So, as you can see, i have an x ray e buggy in my hand and we’re going to be doing an xbhe 2020 year in review and we’re gon na be walking through the things we like and dislike about the car and how it’s wearing in so. We have a resident x ray fellow back there, sponsor driver and uh we’ll be chatting with him about his car and we’ll, be comparing this car to the brand new xb8e 2021 that i will be running this summer. So we’re pretty excited to see the differences between the car, but let’s get right into the review. So here we are, with the xb8 x, ray e 2020 buggy i’m, going to give you a little bit of a oversight of how i found it over the course of running it over a season. My thoughts on it we’ll go over a few things on the buggy and that you’ll notice a few differences in that and we’ll talk about those. So, first of all it’s pretty much stock. We get the box stock wing. This is the body that comes with it. Painted by our local painter hicks, who does an awesome job, definitely want to hit him up on facebook. We can leave the link in the description tons of detail in there that i hope the camera can pick it up it’s. I really can’t say enough about the work he does for me. I’M super super happy all the time so we’ll just pop the body off so one one tip i was given by uh.

I know there’s this he’s fairly, quick, local, canadian guy. Some kid you might have heard of them tie tasman little things like we use the the velcro as long as well as the the pins on the side. I do it on both electric and my nitro so and then, as you can see, reinforced her up, because i am nowhere near as clean as ty. So the old uh drywall mesh and a little bit of shoe go inside to make that body last a little bit longer. You know, especially after you pay someone who to put that kind of time and effort into the paint job that’s done on it. Okay, so here it is the meat and potatoes of this buggy um. The build was awesome uh, if not the best one of the best manuals. I i feel in rc um. You know they give you everything. You need all the information you got all the parts. Each step, if there’s option parts in the manual they’re in there, you would, if you go back and you watch the unboxing, we did. We kind of went through that and showed the manual it’s awesome. Okay, um, so i’ve got for myself. I got the the storm power hd brushless servo in there super strong super fast. I upgraded to the huddy 25 spline aluminum servo horn, we’re running the hobby wing xr8 sct speed control coupled with the 1900 kv motor. So in a combo pack, any of these items you can get through the store here at ultra rc.

Just give us a show, a few other option parts i have on it uh i kind of went a little bit overboard. My eyes got bigger than my wallet and we went to the full titanium upper and lower screw kit, as well as the titanium turnbuckle kit, all from lens fruit – and i got ta, say: it’s, not cheap, but you you get what you pay for. It’S super high quality, uh screws and and titanium turnbuckle kits um. So what else did you change from out of the box because see there’s a couple? Carbon fiber bits that wouldn’t come on this kit right from factory and actually any of the carbon fiber on here. Did come with the with the kit? Oh, i was just looking at the insert. Oh sorry, you’re right, you’re, right yeah, so that is that is an option. It’S kind of a tuning option i found it does differ with how it affects the car on different tracks. Uh, what i found for myself is on a track, that’s, more say, medium bite or higher like medium or high bite like what a decent amount of traction or higher um. It tends to numb down actually the front end on the on the buggy. However, on our local track, which is a low bite track uh i found it did the opposite. It then it then took traction away from the rear, so where i was on a last time, i ran this before the snow flew here in up in the great white north, it was uh.

We were running on a medium to high bike track and i didn’t have it on. When we first started out, the car felt a little twitchy um this uh nice, knowledgeable gentleman named cortesman, suggested i try the uh the graphite inserts. I threw them in there and it did uh. As i said on on that track, it did. It came down the front end um, but, like i said i i found, then this is just my own. My own personal observation on a low bike track, though intended to take traction away from the rear yeah. So the other thing i wanted to mention that sean does here. As you can see, he runs a dual shorty pack setup and you can see there’s some weights on the opposite side of the chassis, so walk us through. Why you do that and what you’re trying to achieve. So basically, this is something that was done. We do a bit other modification, obviously there’s actual modification. This is the stock battery battery tray. Um that’s been modified for this setup and if you are interested in knowing what we did, how it’s done leave a comment down below uh. If we get enough interest, we will gladly do a video and walking through what all is involved in this setup. But the reason for doing it like this with uh the the shorty batteries over here and then the added weight on this side is to mimic the weight and balance between the two cars, the two platforms, so the electric versus the nitro.

So, if you’re, finding something that’s working, really good, you go to a like a large race. You don’t get a lot of practice time you don’t get as much uh track time, as you would like, like in your local track for club racing, so you’re trying to optimize your time as best you can so doing this. We can basically be getting to double our run time on the track, trying different stuff, and if we find something that works on the electric, we can then much easier, translate it over and transfer it over to the nitro car, and that way also both cars feel The same so you just when you go out you just you immediately feel comfortable there’s, not that that kind of transition, time of adapting to how one car drives versus that’s fair and then a lot of people say yeah, but it’s electric. You know you got all that extra punch um, what some guys are actually doing. I mean with the way electronics are nowadays you plug your your card in or you go through the wi fi or the bluetooth adapter that hooks up to your phone they’ll they’ll tweak the settings on their escs to to get that same sort of throttle feel that They get with their nitro with the clutch and everything else yeah. If you want to flip it over we’ll, just show them some of the wear on the bottom. So your typical eighth scale wear you get some on the kick up on the front of the chassis right where it folds up, and you know your your common just rock scratches things like that.

But if you look at the back, this is usually where most cars will have a lot of the scuff. Just because, as you come up a jump face, it is gon na obviously scuff the back of the chassis and scuff the d block. But on this car you can see very light, scuffing very, very impressed honestly so what’s your overall take on the car. I mean you’ve had it for a year now, i’m super happy like i was gon na, say and one other thing. Since we have the chassis up, you may notice that it has this large opening in these slots here on the 2020 cars. It was the exact same chassis, whether it’s, a nitro or electric platform, so that’s the other advantage to it. If you’re running multiple classes, you could just get like if you’re thinking of spares just get us one spare chassis and you have a spare for both cars. Correct that’s, pretty cool, actually pretty cool. As far as the car itself, the performance has been great. The limiting factor has been the guy on the wheel and as far as anything else like durability, that uh knock on wood. I actually haven’t suffered a single breakage all year on either of my cars. I also run the nitro and i haven’t suffered a single breakage of a part arm spindle the hub carrier. None of the plastics have broke at all. The worst i’ve had happen was causing of with doing a lot of practice and kind of pushing the limit having a wing deform just from from landing on it and tumbling and tomahawking, and everything else.

The flex yeah one other option that i have on this car that isn’t super noticeable unless you have a really keen eye the shocks. So these are what they call the zero rebound shocks, so the actual top inner part and the cap, and that is larger so that you can put the bladder seal in the cap. When you assemble the shock on the stock shocks, you have to put the bladder on the top of the shock body and then screw the cap on now. You get really close to a zero rebound with it, probably around i’d, say like 15 percent, but you can no matter how hard you try. You just can’t get zero with these. You can get true zero rebound a completely dead shot, which is just something that we strive for. It just makes the car easier to to uh to drive a little more stable, not so twitchy in that, but it still leaves the tune, ability that you can tune that rebound into the shock. If you want a more lively and reactive car, so what’s your overall opinion out of 10, what would you rate the car considering uh, you know now, the the local shop here at ultra does carry x ray parts. So if you are into x ray, we can get them through. Rc america, um what’s your overall take on the car. I know you’re sponsored by x, right yeah. I know everybody’s gon na say you’re a little cheated.

Uh i’ll try to be as honest as i can. The only strike against it is that compared to a lot of competitors, it is a higher price, an initial pause, if you think, in the long run, though you on most of the other cars i’ve i’ve, ran i’ve ran just about every other brand short of the Japanese car yeah, the kyosho yeah yeah on most of the others, or any of the others that i ran. I wound up spending. In the end, i wound up spending as much, if not more than what it cost me for this. A stock x ray so in that sense i would, i would say, like an easy, nine, nine and a half out of ten. I like it. I, like it well i’m, excited to unbox my xb821 and 21e, so we’ll have that on the channel as well and, like i said in a future video we’re gon na compare the two cars show you the difference and show you what’s changed on the nitro as Well, because this fine gentleman also has nicer, so thank you, sean for coming, bringing your car in and uh we’ll have some more content for you and, like you said, don’t forget to throw a comment down.