This beautiful xk cup got it flying nice. Now, just with a couple basic mods, some extra nose weight. I definitely need it 10 grams there and i’ve just adjusted the rear clevis. You see the elevator there that’s on the highest one which gives the most travel and then, with the rudder. I’Ve gone with the least travel that’s on the outer hole and on the main wing here in the ailerons, were in the middle hole that’s what it needed to fly the self level mode. The 6g really nice it’s, just flying around great now beautiful, had a couple of light light. Um crashes, you could say hard landings and it’s held up really good there’s nothing wrong with. It did have a crack in the wing there. Out of the box. You might see that in the unboxing, but that’s about it, it’s held up really good. The wheels are too small to land on the grass that’s fine and, of course, you need to hand toss it. Um big issue for me with this basic radio um. If you fly around on the self level mode, the 6g, i think it’s fine, but in expert mode this stick uh. It was bit sticky for me. Just didn’t have enough feeling just a bit sticky, so i didn’t like it. I really struggled to fly with this radio in expert mode. Once i went to my radio master, it was so much nicer to fly and i turned the rates down.

I actually put the rates in the same switches as gyro with the self level mode 6g. You need 100 rates now i flip the switch goes to expert mode, mid roads, expert modes, low rates and the fly around nice and calm. I’Ve turned that down to 70 rates, 15 expo it’s, flying around beautiful as you’ll see when we head to the field. You’Ll see how good it flies, i’m really happy with it. So you know it did fall out of the sky. I don’t know why i’m guessing it was because it was tile heavy, and i could see that when i flipped it to expert mode, it just wanted to go up all the time, so i definitely needed that nose weight so it’s a beautiful little plane. Good quality, lots of plastic in it really good plane, it’s, holding up good, had a couple of flights now do need to buy another battery here’s a bit of a pain having one battery so let’s head to the field and get this little plane in the air. Music we’re up again but we’re flying we’re in the self level mode, pretty much no hands so that’s good, not much wind. Today, flying around nice in the stunt mode, yes, you’re flying i’ll keep it up high. I think we need a little bit of trimming. Five minutes we determined to get this right. We’Ve got 10 grams of weight under the nose, definitely needs it. The way i like to fly anyway, that thing is flying nice.

Look at those stunts beautiful little plane turn the race down a bit. They were too high. This is 70 percent rates, 15 expo and i think it’s flying pretty nice. Now, when you’re on self level mode, you need 100 rates. Oh didn’t want to go over then for some reason. Just the wind caught it bobbing around a little bit, that’s all right, it’s, a nice little cub. Is it a beginner plane i don’t know can be hard to fly in expert mode. You just stay in the self level mode you’ll be right, but it’s, something to progress to, like, i said, only changed to only these 70 right three minutes and you only need to move the stick. A little bit, it’s a lot different to self level mode. In that mode, you got ta push the stick all the way over and hold it in the turns it’s fine nice. But when you fly without the self level mode, you only got ta there’s, just small corrections just to keep it level, so can be a big learning curve for a beginner. Well, i think this is flying nice now we’re going to have to buy another battery, because we’ve still only got one battery there’s a well built plane got the plastic in it. It’S good quality. Well, it hasn’t fallen in the sky, yet so that’s good, not like in the main flight did the spiral of death. It does get caught by the wind a little bit it’s flying nice.

Look at that nice turn no rudder flying beautiful, starting to get used to it from three quarters throttle to full throttle there’s, not much difference really it’s, no speed. Damn demon, though it is a beautiful piper cub, think i am getting used to it. Flying a bit closer to the camera there’s a stunt, not bad, must be getting low. On battery 30 seconds, i didn’t, like the original controller, had no feeling in the stick, and i think it was getting stuck a bit and that’s why i’ve crashed it last time.