Well, today, I’ve got this new truggy to show you guys is the XL fx0 3 now it’s, not of me being mistaken for the XL f03 a that I reviewed about 2 months ago, that’s a totally different truck, but this is a truggy version. It’S a brushless 110 scale. They claim, but I believe it’s a little bit too small to be a 110 scale guys. I think that might be a misprint on the box. It actually looks like a 112 scale. Ok go hose so yeah this just got released. I believe it’s on pre order for just a little over 100 on banggood.com. They were the guys that sent it to me for review today to show you guys so I’m gon na. Take you for a bit of a bash test, see how it performs bit of a drive test, and what I’ll do. I might put a quick unboxing at the end of the video to show you guys what you actually get in the box. Ok, but oh yeah. This claims to have up to 60 kilometers an hour high speed rating will soon see I’ll, follow it up with a speed test, video and other time, but yeah it’s got metal parts throughout we’ve got metal, diffs ball bearings throughout. It claims to have a 2.2 kilogram ESC I’ll show you the actual, underneath the hood after I finished running it. Okay, guys and I’ll show you probably in the unboxing anyway, so logo so I’m, going to take for a bit of a run.

The link for this one will be in the description below guys and you can check it out there. Ok, so let’s get into it. Ok, let’s take for a run guys so turn the transmitter on. First, now, on the bottom of this, one it’s got an on off switch you’ll, hear a chime from the ESC, and here we go. This is the first time I’ve taken it out Music. So this one has a, I believe, a 2847 canned size, brushless motor 3000 kV rated and a 2.2 kilogram servo coupled to a 40 amp ESC receiver, combo, so yeah it’s, pretty pretty quick, it’s a DC speed. First time running it guys brand new outer box. Okay, scalp a kerb, not a problem, so yeah, they claim it’s a 110 scale guys, but the XL f03, a truck that I reviewed about two months ago. They claimed that was a 112 and this is exactly the same size. So there might be a misprint on the box, see the brakes on this good brakes. Now you, you probably noticed the wheels and tires on this one look reminiscent or exactly the same of the ceiling, Hong nine one, two five wheels that I’ve the ceiling Hong Kong. One two five: I featured on my channel many times, modding that one up so and the shell looks like it’s. A from a failure so looks like they’ve got a mixture of parts from both companies and made this one.

Oh yeah. She flicks up that gravel. Pretty good go back up there, so yeah. This is on pre order at the moment, guys by the time you watch this video should be available, but I’ve got, I think, it’s around 110 u.s. at the moment on pre order, but I’ve actually got a six percent off coupon code. That I’ll add in the description so that might at six percent might bring it just under flip turn to be sharply that coupon code might actually bring it down under 100 mark. Yes, we got power, and this is offer to it. Look at that. This is offered to us. Guys comes with a 1600 milliamp hour 2’s, pretty much a generic 2’s good brakes see if I can do a rollback, ok, little bad bass. Huh now don’t know the range of this one can’t remember what they said. Maybe a hundred meters. Oh flipped, it there wasn’t much of a actual hump just there where the gravel is. I think it just flipped over that switch is still on yep Music needs trimming up by the look of it to the right to a bit of a range test. So it’s got a lot of metal parts. This one actually looks like a large 112 scale of a hey to 903 well what’s, going on there cut out for a second there and just check the temps. No it’s a bit warm see what’s going on there. So yeah, it reminds me of a two 903, this one, so you this reminds me of a 110 scale of a Q 903 from dealing on just a larger version of it fully proportional and go slow as you want, or as fast as you want.

I’M, pretty good on fried hi guys. Well, I was just running on this grass. I noticed it was sort of cutting out on me at first. I thought it might have been arranged issue, but the range wasn’t too bad out in the parking lot and just noticed this motor little brush motor is pretty high it’s, pretty tiny motor on this one I’m going to turn it on. It seems like it’s working now. Okay, because it didn’t want to go in with the throttle, does sort of sound like okay, maybe there’s an overheating protection on this, because this motor is rather hot, okay, so just a moment ago, so I lost one of the pins, so let’s just see hang on Before I put the body on see how it goes under load, this is cutting out a little bit, see that so the esc applied the brake, so hmm see stopped. There must be some sort of overheating protection or something on this esc. Let me just get the crap out of it. The motor is warm yeah. So look too sure guys refer now, so you can hear the metal it’s all metal geared in that doesn’t seem like the deep sir for that bug it or anything like that. Hopefully, the mesh is okay in the motor I’m, not too sure it’s got me a bit puzzled, but under load it’s like something that is not meshing, right, see that intermittent sort of meshing of the gears so see that yeah, okay, alright guys well, look I want To damage it or anything at the moment, I think this one’s got a little bit of an issue the under when it’s not under load, it’s, alright, so anyway, so anyway, guys I’m, not gon na.

Do an unboxing there’s no point, but this is pretty much. What is you know where you get? You get a tiny little 2845 motor or 2847 3000 kv. Personally, I think this motor is a bit too small, for this truck looks like it’s meant for a 116 scale. This is the ESC, 40 amp, ESC combo and a 2.2 kilogram server with a 1600 milliamp hour lipo the shocks they look like Xin Li Hong 9, 125 shocks, but they don’t have oil he’s actually looked like the upgraded shocks for the ceiling Han model, but these Ones, don’t have oil, okay and the similar ties to the ceiling. Hong ties so anyway, guys look at the moment. I don’t know mine’s a defective unit or what it’s a bit intermittent. I just turn it off. Yeah it’s turned off, you know without any load on the wheels that works fine, but I don’t like that noise. I think the pinion might be not lined up with the spur properly do that so anyway, guys at this moment look I can’t really recommend it for that issue in itself. Gon na be totally honest with you. I just noticed when I was driving around here. I could notice it just started cutting out a bit like I just demonstrated, so I want to have a quicker look at it, and this motor was warm, so I think maybe I think they do state. This does have three points of overheating: protection over voltage and so forth, but still shouldn’t be meshing like that.

I think the the spur gear I might have to open it up and inspector that’s. What I’ll do when I get home? I might ever look at that and see if it smashed right or, if there’s any damage to the spur gear. At this stage I don’t know if the spur gear is plastic, it probably is, and everything else is metal, so maybe there’s an issue there anyway. Guys hope you enjoyed this honest review on this XLF x03 truggy I’ve got the body on it. I lost the body, pin that’s it there all right. So I hope you enjoyed this video anyway, guys I’ll, look into it and see what is what could be? Possibly the issue there I mean, as you can see, when it doesn’t, have any load on the wheels while, while I’m holding it, it seems to have pretty good power delivery still, but once you get a bit of load on it, the body weight of the truck It wants to sort of grab and then it will start going: okay, not too bad, so that’s a bit odd. All right guys, thanks for watching, feel free to subscribe and like and comment all that good stuff. I’Ll catch you on the next one that’s. The review of the XLF x03 truggy. They also make the truck version as well guys, which is very similar, xla 403, a that i reviewed a couple of months ago. Alright guys have a great weekend and i’ll catch you next time till then bye for now and enjoy the Hobby see ya very odd I’ve.

Let it rest for a while, as you see, is gone not too bad. Now I don’t know guys. I think it might be ETS, see related cutting power when it gets overheated I’m up to 100 sure but see it’s doing it again. Alright, guys I’ll catch youse on the next one I’m gon na head off. Now.