Okay back to the video, so i purchased this body in mid november of last year, so it’s been a good 100 days, so that’s about enough time to really get to know how something’s gon na hold up, and so i did post a video on this body. Shell, so if you’d like to see that it’s gon na be right up here and um, i did get a pretty good amount of views. So i figured i would post a secondary video for those of you who’d like to see what it looks like now and so so far. My experience with this body has been amazing. I absolutely love it. It lasts so much longer than the stock body like you can see like my x max after one week, the body already looked like this, and so just having something that’s a lot thicker it’s, not even that much more money, definitely definitely worth it, and so, as You might already be able to tell there are a couple things i’ve added to this body: shell, um i’ve added this stuff, this top skid protector and i’ve also added the rear, tailgate protector, and so both of these are actually supposed to fit on the standard traxxas X max body, but the roof skid does fit on pretty much the same way as a stock piece. You do need an additional piece um to screw it on the inside, but if it’s in just like the it would on the original stock body, but the rear piece you do need to do quite a bit of cutting and molding it’s, not too hard.

But i would say it is definitely worth it. You can definitely see on the back where that skid plate is taking all the damage, and so another thing i have added are these rubber rubber little body washers they’re about four or five bucks on amazon and definitely worth it, and so taking a look around the Body you’ll see what is mostly just your everyday wear and tear something that you can expect for a basher body, so as far as like complete damage, there’s a couple spots on that have it like this part. Here i have a zip tie on here like a little stitch covering that up, because i did carve this out. I think that has a lot to do with how that split right here and in the back by the tailgate protector. It split all the way down here, um and you can see it took a pretty big jump to do that. Music jeez, but you can see how i had to get it stitched up like that and, of course, you’ve just got your stickers that are falling off, but i’m, not sure. If that really counts. I can imagine by the time this body is done. There won’t be much stickers left, the entire rear seems to just be a bit mangled up just from landing on the back, but i mean really other than that. I mean this body is still in perfect condition after 100 days, which is insane and so there’s really only two things that i um don’t like about this body um one of the things is, it does bend pretty easily not that easily, but once it bends it’s Very hard to bend back and it kind of stays in that shape.

So you see the front kind of just bent that and it’s even much worse in the back it likes to catch on this back. Bumper and can’t really do anything about it and then the other thing is pretty cosmetic um, just kind of the like texture of the body, shell. I feel like the stickers don’t really like to stick on that. Well, um i’ve had stickers come off when i’m running. Actually and then one when i was washing it um. So besides that i mean just the stickers just don’t stay on that well other than that i mean that’s, it all right guys. So to sum it up, would i recommend this body? Yes, 100 after 100 days, it’s barely a scratch on it. I mean it’s, looking solid and it’s gon na be in the game for a lot longer. I definitely recommend looking into getting the skid protector and the tailgate protector, especially if you’re running on concrete. A lot like i am that’s just gon na wear down, especially in the back. So much so definitely look into getting one of those two pieces, and so having a body like this that’s just super thick, a bashing body is definitely an investment that you’re going to want to. Do i mean it just? It just makes the whole experience of this x max just so much so much better and i would say, it’s a very good looking body as well. I mean it definitely doesn’t look as good as a nicely painted pro graphics body, but it does look pretty awesome all right guys.

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