This is the 9125 from zillihong toys and i’ve. Had this one for a few years now, uh at least nearly three years. I think and i’ve made a whole heap of videos on this one if you’ve been following my channel they’re all in the zillion toys playlist that i created a while back and um. Currently, this one’s just a roller at the moment, uh, because i used the electronics out of it in another project, but – and i took the old field shocks out of this one as well to use in another vehicle. So what i’m going to do today is um. This one is actually going to be a brushless converted truck for my brother now i’ve, given my brother, a couple of rcs um for him to mess around with and uh. He actually asked me if i could do a brushless conversion on one of those ones that i already gave him but uh. The way that i was set up. It was very hard for for the conversion. You know um, they had got all plastic gears, plastic, dips and so forth. So i suggested to him well i’m, not doing anything with this it’s just sitting there um. We could always give it a go, and you know turn this one to brushless so that’s, exactly what we’re gon na do now, as you can see in the background, we’ve got some parts there um that we had to buy now the parts were necessary for this Truck is a few few years old um, you know, it’s been bashed crashed and quite a few of the parts have worn out or broken so uh.

What we’re going to do is uh we’re, going to run it on a surpass hobby brushless motor here, it’s a 2845, so it’s actually the same size motor as what came on the truck, which was a ‘0., and this one is a 2845 and it’s a 43 70 kv motor there, as you can see so we’ve got that – and this is a 45 amp esc. Okay, now i’m going to give him a receiver and a transmitter. So we didn’t have to get that uh, probably going to use one hour, mold zp racing trucks, um and yeah. We just, but i ended up ordering ordering him some parts for this all brand new parts which are necessary. So we’ve got some new shock towers. One of them is got their little ball. Joint um snapped off in it got a couple of new diffs here now the diffs on this one are still okay, but the diff cups are worn out so i’m gon na put some fresh dips in there. I’Ll check them and oil them up, of course, and we’ve got a set of uh oil filled shocks for it as well brand new oil oilfield shops with some more parts in this one. Now i bought all these off ebay, um places like banggood and all that they didn’t have all the parts i needed. So i got a lot of this stuff off ebay. It was pretty cheap, you know, so we got uh front cvds which were necessary on this.

One um got some outdrive cups as well. A new pinion for the motor okay, uh swing, arms, definitely needed them. I’Ve got a full set of swing: arms, okay, top lower and upper ones servo for it three wire, of course, because we’re going to go brushless and some rear dog bones as well. The ones are a little bit bent from all the bashing i’ve been doing over the years with it and we’ve got a motor cover as well, because i actually hacked this one up uh. The last video i done on this. I was running the wl toys, uh, esc and uh 540 motor on a i don’t know what the pinion size was on this but uh. I was running on this uh setup and actually chewed out the spur gear. So i’ve got a new spur gear center drive. Shaft i’ve already bought them uh when i was using this truck myself, but as you can see that motor cover is needed because i had to hack this one up also what i’ve done with the body i’ve already strengthened it for him there, okay, so that should Be good for bashing around um still the original shell, so we don’t really need another one at this stage, but uh yeah so anyway, guys i’m, just gon na um get stuck into this um. It did need a few of those swing arm parts because, like on the bottom here this one here, you know i needed a lower a arm or swing arm, whatever you like to call it, i actually uv glued that at one stage and it cracked up again, But uh i’ve got new pins as well, obviously because uh, you know that one’s bent so i’m gon na have to actually cut that out.

I’Ve tried taking it out before, but it’s stripped. Now it just wouldn’t budge, so i’m gon na get stuck into it. Guys and uh this should be a decent uh basher. For my brother um, he should be happy with it. So while i do i’m, not gon na make a long video out of this, i might just cut to certain stages of my build because i just want to get stuck. You know. So when i get to a certain stage, i might take a bit of a video clip and then i’ll show you it at the end, all right guys so uh i’m gon na get stuck into it now all right guys, i’m. Up to this stage now um. I cleaned and degreased the whole lower portion of the chassis got rid of all that old, grease and grit and grime. That was in there and uh come up pretty clean, and now i just put in a brand new spare drive shaft assembly with the it comes with the spur gear. The bearings and these outdrive gears here that connect to the diffs got the brand new diffs in, but when i took these out of the bag, these are all locked up guys. Now, as you can see, they’re, nice and free, we did have lithium grease in there, but it wasn’t that uh. It seemed like it was a bit dry like it hardened up, so these are actually locked. I couldn’t even spin.

These uh out drive cups on the on the diffs here, so so yeah. These were all locked up, bad guys. I could hardly turn them at all. They were just like glued. You know so uh like a locker diff. So i put my own uh bearing grease in there the castrol uh high temp, bearing grease that i use on all my trucks and they’re nice and free now so now, i’ve got to just uh. You know put the motor in i’ve got a couple of parts to get ready here and then uh slowly put it back together. Okay, guys i’ve made a bit of progress. I’Ve put the servo in zd racing, servo and now i’m just going to change the cvd. As you can see here, the pins on the cvd broke, so i’ve got a set of new ones, i’m going to put one of them in this. One is still okay. So i’m gon na uh put this one in on the right hand, side and uh. Then i can put the front cover on to cover the servo on the diff and then i’m gon na work on the back. I just removed the diff for now now i’m going to grease that up once i uh ready to put the motor in all right guys. I’Ve got the front end buttoned up now, uh. Regarding these cvds, i mean look what they sent me. I didn’t even realize until i took it out of the pack to put it one in but uh.

Luckily i had some of these pins there in uh this little container that i was actually able to fix the original cvd. Just as you can see, i haven’t put in the diff cup, so luckily i had those on hand because they sent the wrong ones. Guys just goes to show you order the correct part. You know i did order all nine one, two five parts they sent me. Some thinner and shorter cvd drive shafts from probably to sudo q901 or something all right, so uh yeah anyway, you get these dilemmas as you’re. Building stuff. Do ya all right, so anyway, i’m going to work on the motor mount and put everything else in place. All right guys, where i bought out that uh motor mount the original ‘0 9125 motor mount there and uh it’s all buttoned up, it’s, all good it’s meshing perfectly just grease the diffs now i’m gon na put it together. The top cover to put on the brand new cover it’s not hacked up like the old one was. I got the wires passing underneath the gap of the cover, and then i can uh, hopefully i’m. I can mount that surpass hobby esc, just where the original one was so i’m gon na get into it guys, i’m. Nearly there it’s uh. This build has had its uh fair amount of uh hurdles. Um first was with the servo and now. Secondly, with this motor mount so uh, you know that’s part of the hobby.

In there you modify, you got ta uh, you know you try upgrade something and uh you got ta modify things so it’s all in fun, all right guys. So i just decided to skip to the end now uh, rather than show me just putting it back together, again uh, so here it is here guys it’s, uh, it’s back together and uh. Hopefully my brother will uh have a lot of fun with this. Now this brushless so um take the body off. This is the original body and i actually put some cloth tape in there for him or gorilla tape. You know this is exactly like gorilla tape, so i got that from my um local hardware store the other day. I’Ve done a couple of my bodies already in that some of my trucks and druggies so um. I decided to do that for him here. It is here guys here’s the whole setup. As you can see, it’s got the oil filled shocks all new axles, all around dog bones. Diffs, of course, like i showed you before there’s some nice oil filled shocks. Here it’s got a new um engine cover on the top there, uh we’ve got another servo in there as well and um yeah. He should be pretty happy with this. The only thing that was the original is these cvds, which i showed you before guys. I got gypped on that. Unfortunately, i did order 9125, once it’s still on my purchase history there as 9125, so i’m going to actually contact the seller and uh tell them that they didn’t send me nine one, two five one so i’ll for a q, nine zero.

One, i think so i’ll from zero one, two: zero three series: the q, nine series, so uh yeah they’ve done a bit of a mistake. There, um yeah, so here’s the setup guys like i showed you at the start of the video we’ve got. The uh surpass hobby, platinum, 45, amp, esc i’ve, just glued that with the original battery tray used to be so it’s a hot glued in there for the mounting of the batteries we’re just going to put them up here. Guys i’ve got a some 1500 milliamp hour. Lipos that i’ll give my brother uh i’ve got a couple of those and i’ll even throw him a uh lithium ion pack as well. Just there i’ll put some velcro strips in. We can always uh velcro strap around it too, so make sure it doesn’t go anywhere, but yeah we’ve got the receiver here as well uh. This is out of the zd racing uh zmt thunder. Actually, here is the transmitter that came to that truck a few years ago, and this one is not bad. I mean i don’t know the uh exact uh brand of this one, but this is what uh zd racing uh before the dumbo rc days, uh and that’s. What they’re packing with them now, which is awesome but uh back in 2017 uh when i got my zd racing tent scale, zmt 10 thunder monster truck. This is what came with it: it’s, a pretty good controller.

Actually, it’s got 200 meters worth of range and very responsive as well and takes four double a batteries so uh that should uh work brilliantly on this truck uh. For my brother, you know this is his first basher truck so uh. He wanted a brushless one made. So uh now he’s got one so it’s got a four channel receiver here, there’s an extra channel three there just using the one and the two and there’s one called vcc just here. That might just be like an auxiliary one, just see so maybe add lights to that. I might do that for him a bit later on. I just got to tidy up the wires guys because i just finished it so i’ll, just probably cable tie all them together. Make it a bit neater but uh yeah, pretty happy the way it turned out. All that we have to get now is the rear, um i’m still waiting on them. Actually they didn’t arrive on time, but the rear shock tower mount because this one did grind down a couple of years ago, just there so can only put three pins in like a screw, but i’ll fix that it’s just a matter of waiting for that to arrive. That’S, the only part that didn’t arrive but uh yeah, guys um that’s, pretty much it in a nutshell, it’s all done so he should be pretty happy with it and what i’ll do i’ll take it out for a quick, spin and test drive in another short video.

I won’t include in this one but uh take for a quick test drive, maybe down at the pond and for a few minutes and we’ll see how it goes. I’Ve already tested it mind you in the backyard here on the lawn, and it does have a fair bit of power, guys it likes to pop wheelies on 2s and the 2s that i used wasn’t even charged up. Was it like 50 charge, like storage rate? Basically, a bit over you know so um yeah stay tuned for that one guys so i’m pretty happy to see my old truck here it’s been featured on my channel for quite a while quite a few years um since i owned it, i’ve done a lot of Things with the old brush set up you know: speed runs on 4s. 5S. 3S. I made a few videos on this one: adding a wheelie bar and lights and all sorts of things uh it’s in my zillihong playlist, if uh, if you’re into these trucks – and you want to see some older videos that i made you can check out the playlist I’Ll pop it up on the top right hand, corner of the screen and on the end cards, if you want to check them out, but uh anyway, guys thanks for watching um, if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe, sure to appreciate your support, guys. The channel just hit 8k overnight, and i really do thank all you guys for uh tuning in video after video for the last couple of years, or so since i started this uh, you know youtube journey and this great hobby, that is the rc hobby, so that We all share and love and uh and share our videos and content.

So thanks very much guys can’t wait to see my brother’s smile on his face when he uh rips around this we’re approaching easter this weekend, so it’s a good friday tomorrow, so happy easter. Everyone and uh yeah probably take this out this easter weekend and go for a bit of a bash i’ll like to uh see my brother have a bit of fun on with this one at the field.