Gon na give it a quick, quick, go now i’m gon na baby it a bit because this is my now my brother’s uh truck, not mine. So i just want to test it out. That’S, all okay it’s all bound up so i’m, not going to do any heavy bashing with it it’s for him to enjoy okay, so i’m, just touching the throttle, guys yeah she’s, pretty quick, just running a little w old toys, uh 1500 milliamp hour, like the ones That you used to get with the one four four zero zero one and the a9 five nines yeah she’s going. All right can imagine this on a 3s oil field. Shocks are doing pretty good dampening those bumps now in the backyard it was popping wheelies rather easily on the back lawn, so i may need to put a wheelie bar on it for him. I’Ll just give him the uh one that i had on it. This uh ebay, willy bar the blue one and i’ll, just buy myself another one later on i’m, not using it on any of my trucks. Definitely on 3s is gon na need it running good, like a new truck. Basically, full throttle is a 28 45 43 70 kv, and these lipos are just generic. You know they’re, probably around 20 25 c discharge. There we go pop the wheelie, but so yeah. He should be pretty happy with it turn around full throttle. Yeah she’s, pretty quick.

You got a big twig stuck in there whoa there we go so if i launch it off a dig, it’s gon na tip this velcro that uh lipo back in place because of that tip over i didn’t put a uh a velcro strap around. I should have just be in a hurry to bring it down here to test it out bit of a shakedown run. Before i hand it to my brother that pretty awesome, like i said to you before i’ve, had this truck for a couple of years or so now and i’ve made so many videos on it. I got a playlist for zilli hong playlist, and this was one of my favorite budget bashers. It still is actually for the price that you get them for these days. Obviously they’re, not brushless. You have to do that yourself, but uh. I think companies like hosama might be bringing out bro. I can’t remember, i don’t think they brought out a brushless. One of this got another twig stuck in it. I think they’re bringing out 550 motored ones aren’t, they pretty sure the new one, nine one three fives on that, but hosum are actually bringing them out and i think gp toys i’m, not too sure uh. The company zinlihong is still sticking with this uh platform. Pretty cool going good i’m happy my old battery’s alive again, except it’s brushless. Now, as you can see, it might be dark on camera guys the sun is setting here in perth.

It is late in the day close to 5 pm um yeah. Now she’s got good power awesome and this uh remote will give him. You know 100 200 meters worth of range. So i remember testing out with a zd thunder i’m dragging a lot of crap behind it got a whole bunch of leaves hanging off it. That’S what’s, making all that rattling noise picked up a lot of crappy here. Okay, so yeah, i haven’t tuned. The esc i’ll tune it up as well stock out of the box. This surpass hobby 45. Amp esc is pretty good for this combo. This handles so well. In a straight line over those bumps all field shocks certainly make a big difference guys when you get budget trucks like this i mean i had the blue ones on there. I made a video about it about three years ago: uh they’re on another uh project of mine. This was just a roller for quite a while the last six months or so and um yeah. Obviously, we bought some new gold, colored or copper. Colored shocks see that’s. Just taken off lightly and she wants to uh pop a wheelie so anyway, i’ll leave it at that i’ll. Let my brother enjoy it now: uh, maybe over there uh easter weekend, we’ll take it out, have some fun i’ll take some of my trucks out and he can uh have a good uh play around with this one beanie’s uh, first brushless rc truck he’s got a Couple of brushed ones that i gave him but uh, he said to me: oh dave, do you reckon he could make me a uh, a brushless one? You know i said yeah well, i’ve got got something that’s pretty durable and it can take a good bash and i had this one laying around the 9125 doing nothing.

So we just bought some pass through relatively cheap parts too. Parts on these are dirt cheap. I just picked them all mate, most of them up on ebay, actually except the actual uh swing arm pins, the pins that go in the swing arms. I got them off vane, good, so that’s it guys just a quick shakedown test of uh. What was once mine? Nine one two five zingling hole and now it’s my brothers, so hope you enjoyed this video i’m pretty happy the way it turned out. It’S, uh, it’s, a little monster truck that’s for sure. It’S got some good power now being brushless. Like i said um. This only comes out in brush, so pretty easy conversion. I did have a couple of little hurdles like the motor mount the original ‘0 motor mount. You got to hone it out to fit this uh 2845 motor, but other than that it was relatively straightforward. Guys all right, so thanks very much for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video uh if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe.