I would say not a law. Music hi. Welcome to rc kicks on today’s show well we’re, bringing you something very different for the show, and that is this. The eclipse 4 from schumacher racing what’s so special about this. Well, the people that drive these are almost not human. These things are so insanely fast that how you can think and drive at the same time. I do not know now. I don’t know very much about these at all and i saw it come up and i thought oh i’ll get it on the show, it’s something very different and obviously a lot of you guys and girls who watch the show really are into buggies and vintage and Bits and pieces, so i thought it’d be a good one to show you a whole different area of rc cars, and this is pretty extreme now you might have seen in a previous video on rc kicks. I have this, which is a vintage coil chopin car 112, and this is uh, obviously a vintage car, and this is kind of where things are now, and this is fantastic to drive. I absolutely adore this, so this this is bonkers. The the handling and the downforce and the tires on this thing, it’s, like a ska electric set now my driving, is nowhere near good enough to be driving one of these properly, but i thought i’ll build it on the show and then i’ll try and find somewhere To drive it now, you think formula: one cars are hard to find nice smooth places to drive this is that and another level.

So you need a super smooth carpet track really for these, but i’ll see if i can find some because i’d love to drive it um. So there you go. It was just a impulse uh of something new coming out that i thought would be different to build and show you guys on the channels. So shall i open it up and you can see what you get inside, but before we do that, let me just go over a little bit of history about this kit, so schumacher racing brought out the clips in 2016 under kit k169 that ran from 2016 to 2018 and then the eclipse 2 came out in 2019 and ran for that season. Then the eclipse 3 came out on 2019 and ran all the way to 2020 before this kit has just been released for the 2021. So i don’t know if it’s that they’re starting to release kits annually almost because it’s such a competitive uh sport that to eke out small margins, makes a big difference. But it certainly looks like they’re stepping up the releases, and this is the latest one from them. Now i honestly couldn’t tell you the difference between the uh eclipse 4 and the eclipse 3. So if any of you guys raced these put some comments below and also give us a bit more information about them because i’m sure there’s a lot of people that would like to know more about these but i’m looking forward to building it and, if possible.

Looking to find a place to drive it, i also have the body which looks amazing. I wasn’t really a big fan of these kind of pan car looking things, but once i got my kurosho phantom love it and it’s nice to have in the collection different cars from different genres, even if i’m never gon na race, this professionally or never gon na Race it on a racetrack, even but hey right anyway, let’s open it up and see what you get now, these aren’t the cheapest thing in the world, considering what you seem to get in the box, but we’ll take a look now: it’s full carbon, which is lovely To see so let’s open it up and have a look, i did take a peek inside this when it came and you don’t get that much. So you get your manual. Tyres are optional. You don’t get tires in the kit. You have to buy them separately, which is kind of understandable, being that this is a race car and depending on what tracks you’re racing on you will pick different tyres and i’m sure tires are very important, so you probably go through a lot of them. But let me just show you one of these tyres it’s, absolutely stunning. This is a 112 car. That is the tire look at the offset that is monstrous for a 112 car, so yeah grip, it’s all about grip, that’s for sure so, i’m, looking forward to it.

It’S going to look amazing right. What do you get in the kit then? Like most times you get from shoemaker that’s your decal sheet now obviously you’re going to paint these up for racing, so you’re not going to have like a proper livery as such, apart from one that you color, you would choose for your racing. So there’s you get sort of standard decals, but the actual layout of how you want your painting and stuff is purely down to you. There’S, no there’s, no theme, if you will so what else do you that’s? Basically it so we get. Do you get a carbon? Oh, you do, i think, that’s carbon carbon shaft now i’m. Sorry, i don’t really know a great deal about this kit, so it’s going to be an interesting one for sure there’s. Just almost nothing in this stuff body mounts uh silicon oil, uh, some carbon, oh that’s, the rear section for holding the motor in. I think some loctite, some silicon oil. There you go that’s the chassis plate, wow that looks pretty complicated. Some kind of metal it’s, not carbon. Actually i thought it was but no it’s metal, so yeah battery mounts and aerial here’s, your bag of carbon, all kinds of bits and pieces, uh servo, saver uh. Oh these are the adjustment, rear adjustments for the ride height. I think for the rear, um bearings: it does there’s like nothing in this kit at all screws screws, that’s, the pivot for the rear cage by the look of it a few more screws.

This is nothing here: uh metal, uprights, that’s, quite nice to see and uh like rear torsion bars, i’ve seen those before on the another kit and that’s kind of it. Oh, you have to buy your own body as well so let’s, say Music, so yeah, not not exactly the most interesting unboxing video let’s have a look. I mean the bodies are insane. I mean jesus so i’m, looking forward to painting it up. Building it. Doesn’T, look like it’s going to take me that long to be fair, so the body i got was mt018013, which is the m18 carpet body, believe it or not this. This is a whole car that’s. It anyway let’s cut to a very short montage of what you get in the box for you, that’s quite expensive. Quite so, this cuts at the montage uh of all the parts or all the the few parts you get in the box and then we’ll wrap it up it’s, just a quick one: i’m, quite surprised how little there is in this kit right let’s. Do the montage Music, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, do Music, so there you go a very short introduction to the eclipse 4. Now, if you race, these comment below tell us a bit more about them and if you’ve never seen them before. What do you think stay tuned i’m going to build it on the show and then hopefully, we’ll do some running of it and we’ll get some footage and then i’ll give you some thoughts.

I’M really looking forward to seeing how it drives, because it looks a bit mental anyway before that comes just a little update on the schumacher icon, build if you haven’t seen the build for this i’ll put a link up here. Go check that out. I’Ve been waiting for the decals to arrive and they just arrived from mci. So next, up on the show, is i’m going to be painting this body up and getting it running now, i’m going to do it in the mercedes livery, mainly because i’m, a bit of a mercedes fan myself so yeah and also i need to put a motor In it and get an electronic speed controller in it, so that’s coming very soon, so don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe. So you don’t miss that and if you hit the like button, hopefully it will then get the youtube algorithm to show this content to more rc people thanks.