I will be giving away this helicopter to anyone who makes funniest comment on this video. In the comment section nice take off again: land boing, boing, boing, hey check out the silkworms. Have you ever seen the silkworms i’m getting bored and i’m sure you’re getting bored watching this video as well, but hey? We have to test the flight time right, but look at this how easy it is to fly away from greetings alexander here and welcome to this video review of eagle k127 mini rc helicopter. Now first thing comes to mind: xkk127 or e7, e129 or e130. Well, we’ll talk about that later, but this is the video review of xk eagle k127 electric rc helicopter designed for beginners. Of course it has a six axis gyro and a built in barometer, so it’s really very, very easy to fly for beginners and also they claim it has a 16 minutes of flight time we’re going to put that to a test as well. So this is the xk 127 rc helicopter. Let me give you a very quick, closer look at it and then we’ll take it for the flight. This is the radio control very simple, very easy to use. It has trims two spring loaded, sticks and auto takeoff button and high and low speed settings. It does take six asi batteries to power. This radio control all right. This is the little battery right here that goes in the helicopter and powers it and you can fly it for 16 minutes.

Yes, we’re gon na put that to a test as well. Now let me open the canopy, so you can see what’s inside right there. You can see there’s a little board right here. There is one servo, two servos right here: okay, a little really, this looks like a brushed motor to me, okay and main gear and the motor gear. Is there a motor gear protection or not? Is it durable? Can it handle crashes? Can it handle winds, we’re gon na find that all out very very soon, but it does look durable. Look at these uh nylon landing gear landing skates and you know the main rotors that you can bend and they do not break. Now. Before we proceed to the flight testing of this helicopter, i will be giving away this helicopter to anyone who makes funniest comment on this video in the comment section. So once again, i will be giving away this helicopter in two weeks time to anyone who makes the funniest comment on this video in the comment section and yes, can i get thousand likes to this video so do give this video a big thumb up, get more Details about this giveaway in the video description, there’s, a link and, of course, in the end of the video i’ll, give you more details about it as well, so let’s take it to the flight testing xkk 127 eagle by putting the battery in and it turns on. I will spread its rotors, keep it on the floor, turn on the radio push up and down, because the manual says: push the stick down and center.

Nothing happens, push the stick up and down and it’s, armed and ready. So here we go taking off with one button: don’t go there. Okay, it took off wow very, very easy to fly, but it is going forward all the time. That means we got ta set the trims. All right come back here. Well, i better just set the gyro, maybe you know center the gyro, but let’s say trimming is actually doing the job very well. One moment let’s bring it here, stay here: okay, Music! There you go almost hands free yep. Now it is almost hands free. Coming to me setting the trims so once the trims are set, look at that it’s, almost hands free now, it’s going forward and backward, is because winds in my house, but look at this. How easy it is to fly okay, but very, very sluggish in this low speed mode, very sluggish, easy to fly yes, but very sluggish that you have to push the sticks a whole lot to make it move so i’m. Just gon na stay here give myself more room or maybe because the light is coming from the window. I will stand here and fly it in this area. Look at that man really very very easy to fly Music sluggish, as i said so, i’m shifting to high speed yeah. Now we are talking now we have the controls that we want barometer is not that accurate. But still you know this is a pressure sensor.

So sometimes it does go berserk you know, works and sometimes don’t works depending how the pressure is in your house. Okay, if there’s no wind and trims are set properly, you can see how hands free it is. It will drift only when the winds hit it. Man look at that. It is really very easy to fly now. The question is: can it handle winds? Well, let’s find out. There are some winds coming from the window right here. Both windows are open should be able to handle these wins. Now i can fly it through the window outside and easily see how much wind it can handle, but what, if it just, can handle the winds and flies away and doesn’t come back? I have to land it and bring it back by walking outside anyway. This is the indoor flight. I will definitely bring it outdoors later and give you an outdoor flight and see how it performs outdoors in winds for now it’s a windy day time by time, winds get higher. I don’t think it can handle that kind of win. How easy it is to land, okay, let’s, press, the auto land button, boing boing, boing, boing, okay, land, it nice, take off again: land boing, boing boing, take off land, boing boing boing, it lands pretty hard. Actually, okay let’s fly again see when the trims are set and if there are no winds, it gets up really nice and straight very quiet.

It is quiet, it’s not noisy, and the fact that i like about it is that it is really easy to fly. Another question: of course the beginners will ask: well if it is so easy to fly and beginners or kids can fly it, how durable it is. Can it stand crashes, oh too close to that hanging thing well, that’s what we’re gon na find out very soon, once i finish the outdoor flights, then i will give it some crash testing. Oh almost did the crash testing look at that i’m, actually having fun flying it around. Yes, wind actually pushes a whole lot. Look at that and you you have to have high control rates. I mean set it on high control or high speed. Only then you’ll be able to control at low speed. You will have to push the sticks a whole lot in order to make it against a move against the wind speed again well flying very well. What else can we say? It is truly showing that it’s, a beginner, friendly helicopter and beginners are gon na, have fun flying it around their house, or you know outdoors, even um, given that you have mild winds, not high winds and durability is a question and how much wind can it handle? Outdoors, that is also a question what you’re going to find out in upcoming videos, of course, for now you can see man i’m just having fun and flight times. Yes, yes, don’t forget about the flight times 16 minutes of flight times.

Oh well. I didn’t note the ah, i didn’t know the takeoff time so anyway. Now we have to find it through the video how much flight time we are getting throughout this video, because i’m, just gon na fly fly it around. Just like this Music. I really want to take it outside the window, but i don’t know if i’ll be able to bring it back or not. We’Ll do a stunt later because you know today is kind of windy. Oh wow, look at that when the rotors touched. As soon as the rotors touched the wall, it actually stopped the motor disarmed very quickly, immediately disarmed the motor okay, and now it doesn’t do anything. Okay, so it doesn’t take off all right. I’Ll turn off the radio turn it on again up and down, and there you go take off again all right now as soon as it hits wall or an object, it actually stops the rotors immediately. Okay, let’s give it a try. I will run it into this hanging thing right here: hold on Music yeah. Look at that as soon as it hits some object. It just you know, stops the rotors and battery kind of lose. So you see battery is loose and it’s, not touching the electrodes. Okay. This is one issue i found right here anyway. I will push the battery in again, and all you have to do is turn the radio on and off again push the stick up and down okay and you’re ready to fly.

You can also arm and disarm the helicopter by pushing both the sticks down and outward for a man will take off that’s nice, not bad. Okay, my trims are messed again really every time you crash and restart. You have to do the trimming again well anyway. It’S easy to trim – or you can simply you know, reset the gyro or calibrate the gyro, while the helicopter is sitting on a perfectly horizontal ground or leveled ground so to test this protection feature. That is once the helicopter runs into anything. It just turns off the motor disarms the motor stops, the rotor. Is it because the battery coming loose? You know due to impact or is it a you know, safety features, so you don’t get injured from these rotating propellers well, i’m, going to give it a try by putting it down and see if it is still, you know, running the propellers, i mean main rotor And okay, so still running the main rotors, hey don’t: go there, keep it on the ground. Oh, i can actually fly it very close to the ground i’m just going to touch the center of the blades okay. Yes, it actually does it stop the blades. Well, what i did running my hand into the rotors running rotors. Please do not do that at home. I didn’t run it from the sides because if you run your fingers from the side or your hand into the running rotors, you will definitely get injuries, but from the top leveled i run it and the propeller or the motor disarm and the motor disarmed propellers main Router stopped so it does look like it has this safety feature, which is nice if you want to center, the gyro just hold both sticks down and left, and you will see the light blinking very fast rapidly and then helicopter will be ready.

Gyro is centered and you should be okay to re center or redo your trims, Music ooh, the wind. So yes, every time a crash happens, you restart the helicopter. You have to go through this trimming process once again come on xk. Oh look at that. It is super duper, easy to fly and control. Beginners are gon na, have lots of fun flying it and playing with it, fly it indoors or outdoors or learn to fly it. The power and punch is okay but kind of sluggish due to the barometer. Look. How wind is pushing it so fast, but still it’s controllable, so the wind is coming from that area where my little office and our other bedroom is and i’m pushing it forward with a little bit of a stick, movement and it’s actually doing very well. That is at high speed. Okay, now at the low speed i’m going to push it against the wind man, this is still flying so 16 minutes of flight time is. This is a true claim: huh. Okay, i can still push it against the wind easily without any problems in low speed mode i’m, getting bored and i’m sure you’re getting bored watching this video as well, but hey. We have to test the flight time right. I’M. Still flying it – and it seems 16 minutes of flight time claim is definitely true. Huh plenty of flight time on a single charge. The good points very easy to fly.

Beginners are going to love it because they can fly it easily. It has barometer. So you do not have to struggle with the throttle control to keep the helicopter in the air, and, yes, don’t forget plenty of flight time i’m. Still flying and now i see the led is blinking. That means the batteries are getting low. Another good point: you can still fly it in windy days. I mean slightly winds. It handles slight winds very well at high and low speed, so you can fly it outdoors when it’s calm winds. So these are all good points. Now. Let’S talk about the bad points of this little helicopter. Hey land come on, come on turn off the rotor okay. Now. The next thing is when the winds are calm, i’m gon na bring it out, and you know, give it an outdoor flight and see. How does it performs outdoors hey check out the silkworms? Have you ever seen the silkworms? We got plenty of these they’re gon na make silk later come on. You know what to do hit that like button it’s right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while you’re at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on don’t, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.