com and today banggood did send this to us for review uh. This is the xlf Music x03, a not mistaken anyway, its a 110 scale. It does show here that it is upgradable to a brushless motor. Now this one already came with the brushless motor anyhow, so this is the sports vxl racing, all right, uh one tenth scale, and it does show that it says a 1800 milliamp battery. It is a lion thats, my chicken scratch down at the bottom there just to kind of use as a reference of the model number, but lets go ahead and check it out on the side over here, too uh. We can see that right there, where it says the x 03a is the one that is in the box, and we can say that its a 1 10 scale, its a little specks there and im gon na go ahead and flip it over to the other side. Right here, Music and um show you guys so um radio, not too bad ill, have to check that one out. Once you get this thing out, you can see metal shock, absorbers, metal, dry, bone and um. This show here like a brush motor, but obviously this thing does come with the brushless system in it full ball bearings in there as well: 2.2 kilogram, all metal gear, digital servo gears. What have you in it more of the specs? If it does say that goes 60 kilometers, which is roughly around 37 miles an hour, it is an rtr.

The only thing that youre gon na need, like i said its just the three double a batteries for the radio. All right lets get this thing: cracked, guys how its all packed in there too and im sure this things got some zip ties holding it all in there. It has a little bit of plastic over just the wheel for the radio, so thats good. Oh no. This thing comes straight out out of the box: okay, good to know radio and this little bag right there, another little, our usb charger in there as well all right. Just looking at this thing from the outside uh. It does look like it has kind of faded, but its just a film thats over the body to protect it during shipping or transit, so so pop that off of there pretty cool little brush motor thats in it or brushless. Sorry, dean connection theres our this is a two in one right here, so this has electronic speed, controller and receiver so and then our little servo over there, nothing too fancy at all and what battery size. So this says, 1600 milliamps. Sorry, let me flip it around again here for you and i know theres a little bit of a glare, so you guys can see it there. So 7.4 volts 1600 milliamp, whatever large power, it means exactly but um shocks. So they do have ill say that kind of like aluminum cap thats on there does it have threaded bodies on it.

No so um, you know they might have in the packaging here got a little wing, but i dont know if its going to have any kind of shock spacers in it. So ive kind of checked that out in a little bit, but just taking a look at it too. Oh super bouncy, so let me get a little backwards there and show you lots of bounce to it. Uh not oil filled. Can they be oiled filled. Is a great question: well have to look that look at the instructions and see if they have any kind of seals on them anyhow, so well check that one out as well and um lets see put this thing on its bottom. Okay, so it does have. I was trying to get that off of there. Okay, there you go so this is not like a blue piece of plastic or something like that, so it is aluminum on that part of it too. Your on and off switch on the bottom interesting, but its already on so im going to turn that off. So i dont have the car going anywhere when i go to go ahead and hook up the battery to it or anything all right, dog bones or what have you lets see here? So they are steel, theyre, pretty nice, looking they look beefy anyhow, nonetheless, so not too bad um tire compound or so like that id say, thats kind of like too a medium or so its hard to say right off hand does the way rims are pretty nice.

Looking on it, like, i said, the dean connection thats on there, so thats pretty typical. I do like those i mean, if especially for something like this, it doesnt have a lot of power, so these are just fine as far as the dean connection thats on there. I was looking before to see if these little lights, they do accept a light, um leds in there as well, so it is kind of nice, not bad. I mean the plastics on it, i mean so if you hit something you know they do, it will collapse in or whatnot and bounce back. So its good on that deal. Body itself lets go ahead and take this plastic off, so i can show you what it really looks like without the plastic covering over it just so you can see the difference there before i take that plastic completely off of there too. So there you go so it looks good fits on. There actually has a pretty nice little profile to it again. It has the wing that goes on there as well. So i need to mount that up, so you can show you that guy show you that all in its glory but uh its got a mean looking front end to it too. I, like it nice little profile to it. Um again, it is four wheel. Drive is ball, bearings that are in it all right, so just further inspection on this anyhow is that the shocks do have a little rubber seal on there.

So i think we can go ahead and put some oil into the shocks which will be nice and it wont be so bouncy, as we can see here so thats good, make sure i dont lose that little diaphragm. I think to call it like a diaphragm or whatever anyway, even just the the drivetrain alone. As you can see in there you know its all metal, so its nice, even just the driveshaft itself, is a metal so good. Now i will say, one thing is im, not 100 sure what the servo size is kind of in between a micro servo and a standard servo that youd find like in a regular 1 10 scale. This is a 1 10 scale, but its not using a standard. Servo scale so, but it is using a three wire instead of the five wire type servo wires, that youd find in these, where theyre kind of a two in one system, so that is kind of nice. The electronic speed controller is a 40 amp again just running on a 2s lipo, a little brushless motor thats in there. I just see a little bit of grease that they have on the outside here, not too im not really sure about that. But i need to probably wipe that down because its going to be a dirt magnet anyways when it comes to the battery itself, so we just have to slide this thing out and uh. It can accommodate a few different size batteries.

So if you notice here you can you can spin this thing so thats way, if you look at it, this way kind of show you the batteries in there pretty good and its not wobbling around, but if i spin it around and then lock it in you Can see this the battery just kind of floats around in there so that way, if you do go with a little bit bigger battery, or so it will accommodate not only a little bit of height but a little bit. You know as far as its length too. So thats good, it does have a little extra foam here. So just in case, maybe that foam goes bad or if you need to use it on your battery, so that is cool the charger itself. It is just a usb charger, as you can see, it takes about four hours what theyre predicting to get a full charge battery a little lie on battery and uh theres, the extra little parts for it. As far as when it comes to your little phillips screwdriver and your little wheel, wrench, you get some extra little body clips, which is good because, when youre jumping and crashing the bash and whatnot those tend to want to fly off, you get. Since you get the phillips screwdriver too, which is pretty much the only tools youre going to need to tear this thing all apart, it already has the screws in here. So you need to take those screws out.

Then you can fit that right into those holes there. Just put them in there and then you can drive those screws right down into these little holes right there and there so just put them in through the top. So thatll be good on that part of it im going over the radio itself, no thrills on this one man, so it just has steering trim. So just in case the car is going to the left or the to the right. You can adjust that youre. A little off and on or i should say off and then on that way, the trigger on it its not too bad and its got a little foam grip thats on there. Usually, i noticed my videos, i say rubber, even though its a foam grip that tends to happen sometimes and then also your three double as at the bottom, so thats kind of nice thats, just three double as i dont know what the range is on it, but Ive had pretty good experiences with other ones that have only been three double as and ive been pretty happy with it anyhow, so triggers pretty nice on it and, like i said, those are the tools now as far as the instructions go to so there you go As far as the radio goes on it and then also when it comes to connecting your battery your little deans connection or t style connection, whatever you want to call to show you how that gets all connected as well your little off and on button thats there.

It shows you where it is on the chassis to turn the vehicle on, so not batteries like the trim and all that, and then it gives you exploded view here as well and then at the very end of it too. Just give you kind of your spare parts, so if you do happen to break something or whatever you can look in the back of your manual, which is good to keep that on hand. So that way, if that does happen, you can find the part that you need for your vehicle anyway. Hope you guys enjoyed the video there. It is anyhow the 1 10 scale truck vxl racing. Interesting uh, high speed so well see how high speed this vehicle is. In just a couple days anyway, if you liked the video definitely give it a thumbs up, leave a comment down below if theres, something that you want to go over as far as or maybe you want to say, hey, you missed something or whatnot, but um yeah. Let me know about that: servo too, but anyway appreciate you guys watching you guys, take care and thank you again ill put the affiliate links like i said down the description below and im out.