Totally great car really got a big servo got metal shock absorber and for sure all we drive so let’s open the box, guys, yes, it’s, really a beauty like it it’s totally exactly like the xin long. One big air tires yeah front pump the same, but the led lights are missing, so let’s uh yeah. We got metal parts on the bottom plate. Very nice really impressed. So let’s take a look, so i can show the syndom 903 in comparison. So you can see it’s uh. This is a 160. This one travis k, so it’s really big, but exactly the same car yeah. But the only thing is missing: the wheelie bar. Let us take a deeper look to some specs Music. So let us open the battery tray and see what our lipo we got in so it’s. A 1500 milliamp 2s lipo 7.4 volts it’s got jc plug got big servo got a big brush motor cooling grips on it. I, like it really red color the same to the esc, 60 ampere c, so it’s definitely going to take 3s yeah before it should be. Also, no problem so let’s see what’s also in the box, guys so here’s the box with the transmitter and yeah for sure it’s a long transmitter. I like it, really got an on off switch high and low rates and we got the normal. The review the steering trim and dual raids, so very nice, yeah three double a batteries guys and here’s everything so charger a tool, and here the led lights are not installed.

Pre installed from factory and yeah here’s our manual, so let’s take a deeper look to the menu yeah, they say 46 plus so for sure, not on 2s. I think on 3s we can get it and yeah and don’t forget to subscribe guys. Please leave a thumb up if you like to and it’s much appreciated so here we have metal gears, so that’s, very cool, really yeah guys so let’s get this thing on track.