer damping in the back will give you more bite in the back. So these things are just way too full of steering anyways we’ll see how this works. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t, who knows what this is all about: right Music feels like it’s gon na work, Music, Music, Music, three well, the uh kimbrough product snap on div covers for kp. Gears did not work on the stock calendar racing, um spur gear, that’s; okay, these ceramic balls are harder and that’s. Okay. If i switch over to the kimbros, then i’ll be able to use those. No big Music Music deal Music Music; alright, guys well, that’s it for the calendar racing fc 16. My wtf one. I will be seeing you guys at the next race, from rc racers of san diego facebook group, directed by jerry, looking forward to raising the f1 class at those races. Hopefully, i’ll see you there and remember like and subscribe and if you’re a subscriber cruise over to my booth, pick up some shock fluid or something i got some stuff to help.

You junior car a little bit here and there got some different diff fluids with some shock oils cruise on by say, what’s up. Let me know you subscribe and i’ll hook you up with a bottle or two of fluid. Alright guys be good to each other.