She is ready to run so ready to run for all you beginners out there. That means it comes with everything you need in the box, except for some double a batteries in the transmitter. She comes out, as you see her, and then you just got ta put in your battery and uh put the batter some batteries into the transmitter, and you are good to go and it comes with a full manual which is great. You do get a charger that you could plug in uh to a usb port or like your phone charger, the brick that you plug into the wall and you do get like a lug nut tool to be able to take off your tires. If you ever need to uh replace them – and i like this one – because you do get a spare tire on the back – but now this 12 scale buggy, if you will she’s pretty awesome, we have it available in two different styles right now, in the 12th scale Edition we do have 10 scale versions coming but uh in the 12 scale. You got the green one or we have the white version which looks really cool as well, not as detailed as this one but cool in its own right. But what i love about this? I mean just check the suspension. I mean out of the box for the price you pay for uh for a truck like this, a buggy like this.

I love that and you could see from some of the footage we were jumping this thing, even though i don’t know, if jumps is what this uh, what this car is for. This car is more for um. You know taking out the woods we were taking it down into trails climbing over whatever we could find um if you’re interested in, like rock rock crawling. You can definitely start with something like this. This is not, you know, it’s, not specific rock crawler style car, but again it does have the suspension to be able to climb over some pretty gnarly stuff if you want to, but we were having fun just whipping through leaves and pads putting it through water. We were finding we just again we’re, taking them out and figuring out what it can and what it can’t do and, for the most part, there’s nothing. This thing can’t do to have fun with uh for the price you’re paying now. As far as again, everything coming with it so uh very what i like about this car. You don’t have to take off the top in any way, but i will say that if you do need to replace anything, it’s going to be a little harder to get into than some of the other xk cars, because you will have to unscrew each panel like Each one of these just a lot of screws, so what i like about the manual is, they give you exploded views of the entire car, so you’d be able to see where you have to go, but, like your motor, your esc, the receiver, everything is buried inside Here so like, if you wanted access, you’d have to take one two, three four five screws out just to get through from the side but uh.

Hopefully, you don’t have to do that too often everything’s, nice and compressed, which also makes this car a little more water resistant than some others, it’s, not waterproof, but we’re running it through puddles and didn’t notice. Any you know adverse effects. Now the battery it comes with it’s, very simple, just one little pin to get out your battery, this little piece can come out or it can just flip up uh if you want, but then you got your battery now. This is a lithium ion battery, so it’s 1500 milliamp again dean’s connector. You charge it through the balance port on the charger they give you, but also, if you have a dean’s connection for your standard, regular charger, you could charge it up pretty quick that way, but again it’s just 2s powered and you can see the back. You know that’s, where the battery sort of lives back there, which is fine and you do have all the you know again. You can see the shock absorption on it. I love it. You do get access to your drivetrain is exposed down here, but you know like a standard, buggy wood, but again a lot of plastic parts and again we have all sorts of um spare parts available on the website. So that’s that’s what’s awesome, the spare parts are uh pretty cheap in comparison to again the air, the car itself, isn’t that expensive at all so uh. If you do need spare parts, we’re gon na have them and they’re easy to get your hands on, which is awesome, but overall, so as far as jumping again she’s not made for that um, i will say she doesn’t have the torque that say some of the Smaller cars that that we have out there to uh, really manipulate in the air, so she’s, not the type that you want to going to want to jump.

You know specific jumps like on a ramp that we built in our ramp. I built it pretty steep it’s, probably over 45 degrees, uh of an incline but uh for jumping around again running through dirt piles mulch in your yard. Um. You know backyard hills, letting a kid just rip with this thing, seeing if uh rc cars and rc surface or even hobby, you want to get into then again something from this collection. Xk is a great company, they make good quality stuff and the price is right. So if you want to get into it, then this is this is the type of car that you want to start with, because you’ll be able to bash the heck out of this fix it up for cheap and then, if you know you wan na grow and Go get yourself a monster four or five hundred dollar car like corrally one or something you can definitely do that, but, starting here with something like this is awesome, and i think she looks pretty darn sleek as well, and i also like now that she’s dirty she Looked too clean for a buggy at the start, so again, as far as the transmitter goes on this one it’s, just uh turn it on and it’ll flash and when you plug in the battery there’s no switch on the car. So you will just plug the car. In make sure you do that right and she’ll bind up immediately uh on here, and i can run the this battery’s a little dead.

I probably haven’t charged it in a while, but um going through. You do get steering trim and you get throttle, trim so you’re able to bring the throttle down if you don’t want it max speed when you, when you hit the gas like, if i bring, if i bring the throttle trim down, let me see, let me make Sure there you go so if i bring the throttle trim even further down, i start pulling the trigger she won’t go as fast, so it’s a good way for beginners to learn. You know throttle trim and if you put the throttle, trim up too much, she won’t stop. You know she’ll just go without even hitting the trigger, so you want to bring the throttle right to the point where she will almost not go so right when you hit the stick. She goes, and i do like too, that you got lights included with the uh with the across as well, which is a really nice. You know for again for the price, the fact that you’re getting lights it just you know, adds to the whole effect of uh. What is a pretty solid car that’s, pretty much it for the uh across guys? I had a lot of fun with uh with this car. I i definitely want to get the white one. I think it would be fun um to drive two or more three around but we’re. Still, looking for a location, um see if there’s any outdoor, rc uh car places to take some of these things, because we’re just going to local parks and stuff and that’s what i love about.

Rc cars you’re never going to get in trouble being a local park with a little rc car. You know jumping around and especially around here we got a lot of hills and trails that’s, where you really want to take something like this it’s, just a good. All around time, but guys if you have any questions on this product at all or any car, please feel free to drop a question in the comment section below uh. If you like this content, if you want to see more surface content, let us know what you want to see. We got a lot of cars and trucks on the website now and we’re just getting started to produce that content to go along with our aircraft boats and other content as well. So let us know which one you want to see and we’ll happily get it on. The table and take it out and do some driving like the footage, you’re, probably seeing right now, but that’ll – do it for us here at motion. Rc get yourself an xk across links in the description and we’ll.