We love doing those. Today we got this one sixteenth scale: uh single hong kong, toys, q, 903 or one or two i don’t know which one it is, but it looks pretty cool on the box. Okay, so it’s the q903. So now you know that we can look here: brushless, decent servo 1000 milliamp to this pack, so yeah let’s open the box up and see what’s inside okay. So here we go. This is the truck and the stuff that’s included. We got the user manual, some extra body, pins a tool and a usb charger. The transmitter which i like this is the same one that was included in the other truck from the same brand that we unboxed, and i like this transmitter, easy to use. One handed cool design so yeah, and this is the truck pretty neat looking truck. If you ask me a partially transparent body, that’s pretty cool nice tires, friction shocks, whaley bar and it’s brushless, so that’s sweet i’m, not sure about the kv rating on this, and if i find out, i will put it down here and we got a 35 amp Combined ec receiver, it’s nice, as well as a proper free wire server, that’s, always nice service, saver, metal, dog bones and cups, dry cups, leds in the front uh sure this is these are friction sharks, but they look good. I like the red metallic here but it’s super bouncy, so if you’re planning to run this a lot, i would consider upgrading to oil sharks as always, but this looks really cool super smooth, underneath exactly like the larger one, with the dual motor system.

Metal, though old plastic, so that’s nice, i, like plastic, it’s flexible it doesn’t, bend um, so yeah. I think that’s about it not much more to say that was cool, no bottle cape just this little, and this is the thousand milliamp light bow to cell Music and that’s about the maximum size that you can fit in there. But you should get a decent run time, considering it’s a brushless system, so i will uh charge up the battery and we’ll. Take this for a test, drive and see if it’s any good, which i think it will be okay. So now i got the battery all charged up cut the ramps out as well, oops and we’ll see if i can manage to hit some jumps one handed to remote here, and i think i think this looks pretty sweet back here. A lot of power out of the tall grass without any issues pop steel is like it’s, nothing, yeah, it’s, really cool reminds me of a small 1 16 scale of another more expensive brand yeah jumps pretty nice whoops. I think i missed Music jumping whoop it’s pretty hard one handed that thing give it another go here, come on, maybe it might line it up, yeah, decent airtime there’s. Some speed runs out here on the gravel road and see it’s a bit bouncy because of the frictional shocks got some power Applause things out there. Okay, so let’s do a quick speed test with the dps let’s, bring it in 35 that’s, pretty quick for this size.

Right now, quick pass here got some speed did something to it: Applause, yeah, it’s a fun little track. I actually like it. Yeah brushless motor got plenty of power here. Let’S. Try that again sort of i flip of some kind, some variation. Almost they call that back here. I guess maybe here nice pop’s wheel is like crazy see here. If we can one more try here and then i can go oh it’s a day with this uh video but yeah it’s, a super fun. Little truck plenty of power seems plenty of durable as well. I really like it like the ultimate backpack basher. As i usually say, though, this one is it’s really cool, so i hope you liked it.