Welcome back to another toy review by yours. Truly today were looking at something rather unique, as i havent done an rc review in quite some time, and today i got a real interesting one for you. Guys today were taking a look at the xpv blade saw, so this is a brand new rc that just came out from xpv, also known as extreme performance vehicles, and this is a rather unique rc. So right off the bat um its a try, its almost like a trike sort of design, where you have two wheels on the front one wheel on the back, and it has this design to it right this beast sort of design. That, oddly, gives me vibes of the brainbots, if you guys remember the movie megamind thats kind of what this reminds me of this sort of beastial design. So lets get a close look at this beast so right up here, you do have these cool looking eyes here. This rubber spiky sort of like mohawk that looks kind of like sandblasted metal, which i really like that detail up at the front. You kind of have like this almost looks like a piranha mouth or something some sort of like b steel like like gir sort of mouth to it, which looks pretty cool. I kind of like that uh the wheels back here have this nice sort of uh again. They have these blades in there, which actually do move around as the car moves.

These little blades will spin, which is kind of cool, and these are rubberized wheels very hard rubber, but rubber, regardless on the back, nothing really to see. But of course, we still have more wheel detail going on here again with that more brushed metal detail and that sort of free, spinning sort of blade in there and then, of course, we have the front which the wheel is a bit dirty here, because i have Done a bit of testing with this and, like i said its really really unique, and also this blade here too, both blades on the sides here are also free, spinning hard to kind of see that, but they do free spin a little bit so now to the Actual gimmick of this vehicle uh, actually getting a bit ahead of myself lets actually go to more of the specs of this thing. So this thing requires six double a batteries to six delay batteries out of frame to power. This beast, and of course you also need two double a batteries to power: the remote standard, pistol, grip style, remote um. It has again that more chainsaw sort of, like buzz, saw design to it and you have this big steering wheel on the back, which you can use to steer the vehicle left and right, and you do have the nice sort of green details going on. I love the colors for this thing by the way, if i havent made that evidence, i love the colors and the design of this thing as its really unique, as rcs like this dont come out that often as the last sort of rc that i saw like This, i believe, was the hot wheels terrain.

Twister could be wrong about that and that i believe that came out around the time that the taiko terrainiac and the um. What was that the taiko? What was it called the terror crawler yeah and the oh? What was the other one? The shell shocker yeah, those sort of things came out back when rc vehicles were all over the place and they were very strange, and this is the only one in recent years that ive seen and its the only one. Obviously i was able to actually get for review, but anyway, so moving on to the gimmick of this vehicle, which is all over the box ill show you guys the box in a minute, but what you want to do with this thing is you want to go Down here, theres a little gray switch right here. Let me get in frame and theres three different modes on it. Theres try me off and then on. So obviously we want to turn it to the on position. Set the vehicle down make sure its in frame, and then you want to turn the remote on which also, like i said, takes two double a batteries to power. Just flip the switch over over here to the on position. It will automatically bind and now youre able to control it. So obviously you use this gear right here to spin the vehicle left and right or turn it and see. It will turn that but and of course, pushing the forward and backward makes the front wheel, move forward and backward, but now to the main gimmick of this vehicle.

You push down on the gear and blades come out yeah, so you can mutate and shred as the box suggests. So once you turn it on and drive it forward as youll see now you have, this buzz saw at the front to turn it back. What you do is you push the button again and the wheel converts back, very, very cool gimmick. I love this thing so now lets quickly segue off to the box and take a look at that real fast before we actually do a little bit of a driving test to kind of demonstrate to you guys how the whole mutate and shred gimmick works. On this thing, so here it is at last, the box for the xpv blade saw and whats nice is that even in the box, it has this wire in it, which you can kind of see right there, this little right there. My finger is theres a wire there, thats hooked up to the back of the remote and on the bottom of the blade saw rc vehicle itself and what you do is you can actually push the little button that i showed you on the controller inside of the Box and it will automatically open the blades spin them for a few seconds and it will close them back up again, which is really really cool, so even in the store which i dont think, this thing is actually sold in stores. Ironically, i think its only sold on amazon and stuff like that online at retailers, but still really really cool, gimmick and really unique.

Rc vehicle never seen anything like this before, but anyway, so xpv blade saw rc. It says theyre at the front. Of course we have these six spinning blades, as i just showed you and it has full function – control 2.4 gigahertz, which means 100 foot range. So you can use this outdoors, so thats kind of fun and then at the bottom it says these six batteries, which of course, i would recommend, when you get this out of the box, put your own batteries in, because theyre probably going to be dead by the Time it comes to you from the online retailer. You pick this up from because again i dont believe this is actually sold in physical stores, at least not yet so xbv blade saw rc on the back of course, again we have the 2.4 gigahertz right there again with the full range control, mutate and shred. The whole big thing there, of course it has cutting edge design, a lot of puns here, high performance and concealed and mutated right there, and you also have these six spinning, blades advertised yet again and of course, at the bottom, it does say 2021 on there. Of course, other legal jargon, then, on the bottom here we do have the xbv blade saw rc and then it says here: vehicle requires six double a batteries included and, and the controller requires two double a batteries, not included. So that being said and real, quick on the on the top, it just says, xp blade saw rc, mutate and shred.

Let me quickly do a quick, uh jump cut here to my floor, where we can actually see this thing in action, so be right back guys. Right guys, so now we are on my floor in my room right now. You can kind of see the box there in the reflection on my mirror, but anyway lets turn this thing on once again. Oh, it is still on okay turn back on the remote which automatically binds to the blade saw, or at least it should you have to turn it off and back on again that i do okay, now its bound to the remote and real quick before. Let me get this back in the frame again, hopefully thats in frame no barely there we go now that should be in frame yep now its in frame before we actually continue and actually do a little driving test of the blade saw rc vehicle. I should mention that there are instructions for this. Please make sure to read these instructions carefully, as you should do with any of your rcs and keep it for reference which, basically it should. It should tell you like basically the same thing that that that does on the box, but anyway thats quite enough talking lets, get this thing rolling. So obviously this thing drives forward and backwards as it should. You can turn it left and right and of course it is surprisingly fast. I got ta admit this thing is surprisingly fast, but now lets do the mutate and shred so push it.

Blades are open. Lets shred, oh jesus, the whole thing flipped over its so fast. Okay, let me get it back in a frame here. Real quick lets see there. It goes okay, let me unmutate the blades again there we go and now lets mutate them again. Okay, i have to kind of slow this thing down a little bit because, oh my god, its so fast when it goes to the mutating shred mode or the shredder blade mode whatever you want to call it. When does the gimmick, okay and there it goes off screen okay lets say we get it back in the frame slowly but carefully. Yeah. This thing is much better for outdoor driving for sure. If you guys can do an outdoor test, please let me know below in the comments – and i will do an outdoor test of this thing and hopefully get hopefully get it into frame when its actually driving around but lets just do a little bit of driving. Just to end the video here of its um turning around and sort of driving around so with that being said, guys, i think, were actually going to wrap up this rather short review of the xbd blade saw. Let me actually get it up to the camera here.