Now this is considered one of the best helicopters out there to learn how to fly, and the reason is because its very tough and it resists a lot of crashes now. This is good because you can get back into the field after if you crash, you can get back into the field and continue flying and thats good for practicing how to fly. Rc helicopter so lets go ahead and open the box, so we can check out this rc helicopter all right. So this is a ready to fly rc helicopter straight out of the box. Now its a six channel six axis gyro system, alright, so lets go ahead and open the box. Okay and it comes with the instructions, okay for the remote control and also the instructions for the helicopter. Alright, so now lets open up these boxes. It looks very nice and lets see lets check out this box first now, when you order online theres a couple options, the one that i decided to go for is the one that comes with three batteries, so it gives you a choice of um how many batteries Do you want so i picked the one that comes with three batteries, all right, heres, two right now, and it comes with a charger: okay, usb charger and this little piece that is also part of the charger. Okay and then lets see what else is inside the box. Okay, some extra blaze and this extra lets see.

This is a gear in case uh, you strip, the uh, the gear and the helicopter. It comes with an extra one and an allen wrench and i see theres a screwdriver, okay mini screwdriver and the blades all right, okay and thats – pretty much it for this box. So the other battery that i that i has to come with is supposed to be somewhere here, because um the one like, i said, the kit that i ordered this one is supposed to be with three batteries so um i imagine heres the uh helicopter. Okay, all right, this is uh the first one that they came up with the falcon k100, but this is the uh upgraded version. The next uh helicopter right, the next generation – i guess the k110s all right so lets go ahead and open the box. Okay, i like the box and look at that. Wow, look at that very nice man. It looks really nice nice package. I like how they packaged it and lets get this bird out all right, so heres, the helicopter and heres. My third battery right there, okay, im going to go ahead and remove this protector from that protects. The blades. Okay, extend the blaze and look at that right. There nice looking helicopter okay, it has pretty good weight to it, its not that heavy and its not that light and im gon na turn it around. So you can see the full view of the helicopter right there very nice.

Now. This helicopter is a collective pitch right there. Let me get a close up to the blaze, so this is a collective pitch helicopter all right and now im going to go ahead and remove the canopy, so you can see whats inside the helicopter. What makes it fly? Okay, so this is very easy. Just by popping this uh canopy, the canopy is made of a plastic, flexible plastic, okay and im gon na zoom in get close to the camera. So you can see pretty much all the electronics, so you got here your receiver, your motherboard, okay and i see theres a servo one right here and another one right there: okay and theres a third one. Let me turn it around this way on this side: okay, heres, the third one, the third servo, okay, so three servo and then right. There theres the uh, the motor brushless motor, okay, its pretty good size. It looks pretty good, its mostly made of plastic and some small metal pieces. Okay, so now im going to go ahead and put back the canopy, its kind of tricky to put it back, but there you go all righty so now lets continue with the review on this helicopter now lets check out the uh, the control, all right and heres. The control all right – this is a six channel control and very nice. Okay heres the whole throttle. This one has a throttle, hole: okay, so the helicopter doesnt fly.

You know suddenly, so you have that uh shut off uh switch that controls the throttle all right. So now im going to go ahead and uh charge this helicopter up and show you how it flies now: im, not a professional helicopter, uh pilot im barely beginning so um dont uh dont, expect me to do some 3d flying because i do not know how to Do them right, you know so: okay, so lets charge. Uh, im gon na charge this helicopter up and take it to the field. Music. Music, you, Music, Music, Music, all right im right here at the flying field, and let me show you something on the control. This is the idle up switch, and this is the 3d 6g gyro switch, and this is the rudder volume this one and this is the throttle hold okay, i have it in the up position. This is on, and this is off so right now to start it im gon na have it on the off position to cut the motor okay. This is off right now: okay and the other switches, this ones – and this one and this one i have them in the up position: okay, im not familiar with the switches right now, so im not gon na use them. So i got ta get familiarized how to use them. Okay, turn on the control connect, the helicopter and its mine, okay and the throttle. Okay, i have it off the throttle, hole.

Okay, all right now were ready to fly turn on the throttle right there. Okay, all right right now, im just gon na try to hover the helicopter, because im new at this and im just learning beginning to learn how to fly helicopters and right now, im just gon na hover. Oh, where was that so im just gon na hover right now, im not gon na. Do some uh crazy moves because uh the idea of me getting this helicopter is pretty much to learn how to fly outdoors helicopters and so im a beginner. So i have to pretty much learn the orientations uh pretty much get familiar with the orientations, so i can uh fly this helicopter or any other any other helicopter. So um. The orientations is the first thing that um i have to uh get familiarized and really master them so thats. Why? Right now, um im just hovering the helicopter, so dont expect me to do some crazy moves right now. Some 3d moves because i do not know how to do them so uh right now, im just gon na hover it you know and give you an idea: okay, uh how this helicopter performs. You know how stable is it you know, and so far right now i like it really nice um. I like it a lot because i feel very comfortable uh flying this helicopter uh, because the stability i like the stability uh its really easy and uh very stable.

I feel um theres a lot of potential with this helicopter. I feel that any beginner can pick up this helicopter and start flying and start to learn how to fly helicopters, because the stability on this helicopter is really good. Now, the wind right now is very uh. Calm theres uh very slightly some some uh like a little breeze. It comes right now, uh i mean sometimes but um so far, uh the majority uh is just a calm very beautiful day, very calm day right now so uh very calm. I mean very uh, very stable, the helicopter okay im uh try to let go of the sticks, the uh, so you can see how stable this helicopter is because thats what i like right now about it. The stability on this helicopter is really good. Not that hard to fly, of course, you have to um be uh, giving always input on the sticks when youre flying a helicopter, but the majority of time i, this helicopter, um youre gon na, feel it that is very stable, so im gon na let go of The sticks right there, okay right there. Hopefully you can see okay thats how stable the helicopter is without me, putting in any input input in the sticks right there. Okay, look at that: okay, im, not doing anything on the control and thats how the helicopter is flying. So far, okay, let me um, let me get closer right. There see very nice! I like it.

I like it a lot because um i feel comfortable, okay, letting go of the helicopter and not worrying about pretty much crashing uh its just pretty much flying. You know almost by itself: okay right there look at that very nice, okay, im gon na bring it closer okay and right now i just feel a i felt, a a little breeze of wind, but so far its uh very stable. Okay, i feel uh very comfortable. Very comfortable, i feel flying this helicopter right now, thats what i like about it, i feel comfortable and i feel, like uh theres, a lot of potential uh for me to learn how to fly helicopters, rc helicopters with this uh rc model. Okay, very nice! Look at that: okay, always uh, be careful, uh uh, when youre learning how to fly helicopters or even though um or if you already know how to fly helicopters. You know that these are very dangerous and you got ta fly them when theres no people around okay. So especially uh for any beginners out there like me, because im im, a beginner um be be uh, be be sure to uh fly this uh when nobodys around, because you do not want to hurt somebody because uh they are dangerous and they can hurt uh somebody. They can hurt somebody because uh the blade spins so fast and you know they um. They can really hurt somebody um with the with the blaze, so so something to keep in mind.

Okay, when learning how to fly this uh this helicopters, because uh this uh helicopters, theyre, not uh, theyre, not a toy, even though it looks like theyre a toy theyre, actually, not a toy, you know um, they can really hurt somebody. Okay, oh wow, that was very close too close. Uh to to to me so got ta, be aware, and i got ta be alert. You know okay, so let me see if i can fly a little bit: uh sideways Music. The the hardest part is the orientation thats the hardest part of uh flying a uh rc helicopter is the orientations getting familiar with the orientations thats the hardest part: okay right there, hopefully uh youre. Looking at this helicopter nice on the video okay, oh right there. Okay, oh all right! Let me let me step back a little bit: okay, all right so very nice, very nice and not too expensive, not too expensive. If you buy this helicopter its just a hundred and a hundred and a hundred and something dollars so its not going to cost you a lot of money and its going to give you a uh, a helicopter that flies outdoors, that can do 3d moves. You know. So this helicopter is capable of doing 3d uh, which uh i dont know how to do that uh yet and um. So this helicopter does pretty much flies and does what the big boys you know, the big helicopters uh the things that the big boys do, the helicopters, this helicopter does them too.

You know you just got ta know how to uh how to do them. So um very nice, so i feel um. I like this helicopter. I actually do recommend this helicopter and i think for beginners yeah its a really nice helicopter to pick up and to learn how to fly rc helicopters very nice and when flying a helicopter always be patience. You know be patient with uh flying um learning how to fly helicopters. You know because uh it takes time and a lot of practice. Okay, im going to go ahead and try to land this helicopter – oh almost all right, nice, nice, very nice. Okay. So what do i think about this helicopter right now? I really recommend it. I like it and i think it is um, a good helicopter helicopter. I mean for beginners um, just make sure. Okay, uh theres, nobody around okay, when youre practicing and i think for a beginner like me, who wants to get out there in the field outdoors and learn how to fly helicopters. I think this is a really good buy that is going to sharpen your skills and its going to pretty much uh help you to learn the the hobby, how to fly a helicopter um all right, so um any comments. Please write them down below on the comment section and thank you again for watching this video and ill see you on the next one im going to continue now and enjoy flying the rc helicopter beautiful day right now.

All right so see you on the next one.