I haven’t really posted anything up recently but i’m excited because i just got a new car. So it is a new build that i’m about to get started on. Um i’ve never actually owned an x ray. This is the x ray gtx e. This is actually the 0.3 it’s, the newest 8 skilled gt car that came out. If you know me, you know, i love a scale gt cars. I got a couple. My latest build was actually a serpent, but we’ll talk about that. A little bit later, let’s focus on this one. Let me get this up. This box opened up and let’s take a look what’s inside all right guys. I went ahead and take everything out of the box and kind of laid it out. So i could just do a quick run down um, since everything is in bags there’s. Nothing really too exciting to look here yet or look at here yet tongue twister, but um got a phone piece for the bumper battery tray it’s kind of simple um, a little basic, nothing too exciting. Really, i kind of thought it would be at least a little bit different. I don’t know maybe just too simple anyways that’s, that two battery straps piece of foam, uh shock and dip oil fluids uh now. One thing i do want to mention is these packaging. They actually labeled them with uh, i think yeah, i don’t know if you can see it there due to the glare yep, so they put the employees name of who packaged what so, throughout the packages, you’ll see different names, sorry to be getting a little bit of A glare i’m trying to avoid the glare now this car does not have a center differential.

It actually has a spool um for factory um, so here’s the gear, and then it has the adapter one of these other bags. Uh let’s see that’s a servo saver screws. Shams pins uh: what is this control arms different? Our cup inserts for different adjustments on the suspension, uh here’s, the diff bag? Okay differentials, uh here’s, the adapter for the spool can’t, really see too much because of the glare. This is the differential housings. Now this bag. However, is open? Um i’m not gon na, go through it since there’s, nothing too exciting to look at other than um. The shock towers uh they. These are carbon fiber. This car does come with a few pieces that are carbon fiber, so that’s pretty nice um bearings. We have here cbds center differential um. What do you call it? I thought? Well, i guess not. I thought i saw a center differential, brace or something, but now it looks like the the c hubs or the hubs for the wheels um, more suspension, components, control, arms shocks. These are always fun. Those are beefy springs, actually uh, building shocks on the kit car. If you, if you have ever built a kit car, you know that building the shocks is usually one of the most time consuming things. At least it is for me um, but i don’t have one of those fancy setups that holds the shock in place, so that could probably be why um here we have the front bumper plastic piece and the body post, yep, yep that’s what it looks like uh Plastic plastic here this is that’s: pretty nice that’s a servo mount several and the receiver box cool receiver box, pretty basic, nothing too, fancy here: more suspension, component components and uh bracket or chassis stiffener, brace.

Maybe that piece right there we’ll see and more screws um. One thing that i found pretty neat uh: they were, they actually gave me a certificate of authenticity which is pretty interesting. Serial number uh verification key, not quite sure what i why i would need that, but it’s pretty cool uh owner’s manual definitely got to have your owner’s manual um. I always keep them stickers, black and white. I wonder if there’s more stickers in there i’ll look through that later, i was hoping i’d at least get some color stickers. Chassis, let’s, see very lightweight for sure, um, pretty basic, nothing too fancy with it as long as it does the job that’s good. With me all right, well uh that’s, pretty much everything that came in the box, there’s, nothing else in the box um, but yeah, guys so i’m. Pretty excited about this build having uh built a car recently. So this one will definitely, i think, it’ll take about a week or two just depends how much free time i find in the afternoons or evenings, and i am planning on running a bitty bitty design um. What do you call it 765 body so we’ll see but um and then i’ll see i’ll have to decide on what electronics i want to run for this car as well um, but all that is still up in the air. I got to decide and look at a few different options. Well, uh that sums up pretty much the entire video for now.

I know it’s nothing too exciting, but i will make a video of the build process um as i go along, so you guys can always always look at that, because i know right now: there’s, not too much information or too many videos on on youtube on the X, ray um, but hopefully this one will definitely help somebody out if you’re in the market. Looking for this car or something similar, then you’ll get an idea before you actually go out and actually buy the car, but all right guys. Well. That concludes this video.